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100+ Butterfly Tattoo Meanings Designs and Ideas

by TattoosNear 23 Sep 2022

Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Although the butterfly is recognized for its vividly colored wings, are these tattoos for aesthetic purposes?

Butterflies are a sign of joy in eastern cultures.

There is no doubt that a butterfly's beauty and rarity make it a happy sight for everyone who sees one.

The butterfly represented the souls of deceased warriors in Aztec society.

To put it another meaning, the butterfly symbolized the memory of the life and their eternal souls for the Aztecs.

Check out the meaning behind butterfly tattoos here:

  • Beauty
  • Impermanency
  • Metamorphosis
  • Good Luck

Although beauty is subjective, there aren't many people who would disagree that butterflies are works of art.

Butterfly tattoos represent the rarest types of femininity and beauty.

A butterfly's life is brief, just like that of other insects.

A butterfly tattoo may represent a loved one who has passed away.

In a metaphorical sense, as butterflies change during their lifetimes, so do some people.

Butterfly tattoos represent a significant transformation and growth in a person's life.

This should typically be something that has affected you so profoundly that you require a tattoo to remind you of it.

Many civilizations consider butterflies to be lucky charms.

A butterfly tattoo may bring you luck for the rest of your life, just as seeing one might be a lucky charm.

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Different Color Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

The blue butterfly is a representation of luck and joy in addition to beauty. These pieces of ink are elegant and classic and will endure a lifetime. You may be sure that the gorgeous hue will stay with you for life because the pigment with this shade often lasts longer than other colors. Choose one insect or several—so many choices are available that might speak to you!

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

You can't miss this watercolor tattoo if you enjoy gorgeous artwork. Find a respectable artist who can completely duplicate this delicate and intricately detailed concept. Avoid using this design in an area that will receive a lot of direct sunlight. Take good care of it so you can enjoy its beauty for years. This style may fade more quickly than traditional items.

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

Bright colors are only sometimes necessary to create an effective tattoo. These designs in black and white are bold and classic. Many other options exist, such as a realistic design with detailed and delicacy wings or even a Neo-Traditional representation. Black ink needs special attention because it is prone to fading without adequate care, so make sure you hydrate and moisturize the area.


There are numerous varieties of butterflies, and the one you select may have varied symbolic meanings. Color tattoos can also have a significant effect and are attractive and striking. Red butterflies typically conjure up images of passion and love. A red butterfly may also be a lucky charm in some people's eyes.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

For some designs, color works better. The butterfly is a stunning, vibrant insect in various hues, from blue to crimson. This is a great option if you want to depict a specific butterfly or are drawn to the meaning of the hue. Tattoos with lots of color are also striking and will draw attention.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo

The elegance and sophistication of purple butterflies. This can create a lovely, delicate design and be a great way to express how much you respect these things. Depending on the intensity you want, there are several colors of purple to pick from. Butterflies symbolize transition, growth, and beauty that can remind you of your priorities in life.

Black Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are frequently associated with good things. Still, you might be lured to a darker design, like a black butterfly tattoo, if you wish to serve as a constant reminder to be cautious or to seize every opportunity. Black butterflies may be a warning or an omen of bad luck and tragedy. They may also symbolize the transience of life.


Pink is a hue that symbolizes femininity and affection. It's a great approach to accentuate your tattoo's design to include it within it. Depending on how bold you want your design to be, there are different shades of pink; light colors will be more understated, while hot pink is bold and impossible to overlook. You can get a pink butterfly tattoo to express your gentle side or to honor femininity. It also represents love and compassion.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Small Butterfly Tattoo

The ideal tattoo for a first tattoo or an addition to a sleeve is a small one. You can put these delicate selections wherever because they are delicate and discreet. Choose your ankle or wrist if you want to conceal it somewhere discreet. This is a fantastic choice for people who adore exquisite and small patterns.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

One of the hottest designs right now is teeny small tattoos. You can get these done anywhere on your body; they are adorable and inconspicuous. There are numerous locations to pick from, ranging from behind your ear to your lower arm.

