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Crow Tattoo Meaning

by TattoosNear 21 Sep 2022

Crow Tattoo

Crow Tattoo Meaning

Crow tattoos are often deeply symbolic and can have various meanings depending on cultural context and individual interpretation. Here's an overview of some common meanings:

  1. Transformation and Change: Crows are often associated with metamorphosis, representing a transformation or change in one's life.
  2. Mystery and Magic: In some cultures, crows are seen as mystical creatures that exist both in the seen and unseen realms. They're tied to magic and secrets.
  3. Intelligence and Wisdom: Known for their problem-solving abilities and adaptiveness, crows symbolize intelligence and wisdom.
  4. Fate and Rebirth: Crows are often linked to fate in various cultures, but not always in a negative sense. They may symbolize the end of something and the beginning of something new, rebirth, or renewal.
  5. Protection: In some Native American cultures, crows are considered watchful protectors and revered as guardian spirits.
  6. Trickery and Manipulation: Conversely, crows are sometimes associated with deceit or manipulation, often stemming from various myths where the crow is a trickster figure.
  7. Connection with Life's Magic: In spirituality, crows can be seen as symbols of the connection with the law of creation, understanding the existence of magic in our lives.

A crow tattoo could have personal meaning for the individual wearing it, depending on their own experiences, beliefs, and interpretations of this complex symbol. It's a versatile and compelling image that resonates with many.

Crow Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Three Legged Crow Tattoo

And in East Asian mythologies like China and Japan, a three-legged crow is a frequent symbol. The rising and setting sun is symbolized by the three-legged Chinese crow Jinwu. The crow is an enigmatic, wise, and cunning creature; when depicted with a third leg, it conveys the sun and is once thought to have resided in it. The crow is frequently shown against a background of sun or circle to represent this mythology. It is a celestial and cosmic symbol that denotes the entirety of the cosmos rather than just the Earth. It represents family and unity and is also referred to as the kamon in Japanese.

Evil Crow Tattoo

Witches have long used crows as a sign of their familiars and are frequently connected to magic and the occult. It was thought that crows might adopt the witch's evil spirit and follow her instructions. In this fashion, the bird causes destruction and mayhem. To convey this, the crow tattoo may incorporate elements of the occult and witchcraft, such as the moon, the night sky, or more conventional items like a witch's cap or broomstick. Some artworks feature the crow with a third eye above the beak, suggesting a higher, otherworldly power.

With its darting, dark eyes that become even more menacing in the presence of a crow or flock, the black crow immediately exudes a gloomy aura. Crow designs frequently feature human skulls and other symbols of mortality and fate create a foreboding impression. They make the ideal subject for a tattoo aimed to evoke mystery and dread due to their menacing aspect.

Crow Flying Tattoo

The powers of the crow are usually represented in tattoos by the crow flying with its wings extended. It appears magnificent and authoritative since it is big and black, representing regality and strength. The crow has a strong presence and conveys a powerful and adventurous personality, which exposes comparable traits in the person getting this tattoo. The crow can be depicted in many ways, such as geometrically, with tribal patterns, realistically, or animatedly. The crow stands for a fearless and adventurous spirit regardless of how it is crafted.

Crow Tattoo

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