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Chain Tattoo

by TattoosNear 20 Sep 2022

Chain Tattoo

It makes evident that when people see the chain, they frequently associate it with something terrible. The chain typically stands for confining or constraining someone. The expression is commonly used; some even refer to their significant other as the "old ball and chain," denoting some form of confinement. There are many good reasons for getting a chain tattoo, and the symbolism of the chain is essential to the person who has one. Asking the person is your most excellent option for learning what it means, but we'll also go over several definitions.

On the other hand, several chains are employed in different contexts. Chains weren't always used to restrict people. Some are used to hold something significant in place or set you free. There are other variations that we may discuss. Let's discuss it so you can see that getting a chain tattoo isn't necessarily bad.

This piece will briefly discuss the chain's history to understand where it came from. The meaning of the chain tattoo will then be addressed. We'll also discuss a few other chain types and tattoo iterations. After reading this, we hope you have a few more ideas for chain tattoos.

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Chain Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of the chain tattoo will depend on how it is portrayed in the tattoo and will reveal something about the wearer. The chain is typically used as a metaphor for a loss of freedom or as a sign of servitude. This is likely the reason you see a lot of chain tattoos on persons who are incarcerated or in jail. It serves as a means of alerting those detained against their will. A chain linking the handcuffs will also be visible, further proving that you are being kept against your will.

The chain was initially utilized to do more good than harm. We thought it might be interesting to discuss other ways that chains were used in the past besides restraint.

The word "chain" first appeared in 225 BC to refer to the device used to draw a pail of water up a well. The Indo-European language is where this word first appeared.

Leonardo da Vinci drew early steel chain designs in the 16th century. The likelihood is that these chains were pulled rather than wrapped around something. Metal plates, fittings, and pins were used in these chains.

Regarding keeping up with technology, it took some time for the chain's concept to catch up. Because of issues with steel manufacture and processing up until the 19th century, it was challenging to maximize expansion. They figured it out when updated technology made bearings and steel chains possible. A Frenchman named Gull received a patent for a chain resembling a bicycle chain in the 1800s. It was given the name "Gull Chain" and is still used today.

Then, in the 19th century, the molded chain was created, and things took off after that. It was made to be a detachable chain with identical cast links. The pintle chain with a separate pin followed that. Over time, both of these have been enhanced. These are still employed today in numerous contexts.

The game was revolutionized when the bushing was developed in the 1800s. New chains with bushings and improved wear resistance began to be developed as an alternative to the Gull Chain. Because the bushings served as a bearing and shielded the pin, this was the situation. The chain's history quickly continued from this point on to the present day. Steel bushing chains were used for bikes, the Wright brothers' airplane's propeller drive was a chain, and they were utilized in early cars' rear-wheel drives.

Chain Tattoo Designs

The chain tattoo isn't always a bad thing, though. There are also chain tattoo styles that have more uplifting connotations. Here are a few illustrations of various chain tattoos that we thought could challenge your preconceived notions about how chains, in some ways, represent being imprisoned. Although there are many more, we felt that these were a few that were particularly noteworthy.

Broken Link Tattoo

In contrast to what a chain often depicts, a broken link or broken chain tattoo symbolizes achieving freedom. This form of the chain tattoo represents regaining our freedom, whether we were once physically or emotionally imprisoned. However, we believe that there is more significance behind the broken chain tattoo for those who have had some form of emotional emancipation in their lives. You will frequently see this tattoo on those released from prison.

Bike Chain Tattoo

Someone who loves riding their bike a lot typically sports a bicycle chain tattoo on their body. Usually, it is pretty self-explanatory. These tattoos are frequently observed on bike racers and bike messengers. It's an excellent method to show your passion for something to those around you.

Chain and Lockett Tattoo

You can use the chain and locket tattoo to symbolize anything you choose. The tattooed locket is suspended from the chain, and anything might be contained inside. Any shape could be used for the locket. It may include a picture of a dear one or a meaningful symbol for you.

When getting your chain tattoo, there are many distinct options. Sit down with your tattoo artist if you know you want a chain tattoo but are unsure about the specifics. They should be able to help you along the way and come up with some original suggestions.


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