Simple butterfly Tattoo

Simple tattoo designs may endure the test of time and have universal meaning. Why not develop a look that reflects its meaning since it stands for freedom and beauty? Let the black ink speak for itself and leave the wings blank. You have the option of making this enormous or delicate and little.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

The pinnacle of all symbols of grace and majesty is the monarch butterfly. You will undoubtedly receive many compliments thanks to this timeless classic style. Choose between a classic design with gold wings or add a contemporary touch by substituting one of the sides with a flower. Ensure the artist you choose has experience creating intricate artwork because every little detail counts in this project.

Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

A rose and butterfly tattoo represents passion, love, and metamorphosis. This gorgeous, feminine design has stood the test of time. If you choose this amazing ink, you will carry the meaning of affection and kindness with you everywhere you go because the Greek word for butterfly is psyche, which is also the name of the Goddess of Love.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Inking a butterfly and a semicolon symbolizes grit and tenacity, showing how one may overcome challenges and obstacles. This ink is an excellent option for individuals who desire a striking reminder of their inner fortitude to face life's trials and the power to rewrite their tale. Make the insect the subject of a side shot, with the punctuation mark as the butterfly's body. Given that it is located in one of the most dynamic places on the body, the wrist is where it appears finest.

American Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Why not use this timeless design to illustrate the significance of a transformational butterfly? American traditional tattoos have been around for decades. This strong, colorful ink is a terrific choice for someone's debut work; you can even use it to give a sleeve a classic look. This style gained popularity in the 1930s and stood for freedom; it is the pinnacle of independence.

Butterfly Tattoo with a Name

With a butterfly and name tattoo design, you can carry the people you care about everywhere. The meaning of this ink, which combines love, faith, and rebirth, makes it the ideal choice for honoring loved ones or dear friends. Roses are a good addition because they stand for excitement, hope, and fresh starts. Every day, this tattoo will have greater meaning for you.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Why not add a butterfly to the symbolism of a tribal tattoo, as it holds so much meaning for the person who has it? The relationship between these two patterns denotes goodness, beauty, and rebirth. This ink looks great everywhere on the body, but choose your back, shoulder, or ankle for the biggest impact.

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

Why use the same ink as everyone else when you're one in a million? Each person's interpretation of the butterfly pattern is distinct, so keep it personal and add your symbolism to it. Make the insect's wings into its eyes, put it in a bouquet, mix up its sizes, or use various colors. Before making any decisions, go to your tattoo artist; they may assist you in choosing the ideal design.

Realistic butterfly Tattoo

Thanks to these realistic tattoos, you appear as though a butterfly has landed on your skin. Find a realist artist because these delicate designs are difficult to replicate. Find out which butterfly is your favorite by doing some research. There is something that will speak to you and fit your personality, from a Monarch to a Malachite. Place this somewhere, like your wrist or shoulder, for the best effect; you'll look to be the gorgeous insect's choice.

3D Butterfly Tattoo

The amazingly detailed 3D tattoo effect will make your chosen piece of art come to life. Your butterfly pattern will appear to be floating above your skin. The appeal of 3D tattoos is that they look realistic. This design also works well with color and produces a stunning tattoo. Expect 3D tattoos to be labor-intensive and expensive because they need great talent and effort to create.

Butterfly Flower Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo represents beauty and grace since butterflies are among nature's most exquisite and vibrant creations. Depending on your chosen pictures, such as flowers, the symbolism linked with your design may alter. Because butterflies and flowers symbolize transformation and progress, getting them inked on your body can make a strong statement.

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

A butterfly represents beauty, development, and change to many people. Compared to a tattoo of a human skull, this winged bug has many good connections. A tattoo that is both lovely and dark and contains strong symbolism regarding the relationship between life and death is beautiful and powerful. It might serve as a reminder to make the most of each day.

