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Dying Rose Tattoo

by TattoosNear 23 Jun 2022

Many things and emotions come to mind when people think of love. We are joyful when we are in love. It improves the quality of our lives generally and brightens our day. People will hope and pray that they will run into that special someone for the rest of their lives. To convey their feelings about someone, they may even acquire tattoos. You might want a tattoo to capture that emotion when you fall in love. Among these symbols are Cupid, hearts, doves, diamonds, and the rose, of course. The tattoo of a rose stands for enduring love. But what if it doesn't last indefinitely?

We fall in and out of love frequently during our lives. God forbid, we might even lose a close relative. What images, nevertheless, convey that emotion. The sensation of waning love and heartbreak? Today, we'll discuss the tattoo of a withering rose.

To comprehend what the fading rose implies, we will discuss the rose tattoo and its meaning in this essay. We will discuss several iterations of the dying rose tattoo and what it means to those who have it inked on their bodies. We hope you feel better knowing about this subject at the end of the article, perhaps enough to get your tattoo of a withering rose.

dying rose tattoo

Dying Rose Tattoo Meaning

We must first comprehend the rose's significance to grasp what a dying rose's tattoo symbolizes.

Roses are linked to love and passion. They can, however, also be linked to secrecy or secrets. "Sub rosa" is a phrase from antiquity. This signifies beneath the rose. So, the Romans would hang a rose from the ceiling and have private discussions beneath. Anything said there was understood to be confidential.

The rose is also shown on four tarot cards. The rose is depicted in the decay, Magician, Fool, and Strength cards. The rose on the Strength care represents harmony. On the Magician card, the rose stands for knowledge. On the Fool card, the white rose represents purity.

Additionally, a variety of hues are connected to rose symbolism. For instance, white roses represent innocence and purity, while red roses represent love. While pink flowers represent joy, grace, adoration, and thanks, yellow roses mean friendship. The last symbol of passion and excitement is the orange rose.

One of the greatest authors of all time, William Shakespeare, was inspired by the rose because it is such a significant flower. According to the Romeo and Juliet quotation, a rose by any other name would smell as good. This exemplifies the affection Romeo and Juliet have for one another. A flower might move you if Shakespeare is.

This brings up the meaning of the tattoo of the withering rose. The colors or quantities of the roses in your dying rose tattoo will depend on your life experiences. The number and color of roses convey a narrative. The rose is typically associated with love, although that isn't always the case. However, the dying rose tattoo typically signifies waning affection or the loss of a dear one.

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Dying Rose Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The tattoo of the fading rose seems straightforward. We are familiar with the idea of a fading rose, but when tattoo enthusiasts let their imaginations go wild, we have seen some unique versions of this tattoo. Most of it revolves around style and color, but we thought we'd discuss a few variants below.

Dying White Rose Tattoo

The tattoo of a withering white rose represents a loss of innocence or purity. Traumatic events in a person's life might alter them irrevocably. Many people cope with problems when they are much too young to be doing so. People who grew up in foster care have been seen getting the fading white rose tattoo because they went through emotions that most children shouldn't have to. A tattoo is a terrific approach to start facing your trauma, which is often the best way to begin moving past it.

Dying Yellow Rose Tattoo

The tattoo of a withering yellow rose symbolizes the loss of a friend or the dissolution of a friendship. Many of us have experienced the loss of friends due to calamity or time. This is one way to express your feelings without having them written down or published.

We advise you to take your time looking for an artist to create your dying rose tattoo. We often hear from people who enter the first tattoo parlor they come across and leave with an unsatisfactory tattoo. Since the artist didn't make you do it, you can only blame yourself for making a poor choice.

Dying Red Rose Tattoo

The tattoo of a dying red rose stands for a weak or waning love. The wilting petals signify a relationship's declining health. This tattoo might be gotten by someone whose heart was broken to symbolize their suffering.

Dying Pink Rose Tattoo

The tattoo of a pink rose that is dying stands for joy. This is a terrible notion, but for some people who have experienced highly trying times, getting a tattoo of a fading pink rose to reflect their emotions may help them begin to recover.


Be sure to take your time and meet the potential artist in person. If you get a tattoo without consulting a professional, you are the only one to blame. But since we know that finding the ideal artist isn't always simple, please get in touch with us if you need our assistance locating a talent that can bring your ideas to life. 


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