Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Although the butterfly is recognized for its vividly colored wings, are these tattoos for aesthetic purposes?

Butterflies are a sign of joy in eastern cultures.

There is no doubt that a butterfly's beauty and rarity make it a happy sight for everyone who sees one.

The butterfly represented the souls of deceased warriors in Aztec society.

To put it another meaning, the butterfly symbolized the memory of the dead and their eternal souls for the Aztecs.

Check out the meaning behind butterfly tattoos here:

  • Beauty
  • Impermanency
  • Metamorphosis
  • Good Luck

Although beauty is subjective, there aren't many people who would disagree that butterflies are works of art.

Butterfly tattoos represent the rarest types of femininity and beauty.

A butterfly's life is brief, just like that of other insects.

A butterfly tattoo may represent a loved one who has passed away.

In a metaphorical sense, as butterflies change during their lifetimes, so do some people.

Butterfly tattoos represent a significant transformation and growth in a person's life.

This should typically be something that has affected you so profoundly that you require a tattoo to remind you of it.

Many civilizations consider butterflies to be lucky charms.

A butterfly tattoo may bring you luck for the rest of your life, just as seeing one might be a lucky charm.

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Based on both contemporary and historical beliefs, colors convey meaning.

Every color has a special meaning and is available for the butterfly tattoo.

A new meaning is created when the butterfly's symbolism and the significance of color are united.

Let's examine the meaning that these butterflies produce:

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Being essentially a good luck charm, the blue butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs.

Both good fortune and complete joy are said to accompany blue butterflies.

This is most likely a result of how uncommon they are in most parts of the world.

However, a blue butterfly is a sight to behold, no matter its pattern.

They frequently prefer to display their stunning azure or turquoise wings, which stand for an innocent and carefree disposition, when people encounter them in the wild. A blue butterfly tattoo on your body denotes that you are an easygoing and compassionate soul who appreciates adventure and creativity.

Because of their visually attractive design and symbolic meaning, blue butterfly tattoos are a popular choice.

The blue butterfly tattoo represents new stars because it's one of the first butterflies to emerge in spring.

Blue butterfly tattoos can stand for joy, hope, and constructive changes in one's life.

The sighting of a blue butterfly in the spring is thought to herald a happy and prosperous year in Japan.

Blue butterfly tattoos represent an uncontainable free spirit; they stand for both freedom and the childlike delight that comes with it.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Black butterflies have a lot of symbolic meanings.

Black butterfly tattoos are frequently seen as tribal or Celtic tattoos, which might symbolize life's transience.

A black butterfly may also portend unfavorable future events.

It's not all horrible, though!

The idea of aging can also be represented through black butterfly tattoos.

For someone who wants to remember that aging and loss are parts of life and make us all more robust, they can be significant tattoos.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

You might get a purple butterfly tattoo if you want to help someone with a hidden health issue.

The purple butterfly tattoo, which frequently symbolizes fibromyalgia, represents any condition that others might not immediately recognize you to have.

The purple butterfly tattoo represents the fortitude to overcome challenges and is used in institutions to demonstrate resiliency.

Purple, on the other hand, is a color closely associated with royalty and regal splendor and is so apt to elicit feelings of refinement and awe.

Purple butterfly tattoos can be particularly significant for people looking for higher consciousness or an elevated spiritual connection due to their vibrant hues and exquisitely detailed patterns.

Purple butterflies are said to be among the most aristocratic species of butterflies and can signify grace, beauty, and a connection to the divine.

A purple butterfly tattoo could stand for a refined and intimate connection to the holy or your admiration of finer things.

White frequently connotes purity, as it does in this instance. White butterfly tattoo meaning.

However, it frequently has a Christian tattoo and alludes to Jesus Christ's innocence.

It speaks of the restored purity brought about by his resurrection.

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

The yellow butterfly tattoo more accurately represents the Chinese concept of happiness and joy associated with butterflies.

