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Cross Tattoos for Men

by TattoosNear 23 Aug 2023

The holy cross is a popular choice for tattoo designs among Christians. In addition to being solid and spiritual, a cross tattoo may be interpreted in new ways by combining it with other symbols and artistic styles. Your cross tattoo symbolizes your faith, whether you go for a straightforward rendition, a Gothic design, or a Celtic pattern.

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Rose Cross Tattoo

Christian symbolism for roses includes purity, joy, and martyrdom. Therefore, it should be no surprise that many Christians ink their crosses beside these lovely flowers. For English people, getting a rose and a cross tattoo may symbolize national pride. This is so because the rose is the national flower of England, and the red cross on the English flag stands for Saint George.

Simple Cross Tattoo

Many people pick striking and ornate art forms for their cross tattoos. Some people choose a more straightforward appearance. As the symbolism is clear, a short cross tattoo may be one of the most eye-catching designs. There is trust in this design; there are no other components. Simple tattoos may be placed anywhere on the body and yet look excellent. Whatever you decide, the inking's design should showcase your personality. The way that each individual interacts with God is also unique, just like every tattoo.

Heart Cross Tattoo

Both love and faith are represented with a heart and cross tattoo. As a result, males frequently get it as a wedding tattoo. It's not always romantic, though. The unending love of God for humanity is symbolized as a bleeding heart. The "Sacred Heart," which has grown to be a famous tattoo option, is one of the most touching and historic religious motifs. Along with a bleeding heart, it also has a crown of thorns, which symbolizes Christ's crucifixion, and flames, which stand for the transforming force of God's love.

Tribal Cross Tattoo

For many years, the cross has been among the most often used tribal tattoo symbols. That's because the cross and other straightforward forms and symbols fit the aggressive visual aesthetic. The cross has a distinctive appearance because of the curves and points of tribal design. Additionally, having a macho vibe, tribal tattoos are a favorite among Christian guys.

Maltese Cross Tattoo

The Maltese cross is a distinctive variety of cross tattoos. The 16th century is when the famous "arrowhead" design first appeared. It was initially employed by a knightly religious order on Malta's island. It has grown to stand for bravery and courage throughout time, and military decorations frequently include it. Nowadays, a lot of firefighters get tattoos of the Maltese Cross. If you are of Maltese descent or a part of the first aid team at St. John Ambulance, you might also go with this design.

Irish Cross Tattoo

More than a thousand years ago, the Irish cross was created. It mixes the Christian cross with Celtic art's intricate and exquisite rings and knots. The crew on the Irish cross is another distinctive feature. It may mean numerous things, such as God's boundless love, eternal life, and a halo. Men with an Irish background and a Christian religion frequently get this design tattooed.

Unique Cross Tattoo

Why not personalize your cross tattoo in some way that is uniquely you? This Christian emblem may be changed to represent your character and religion better. It can be combined with an animal as one possibility. Connecting a tiger with a cross might reflect how your faith in God strengthens you because tigers are potent animals. Alternatively, you might draw inspiration from your favorite Gospel phrase. For example, St. Mark is frequently represented by a lion, St. John by an eagle, and St. Luke by an ox.

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Many people need to learn about the upside-down cross. A lot of individuals think it symbolizes anti-Christian sentiments or even Satanism. As a result, metal music, Gothic clothing, and horror movies frequently include it. But it has Christian roots, returning to St. Peter, the first pope. According to historical records, St. Peter asked to be crucified upside down at his martyrdom. He felt unworthy of dying in the same manner as Christ, which is the explanation offered. As a result, the upside-down cross symbolizes humility before God and the Catholic faith.

Cross Name Tattoos

Getting a cross tattoo with the person's name is one of the most common ways to remember the deceased. Military personnel routinely accomplish this by inking dog tags on a cross tattoo. Fathers frequently tattoo their kids' names on a cross to unite the two most essential things in life: faith and family. Others see the tattoo as God guarding their family.

Infinity Cross Tattoo

The infinity tattoo design, which consists of two loops connected to form one continuous line, has long been a favorite. That's because it's adaptable; its meaning changes with different designs. The cross and the infinity sign are one of the most potent combos. It stands for God's limitless love, might, and knowledge. This tattoo reminds many Christians that their faith will never fail even when all appears lost. It also makes a lovely memorial tattoo that symbolizes life after decay.

Three Cross Tattoo

There are two meanings to a three-cross tattoo. The three facets of God that Christians believe in—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—can be represented by it to start. Otherwise, it can represent Christ and the two other people who died on the same cross as him at Golgotha. The latter is a means for many Christians to recall the humanity of Jesus.

Cross Wings Tattoo

Wings are a common motif for tattoo designs since they are connected to angels in Christianity. Wings can stand in for the wearer's guardian angel or the spirit of a loved one who has passed away when paired with a cross. A winged cross also means liberation from accepting one's trust in God.

Small Cross Tattoo

If you want to honor your beliefs subtly, consider getting a modest cross tattoo. These tattoos express your faith in God and are incredibly unique and intimate. Nearly any body part is suitable for a small tattoo, but many individuals opt to get a cross tattooed on their arm or wrist so they can always see it. A little cross tattoo on your arm may be easily concealed with a blouse.

Cross Flower Tattoo

Flowers are widely presented at church services, weddings, and funerals and have considerable symbolic significance in Christianity. Tradition and biblical descriptions of the flowers serve as the foundation for what they are said to stand for. The rose, linked to the Virgin Mary, is one of the most popular flowers Christians pick for tattoos. White flowers such as the iris, lily, and jasmine are also used to symbolize Mary. Investigate the significance of the flower you decide to include in your tattoo design.

