Dice Tattoo Meaning

One of the most typical images you encounter when visiting a casino or having anything related to gambling is a pair of dice. Not only are dice or die in the plural, well-known in the gambling world, but they are also utilized in some of the best board games. We don't know where dice came from or when they were created. In south-eastern Iran, artifacts showing dice usage on a backgammon-like game board were discovered. These artifacts are thought to date from between 2800 and 2500 B.C.

Small items with numbered dots, or "pips," are dice. The square has a drop on each side, and as you turn it over, you can see that the other sides alternate between having more and fewer dots visible. Up to six dots can fit on one dice. When playing a game that involves dice, you add the number of dots that appear face up when you shake the die and drop it onto a flat surface like a table.

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a dice roll or the number that will appear when the die is dropped from your palm or a dice cup onto a table or dice tray and shaken. This makes dice the ideal gambling tool. Dice come in many shapes and sizes, but the traditional square die is the most obvious, at least when it comes to tattoos. The meaning and symbolism of dice and several examples of tattoos may be found here.

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dice tattoo

Gambler Tattoo

You likely like gambling if you decide to get the infamous dice tattoo. Whether you do this by playing the lottery, making bets with friends, or just being a daredevil and taking chances on life's adventures, it will show other people that you are a real risk-taker who likes to have fun. Dice are sometimes considered a lucky charm. This might be the case because they are skilled casino gamblers or because they find the visual of dice to be alluring. After all, if the game itself just brought ill luck, why would you want a pair of dice tattooed?

When playing dice games or games that use dice, it is frequently necessary to have two dice. Due to this, it is common practice to acquire two dice instead of one when having a tattoo of a die. This significantly enhances the tattoo and adds to its visual appeal. Frequently, these dice will appear to have been rolled, somewhat spread apart but not to the point where the graphic would seem odd.

You were putting the two dice in a pair at a modest angle so that both pip numbers are visible. The number twelve is frequently written out using the pips, or the dots, depending on whether you have a certain number in mind for the dice or not. When the die is thrown, getting doubles of a six pip is regarded as lucky and occasionally will help you win the particular dice game you are playing. These kinds of tattoos look wonderful pretty much anyplace; many fans of this design get it on their chests or incorporate it into a "gambling sleeve" concept.

Snake Eyes Tattoo

The expression "snakes eyes" could be the most well-known in the dice-gambling world. When someone rolls the dice and accidentally gets a pip on each die, adding up to a total of two, this is said to as bad luck because of the low number. When playing games like "craps," doing this dramatically increases your likelihood of losing. Even though this result is the worst possible in dice-slinging, many accept their bad luck and acquire tattoos of this specific display.

By drawing two dice with one pip on each, you could achieve the snake eye tattoo or be a little more imaginative and make the name "snake eyes" come to life. The two one-pipped dice resemble one other's eyes, which is how the game's name came to be. This concept can be shown in a few different ways.

The dice can appear to be protected by a snake by having it snake and circle around them. Other representations might depict two separate snakes emerging from the one dot on each dice, almost as if the snakes were ready to attack by hiding inside the holes. You can choose any snake you want for this particular picture. On the other hand, Cobras are well-known snakes that are easily recognizable. The cobra is the ideal poisonous snake to go along with the snake eye dice because of its hooded design and flaring sides that blow out. Why not make the dice a part of the snake itself rather than having the snake wind its way around them?

Since the game's name is Snake Eyes, applying dice to the tattoo's location for the snake's actual eyes would be somewhat original and imaginative.

Gamblers Sleeve

If you adore the dice symbol and enjoy playing dice-based gambling games, you will also appreciate other types of games. Many gamblers who are frequently seen leaving for the casino play many games. In light of this, people can choose a complete sleeve of graphics to symbolize their gambling lives rather than just one. Diamonds, a flush of cards, poker chips, eight balls, flames, and skulls may all be found in these sleeves. These are just a few examples of the additional miniature pictures you may purchase to accompany the dice. All these tattoos indicate that you are a true gambler with a strong passion for the hobby and live more on edge.

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