Although these yellow butterflies signify joy, some Scots and Irish people believe that witnessing a yellow butterfly land on a grave means that the person is at peace and that their soul has moved on to a better place.

Consequently, getting a yellow butterfly tattoo might make you happy.

A yellow butterfly is a beautiful symbol for finding your true and fun inner self.

A cheerful and friendly tattoo that ties you to other people, a yellow butterfly tattoo can help you express your innocence and love of peace.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Consider several meanings if you consider having a red butterfly tattoo.

Red butterflies are regarded as a sign of luck or a representation of blue funk.

According to some Native American cultures, a red butterfly might herald good fortune.

The red butterfly tattoo can also represent passion and love.

They are thought to be masked witches in Scotland.

Whether you believe the butterfly to be a symbol of good or evil, a red butterfly tattoo is a stunning example of how ink and color can be combined to create a unique and beautiful design.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Pink butterfly tattoos stand for compassion and love.

This is unquestionably the most feminine butterfly tattoo design and can be among the most attractive.

If you selected this tattoo, you probably want to bring more wholesome love into your life.

Pink butterfly tattoos are frequently linked to femininity and its meanings.

It might represent the exhilaration and youthful enthusiasm of a brand-new love.

A pink butterfly tattoo could stand for the joyous rebirth of life and new beginnings brought about by a butterfly's change, or it could stand for the youthful, joyful, and compassionate spirit of youth and women.

This sweet little design is the perfect tattoo to brighten your day and your outlook on life. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also has deep symbolic underpinnings.

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoos

Popular tattoos of butterflies represent rebirth, renewal, and change.

These tattoos' kaleidoscope rainbow-colored designs could be a celebration of the vitality of life, particularly new life.

For someone who has recently come out, these rainbow butterfly tattoos might be a perfect way to signify your confidence in starting your new life with your identity since rainbows are also a well-known emblem of the LGBTQ+ movement.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings

It matters not just what kind of butterfly you select but also what you combine it with.

The tattoo designs below each display a unique connotation that goes along with that particular design.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Monarch butterflies are distinguished by their beauty; as a feminine tattoo, the monarch butterfly tattoo evokes the sweetness of women and their allure.

It is a typical tattoo design with a significant meaning.

Many people think that angels from heaven come to earth as butterflies.

A celestial being may send you an angel to provide assistance and protection if you see a monarch butterfly.

A monarch butterfly tattoo may be the ideal representation of self-assurance and strength in the future!

Blue Morpho Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Mexico, Central America, and South America are where you can find the blue morpho butterfly most frequently.

It doesn't have any blue pigment; instead, the pattern on its wings causes light to refract and seem blue.

Given that blue butterfly tattoos are commonly associated with good fortune and joy, what happens if one gets a tattoo of a blue morpho butterfly?

The blue morpho has two meanings: it portends good fortune or represents evil spirits.

If you carefully consider your meaning, your tattoo will certainly have significance.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

As the worldwide discussion about mindfulness continues, semicolon tattoos have grown in popularity.

A semicolon tattoo symbolizes the unfinished meaning or story that a statement that could have ended abruptly began to tell.

The butterfly tattoo thus emphasizes the idea that losing someone you love isn't the end but rather the start of their soul's adventure.

A semicolon butterfly tattoo is the ideal representation of new life, deciding to move forward in the face of obstacles, and celebrating a fresh start despite the past.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Tribal tattoos frequently connect a tattoo's meaning to its beginnings.

The foundation of beauty and life itself is evolving.

Tribal butterfly tattoos represent the transformation that occurs as life progresses.

A tribal butterfly tattoo may reflect a significant event in your life.

A tribal butterfly tattoo preserves the ongoing process of regeneration, new life, and storytelling while representing your culture's rich history and traditions.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Metamorphosis is the butterfly's ancient Celtic meaning.

The caterpillar changes into a new body during metamorphosis, representing a change in existence.

The Celtic butterfly tattoo thus represents a person's transformation into a new personality type.