Butterfly Outline Tattoo

Your next tattoo should be a butterfly because it has many symbolic meanings. You can design the flying bug in various styles depending on your preferences. You can either concentrate on the fundamental components of the design with an outline tattoo or use photorealism and vibrant colors. The appeal of outline tattoos lies in their simplicity.

Best Friend Butterfly Tattoos

What more fitting way to commemorate your deep friendship with your best buddy than with a tattoo? These images can be anything, but they must have personal significance for you and your friend. A matching pattern or two complementing elements, such as a butterfly on one person and a flower on another, are also possible. Making decisions on the design, color scheme, and placement of your tattoos together will make the process memorable.

Sunflower And Butterfly Tattoo

A common symbol of beauty and vitality is the butterfly. When you ink a butterfly and a sunflower together, it can indicate life and connection. They can also signify luck and all that is good. It might illustrate the significant connections found in nature or be a metaphor for how success depends on having a partner in life, such as a loved one. Tattoos of sunflowers can also represent optimism and hope.

Matching Butterfly Tattoos

Getting matching tattoos is a cute approach to recognizing your relationship with a loved one. This might be a member of the family, a close friend, or a romantic interest. It's a way to guarantee that they and you will always share a piece of yourselves. Butterflies make a fantastic choice because they may be made large or tiny, as an outline or a photorealistic piece, and with or without color.

Butterfly Cross Tattoo

You can include different images in your butterfly design in various ways. If you're a devout Christian, you can also include a cross. A butterfly tattoo may be a sign that you are a born-again Christian. A cross tattoo is a symbol of loyalty. Another option is to get it tattooed as a memorial piece honoring the memories of a deceased loved one.

Meaningful Small Butterfly Tattoos

Due to its rich symbolism, a little butterfly tattoo can have a profoundly significant meaning. Butterflies stand for grace, development, and transformation. A meaningful tattoo can offer solace or inspiration to someone who is going through a difficult time in their life, making them a popular choice. You can also want to add dates, names, or initials to your design to make it more unique.

Butterfly Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for "circle" in English. The mandala sign is intricate and lovely and can have various patterns. Find something unusual and one-of-a-kind with a mandala tattoo, which frequently symbolizes harmony and balance. You can do this by drawing a butterfly with the pattern inside it or figuring out how to put it in a broader, abstract mandala design.

Butterfly Heart Tattoo

The heart stands for passion and love. You can choose from several different heart tattoo designs, such as a straightforward symbol or an anatomical illustration. To enhance the design's overall significance, you can also use a butterfly, which can represent the value of love or the evolution of your heart and yours.

Butterfly Infinity Tattoo

The idea of infinity is synonymous with eternity or endlessness. This might reflect how you feel about your connections and how you will always be together, or it could be a means to express that you believe possibilities are waiting to be grabbed. A butterfly can make The infinity tattoo design more lovely and delicate. Additionally, it will enhance the overall meaning by illustrating change and transformation.

Henna Butterfly Tattoo

Henna tattoos are a fantastic method to experiment for people interested in body art but still need to be ready to commit to something permanent. You'll get the chance to consider getting a tattoo without experiencing any discomfort. They are made of a plant-based paste or ink and naturally deteriorate with time.

Butterfly Tattoo Placement

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Being close to you all day makes the inner wrist a special location for a wrist tattoo; it is the ideal blank canvas for your subsequent ink. Opt for a pattern that wraps across your skin or is small enough to conceal. This region has many delicate nerves that are close to the surface, making it one of the most painful places to insert your next piece. Before committing to this, could you do some research but it's worth it?

Butterfly Rib Tattoo

Rib tattoos are a fantastic solution for those who wish to keep their artwork near their hearts. Due to the thin skin and closeness to the bone, this is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed and should only be used for extremely significant patterns. The rib cage gives you ample room to express your creativity, so your butterfly tattoo can be either modest and straightforward or big and intricate.

