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Dragon Temporary Tattoos

by TattoosNear 05 May 2022

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

Welcome to our selection of temporary dragon tattoos. Whether you're serious about getting inked or want a temporary tattoo, our huge selection of dragon tattoos will help you find the design you've been looking for! We have fake tattoos of different sizes and shapes (sleeves, backs, chests, etc.) to please all dragons and tattoo fans!

With a dragon temporary tattoo from our shop, you'll be able to fully express your personality and stand out from the crowd! 

Dragon tattoos have a long history

Dragon tattoos have been popular for millennia, particularly in Eastern cultures. In addition to being the ruler of fire, the dragon is a sign of good fortune and knowledge. The dragon is a characteristic symbol of the Yakuza in Japan, and if we ignore that they are a criminal organization for a second, we must acknowledge that the tattoos that cover a huge portion of their bodies are true works of art.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Chinese Red Dragon Tattoo


The most venerated monsters in Chinese mythology are dragons. In imperial China, the dragon symbolized the emperor, who was the only person permitted to create dragon representations. From 1862 to 1912, it was even used on the Qing Dynasty's flag.

A Chinese dragon tattoo denotes strength, power, wisdom, longevity, and good luck in terms of meaning. Unlike their Western counterparts, Chinese dragons are not violent; instead, they are revered as protectors and aids to humans.

Chinese dragons are usually always depicted rising towards the sky. A dragon descending is considered a terrible omen.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Japanese Dragon Temporary Tattoo


In Japanese culture, dragons are among the most important creatures. The first Japanese ruler was even supposed to be a dragon descendant. Although some Japanese stories feature flying dragons that reside in the sky, they are mainly aquatic creatures.

Dragons in Japan are associated with the protection of family and loved ones and the protection of the home, power, and longevity. The Japanese dragon is revered as a protector and a source of joy.

As a result, a Japanese dragon tattoo is ideal for someone who is strong and will stand out to assist or protect those around him.

Waves and water are frequently depicted in Japanese dragon tattoos. What is the explanation for this? Water is a symbol of life and a natural habitat for dragons in Japan.

In Japanese culture, there are six dragons

Their names and meanings are as follows:

Han-Riu is one of the largest dragons, with lengths of up to forty feet with stripes all over its body.

Kai-Riu, a lovely red dragon, is usually smaller than the other dragons.

Sue-Riu, the ruler of all dragons, has complete control over the weather.

Ri-Riu is an uncommon breed that is difficult to come by. Little is known about it, although it has incredible vision.

One of the most sophisticated dragons is Hai-Riyo, also known as a dragon bird. It is based on Chinese mythology.

Fuku Riu is the most favored dragon of them all, and he is associated with good fortune.

Western Dragon Tattoo Meaning

The dragon has the opposite connotation in Western cultures as its Oriental counterpart. It's usually a terrifying and powerful monster that shouldn't be messed with.

Fighting a dragon was a means for men to become great heroes in Greek and Nordic legends. As a result, a western dragon tattoo can symbolize strength and bravery, which are attributes associated with knights who fought dragons.

It's also a symbol of manhood and fighting spirit, which is why Vikings carved dragons into the heads of their Drakkar.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Celtic dragons are not vicious or demonic, unlike their Western counterparts. They were regarded as the keeper of the mysteries of the universe. As a result, they are considered one of the most potent Celtic symbols. Dragons have appeared on flags, armors, and clothes for thousands of years.

Wisdom, harmony, and spirituality are all associated with Celtic dragon tattoos. To represent the ups and downs of life, the dragon's body is frequently portrayed with many interlaced knots. They're also frequently depicted with their mouths biting their tails to signify the endless circle of life.

With their intricate curls and knots, Celtic dragons make for stunning tribal dragon tattoos.

Viking Dragon Tattoo Meaning

The mythological Norse dragon, Nidhogg, was considered by the Vikings as either a serpent or a dragon that symbolized losing one's honor or being a 'bad man.'

Various Colors Meaning of a Dragon Tattoo

The colors of the dragon have connotations, which you may or may not be aware of. Specific colors represent aspects.

Red dragon tattoo: Red is associated with passion, strength, and love. Tattoos with red dragons are usually Chinese or tribal. A red dragon tattoo symbolizes both its strength and its magical abilities.

Black dragon tattoo: The color black denotes the parents' age and wisdom.

Green dragon tattoo: Smaller dragons are frequently associated with the color green. It also symbolizes life and the earth.

Laziness, kindness, and forgiveness are all symbols of blue, which is connected with folks from the West.

Yellow dragon tattoo: Yellow is connected with persons who are self-centered and helpful, as well as those who are from the East.

Gold Dragon Tattoo: Gold has many positive qualities, including knowledge, friendliness, and helpfulness.

Although certain colors and dragons have symbolic connotations, many are chosen just for aesthetic value. In any case, the Asian dragon is a fantastic tattoo for everyone, and it may be combined with different styles like Celtic art and tribal motifs.

Dragon Tattoos for Men and Women

Because a dragon tattoo has so significant symbolic importance, it must be carefully packed.

Dragon Tattoos for Men:

Men frequently receive dragon tattoos on their arms, shoulders, chest, or back. It signifies wisdom, logic, power, and bravery.

Dragon Temporary Tattoos


Dragon Tattoos for Women

The shoulders, feet, ankles, and neck are the most common targets for women. It is a symbol of creation, protection, and power.

It is important to notice that men and women have various dimensions and styles.

One of the best things about dragon tattoos is that they can be applied to any body part due to their fluid nature. A dragon can also be used as part of a larger piece of art (such as a sea of clouds or a battle scene...). A dragon soaring over white clouds, for example, will appear calm and beautiful.

Reason to Choose Dragon Temporary Tattoos

To begin with, they are significantly less expensive than traditional tattoos. Our temporary tattoos are a terrific solution if you've always wanted a dragon tattoo but are on a budget. They will also allow you to try out several ideas before going to a tattoo parlor. We have a wide variety of dragon tattoos, including black and white colors and numerous designs and dragon styles like oriental, western, Celtic, tribal, and more. Oh, and almost forgot to mention, they're completely painless!

Discover the best temporary tattoos for you!

You will, indeed, find the best temporary tattoos in our shop, which specializes in the world of dragons. They'll be fantastic for a party or a wedding because you'll be able to wear your tattoo, which will give you a unique style and make you the center of attention!

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