The eternal Celtic knots and ropes, which stand for longevity and eternity, will already be known to those with Celtic ancestry or background.

Butterfly tattoos are believed to be emblems of long life and good health, much like Celtic knot tattoos, so pairing the two means you have twice as much of both on your skin!

Aztec Butterfly Tattoos

The Aztecs had a highly developed society with a wealth of intricate iconography.

Aztec tattoos typically pay respect to the exciting deities that the Aztecs revered.

Butterflies are connected to the transience of life and the afterlife in the beliefs of the Aztecs.

Itzpapalotl, which means "Obsidian Butterfly" or "Clawed Butterfly," is the name of a goddess.

The Aztec butterfly tattoo has also been linked to renewal via sacrifice.

One of the Tzitzimime, a group of feminine deities that protect pregnant women, is Itzpapalotl.

A butterfly tattoo in this situation would represent the beginning/end cycle and possibly hope after a loss.

Skull with Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

The juxtaposition of two radically different motifs in the skull and butterfly tattoo may seem like an odd decision, but it has a significant meaning behind it.

Among other related connotations, skull tattoos denote transience.

However, the fate of one's temporality might be represented by adding it as the face of a butterfly.

Being insects, butterflies have short lifespans.

The butterfly skull tattoo is a popular design and a beautiful way to symbolize how transitory life is.

While butterfly tattoos contrast the latter with new life and optimism for the future, skull tattoos are often associated with death and grief.

Together, they stand for hope from suffering and brightness from the darkness.

A skull and butterfly tattoo is commonly used as a memorial to symbolize a loved one who has passed on from this life.

For people going through such an internal split, a half-butterfly, half-skull tattoo design is the ideal option. It is an attractive combination of good and evil, right and wrong, and life and mortality.

For those who adhere to the yin-yang theory, they are a standard tattoo option.

Another representation of the passage of time is a partial butterfly tattoo and partially a skull.

It stands for the passing of one era and the beginning of another.

Typically, the butterfly side of the tattoo symbolizes the future, while the skull side represents the past.

Tattoo designs that combine a butterfly and a skull are an attractive way to depict the constant struggle between good and evil, life and death, or the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Whatever the meaning of the skull butterfly tattoo is for you, there are a ton of original designs to pick from.

The phrase "life is a brief adventure; it will end, but it's still worth living" fits perfectly with the skull and butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly and flower tattoos

If you're feminine and attractive, a butterfly and flower tattoo could help you stand out from the crowd.

Peaceful and innocent, floral butterfly tattoos can sometimes be a subtle clue to the wearer's affinity for the natural world.

Your floral tattoo's hidden meaning could shift based on the sort of flower you choose.

The combination of a flower and a butterfly in a tattoo is a beautiful way to demonstrate your love of nature and the beauty of growth and transformation.

Rose & Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

Because they both represent femininity, rose and butterfly tattoos are popular choices among women.

They both stand for attractiveness, love, and beauty.

Half Butterfly, Half Flower Tattoo Meaning

A beautiful tattoo idea would be to fuse the images of the flower and the butterfly.

This tattoo is a symbol of both beauty and your inherent oneness with the natural world.

Infinity Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

One could say that the infinity symbol represents the soul's change and immortality.

This infinity butterfly tattoo includes a butterfly and represents transformation into a new entity or way of life.

Because its meaning is so straightforward yet potent, the infinity symbol is a popular tattoo.

The simplicity of the infinite tattoo sign is therefore given more depth in meaning by adding the butterfly.

The butterfly tattoo is beautiful to signify eternal life and love because it becomes a symbol of everlasting love, energy, and happiness when coupled with the infinity symbol.


Because of what it stands for and its aesthetic attractiveness, the butterfly tattoo is a popular design for many people.

However, butterflies are frequently used in tattoo designs to emphasize the positive parts of their symbolic connotations, such as joy, vitality, fresh beginnings, and good fortune.

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