Butterfly Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoos are really attractive and will sensually bring attention to your back. The best spine patterns are frequently long and narrow, but you do not need to cover the entire surface; you might place a small butterfly pattern in the middle instead. Spine tattoos hurt a lot despite how amazing they appear.

Butterfly Back Tattoo

The popular back tattoo design will look stunning on anyone, so let the ink follow and guard you. Let the butterfly wings assist you in flying by making it small and delicate around the nape of your neck or halfway down your spine. Add other symbols to the tattoo to make it complete. This can contain white flowers, which symbolize purity, or red roses, which represent desire. This area of the body is one of the least painful, making it a great choice for your first piece.

Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

These lovely butterfly shoulder tattoos will make you feel as though you are strolling in paradise. You can experiment with many styles to find one that works for you because this positioning has no rules. Finding a reputable artist is important because this area of the body is quite visible. Additionally, you need to take careful care of this ink because sunlight exposure causes it to fade more quickly.

Butterfly Tattoo on the Arm

Your arm is the ideal location for your next tattoo because it has one of the largest canvasses on the body. There is the perfect tattoo design for you, whether you want a single piece or a full sleeve. You can push these butterflies into your wrist and let them wrap around your skin on the forearm, which has recently become a favorite place. Allow your creativity to run wild by getting an arm tattoo, or keep it straightforward with a bold black outline.

Butterfly Tattoo on the Ankle

A beautiful and understated pattern looks great on an ankle tattoo. It's one of the hardest places for ink to adhere to but also one of the most delicate. Due to the proximity of the bone and the thinner skin, this area might occasionally feel a touch sharp. The appeal of this placement is that it is simple to conceal for formal events; it is a small secret with personal significance for the user.

Neck Butterfly Tattoo

The new generation of tattoo enthusiasts is becoming increasingly drawn to neck tattoos. It symbolizes bravery and a great suggestion for folks who enjoy taking chances and being bold. Make sure you seriously consider the site before getting it done because this area is difficult to conceal. Although this is one of the more painful body parts, the final result is lovely. Choose tiny, delicate insects that fly across your skin, and add a soft color or a black outline. It's among the most fashionable options for people who want to emphasize their strengths.

Butterfly Tattoo on the Thigh

One of the sexiest and most popular places to get tattooed is the thigh. A butterfly design denotes movement and transition, which you experience whenever you go forward. Since this zone is usually larger than the others, you have more space for more complicated or detailed work. Place sparkling gems across the wings to give the design some vintage glitz, or keep it simple by painting the wings a neutral color.

Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

The chest tattoo is a popular choice for both men and women; only the brave should get one. It was made popular by Rihanna in the middle of the 2010s and is now one of the most popular choices for tattoo lovers. What could be a more fitting location for a butterfly than under the heart, where they symbolize rebirth? This area of the body has very sensitive skin. Thus, it might hurt more. No pain, no gain, but the return for something this beautiful is worth it!

Butterfly Tattoo Behind the Ear

The modest behind-the-ear tattoo is one of the most delicate and unique tattoo places. This area is simple to hide when necessary, but when you display it, it looks magnificent. The skin is quite thin, so that it could hurt more than elsewhere. It's also less likely to keep the ink for as long, so be careful with your pattern selection. A straightforward butterfly fluttering away or perched on the skull is ideal for your first piece.

Butterfly Leg Tattoo

Please put it on your leg and flaunt your ink everywhere you go. A butterfly leg tattoo is a symbol of growth and transformation. Since it takes this bug some time to change, the positioning of this design may represent the journey you go on. Choose a region of your thighs or calves that hurts less than other areas. Whether you choose your ankles or shins as an alternative is up to you. Why not cover the canvas that is your body with breathtaking artwork?