3D Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo in 3D is a unique choice. It has the same purpose as other cross tattoos but will also get you praise. For Christians with a creative or artistic side, the design is perfect. Keep it straightforward and geometric, or choose a more natural look. If you decide on that route, you must pick an accomplished artist because the design will be more intricate and detailed.

Cross Necklace Tattoo

Christian males who want tattoos can consider the cross necklace. The rosary could serve as your source of inspiration if you're catholic. That style has recently gained popularity and is provocative. Although a cross necklace tattoo is striking, you may easily cover it with clothing.

3D Cross Wrist Tattoo

Any part of your body, especially minor ones like your wrist, may get a cross tattoo since it looks excellent in any size. Since the ink is constantly visible to the wearer, the inside wrist has long been a favorite location for tattoos. It is, therefore, perfect for a profound symbol like the cross. Because your tattoo artist may provide a 3D "wrapped" impression, rosary tattoos are also suitable for placement on the wrist.

Cross Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is one of the most conventional and manly areas to get a tattoo. It is timeless and won't significantly change in size as you age. Additionally, this positioning leaves room for a more complicated design, yet a basic design works just as well. Because it will always be visible to them, many Christian men pick this location for their cross tattoo. Since you can easily add many additional symbols and motifs to the cross, it may also serve as the first part of a sleeve tattoo.

Cross Hand Tattoo

Historically, getting a tattoo on your hand was seen as quite rebellious. They weren't often covered by clothes and were connected to gangs and other criminals, which explains why. Hand tattoos are now widely accepted and favored by a wide range of people. Choose a tiny and straightforward cross pattern because hand tattoos are among the most painful owing to the fragile skin.

Cross Finger Tattoo

Try a finger tattoo if you want a faint cross inking. It's up to you which finger you use. Because it is more noticeable, represents commitment, and harmonizes with the wedding band on their left ring finger, some Christian men choose to tattoo the cross on their right ring finger. The right hand is also connected to blessings, strength, and power in the Bible. The cross is a discrete tattoo design that may be used with other side-finger tattoos to form a secret message.

Cross Arm Tattoo

Since the first tattoos on sailors, the arm has been a popular location for tattoos. It's perfect for your first tattoo because it's one of the least painful areas to get inked. The back of the arm is currently in style, although the bicep was for a long time. A cross tattoo is a terrific option to share your religion with others. Because it is associated with strength and power, many Christians tattoos a cross on their right arm.

Cross Sleeve Tattoo

A tattoo extending from the shoulder to the hand or wrist is known as a sleeve. Therefore, a cross-themed sleeve is perfect for guys who wish to display their devotion publicly! For many Christians, getting one of these tattoos is a spiritual experience because it takes a lot of patience and agony to get it done. Combine your cross tattoo with other Biblical symbols and verses from the Bible to make it stand out. The dove of peace, angels, and flowers are all well-liked options with significant connotations.

Cross Chest Tattoo

Because they are so physically near your heart, chest tattoos are among the most significant. Only the most influential designs are worthwhile because it is one of the more painful regions to have tattooed. Because of these factors, many Christian men tattoo their crosses on their chests. Men's chests are also flat and broad. Thus a giant tattoo may be accommodated.

Cross Back Tattoo

The back is a significant location for a back tattoo, much as the chest. This area of the body is considered the ideal location for a religious tattoo since it is believed to reflect the basis of the wearer's life. The wearer can always see the inking, even if it can't be viewed without mirrors. Many guys opt to get detailed tattoo patterns on their backs since it is one of the most significant and flattest body parts. But a short cross works just as well.

Cross Neck Tattoo

Due to their criminal association, neck tattoos were formerly considered rebellious, similar to hand tattoos. Nevertheless, they are becoming increasingly well-liked; many performers, actresses, and sportsmen pick this location for their ink. Your most meaningful tattoos are best suited for neck tattoos since they are both painful and noticeable. A cross tattoo on your neck communicates to the outside world what your faith means to you if it is at the core of your life.

Cross Behind the Ear Tattoo

Recently, tattoos behind the ear have been widespread, and this spot is perfect for a Christian tattoo. This is so because the Bible highly values hearing and hearing instruments. Hearing God's Word is represented with a cross tattoo behind the ear. This tattoo is effective and discreet; if you have longer hair, you can easily cover it up.

Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Men have always been drawn to getting tattoos on their shoulders and forearms. They allow you lots of room to display a more elaborate and substantial design. Additionally, shoulder tattoos frequently symbolize power since we use this area of our bodies for lifting. A cross in this location is a reminder that God is your strength, is watching over you, and is supporting you while you bear your trials.

Cross Ankle Tattoo

Another discrete location for a cross tattoo is on the ankle, which is readily concealed by socks or long jeans. Men increasingly get ankle tattoos because the "no socks" trend allows you to flash your art more frequently. A cross tattoo on this area of your body also has significant symbolism. It represents how your trust in God anchors and focuses you.

Cross Face Tattoo

Because it is popular among gang members and prisoners, the cross facial tattoo was considered initially excessive. However, after being accepted by superstars like Justin Bieber, modest and understated cross, facial tattoos have recently gained popularity. Your spiritual journey and coming to know God—metaphorically opening your eyes and mind—can be represented by a little cross at the inner corner of your eye or on your temple.

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