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are a great choice for those who wish to flaunt their body art. A butterfly pattern might be modest and understated or span the full hand. The appeal and disadvantage of hand tattoos both lie in their obviousness. Due to the exposure to sunshine and chemicals, they will also deteriorate more quickly than in many other places.

Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

Sternum ink is hip and attractive. They can be a way to celebrate your body and embrace your female power because they call attention to one of the most attractive aspects of a woman's body. It is an adaptable location because it is simple to cover and is perfect for patterns like a butterfly, which are meaningful because you can always keep them close to your heart.

Butterfly Foot Tattoo

The ability to easily cover up and display foot tattoos makes them desirable. Thanks to its size, you can make a decent-sized butterfly and add some intricacy to the foot. The sensitive epidermis, proximity to bone, and general foot sensitivity make tattooing uncomfortable.

Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo

A unique method to combine multiple images and allow your body art to make a statement or tell a story is through sleeve tattoos. It is ideal to keep to a theme for a smooth finish when making a sleeve. There are various methods to include butterflies in your theme. Sleeve tattoos come in various designs and look great in color or black ink.

Butterfly Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are trendy and fashionable and the ideal place to display a design. You can choose a little, straightforward design that will look stunning on your finger if you want to make butterflies in a smaller size. There is no disputing the allure of finger tattoos. Still, due to the exposure to chemicals and sunshine, they will hurt and fade more quickly than in many other locations.

Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

One of the most attractive locations for your butterfly design is the forearm. This is because of the area's thick skin, muscles, and fat, which are cushions, making it low to moderate on the pain scale chart. Forearm tattoos are simple to cover up, giving you plenty of room to get artistic with your inking.

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

Although getting a tattoo on the stomach can be quite painful, their variety is one of their main appeals. Although this body part is big enough to support a complex design, the ideal placement can also support a straightforward butterfly tattoo. It is simple to conceal and display as desired.


Because of what it stands for and its aesthetic attractiveness, the butterfly tattoo is a popular design for many people.

However, butterflies are frequently used in tattoo designs to emphasize the positive parts of their symbolic connotations, such as joy, vitality, fresh beginnings, and good fortune.

FAQs for butterfly tattoos:

1. What is the deeper symbolism behind butterfly tattoos?

Beyond representing transformation and new beginnings, butterfly tattoos can also symbolize rebirth, love, resilience, freedom, and the soul. Their symbolism can change based on cultural, religious, and individual beliefs.

2. Which body parts enhance the aesthetics of butterfly tattoos the most?

While common spots include the wrist, ankle, and collarbone, larger and intricate designs may be suited for the upper arm, thigh, ribcage, or across the back. The curvature and movement of these areas can complement the design's elegance.

3. How does the cost of a butterfly tattoo break down?

The cost is determined by:

  • Artist's Expertise: Established artists charge more due to their experience and skills.
  • Design Complexity: Detailed designs require more time and precision, increasing the price.
  • Size: Larger tattoos naturally cost more than smaller ones.
  • Color vs. Black and Gray: Colored tattoos can cost more due to the variety and amount of ink used.

4. What should I consider when customizing my butterfly tattoo?

Think about:

  • Symbolism: What personal meaning do you want your tattoo to convey?
  • Integration: Consider if you want to incorporate other elements like names, flowers, or other symbols.
  • Style: Do you want a realistic, tribal, abstract, or watercolor style?

5. What are the specific aftercare steps for a butterfly tattoo?

  • Immediate Care: Keep the new tattoo covered with a bandage for the first few hours.
  • Cleaning: Gently clean with lukewarm water and mild soap 2-3 times a day.
  • Moisturizing: Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream or unscented moisturizer.
  • Protection: For the first few weeks, protect the tattoo from direct sunlight and avoid submerging it in water (like in swimming pools or baths).
  • Healing: Tattoos typically scab over. Do not pick or scratch them.
  • When considering any tattoo, thorough research and consulting with reputable tattoo artists are essential.
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