34 Popular Flower Tattoos Meanings and Designs - Help You Choose The Right Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoos Meanings and Designs

Flower tattoos are the way to go if you prefer your ink with a side of symbolism and hidden significance. Florals of all kinds are a popular choice for women just starting all around the country. They may readily be scaled down to the tiny proportions that have become popular on Instagram in recent years. They're also just as attractive when enlarged to cover your entire torso or arms. And, because they are associated with positive emotions (such as love, fresh beginnings, and happiness), the chances are slim that you will dislike them.

Women's flower tattoos are among the most popular and significant tattoos. A floral tattoo can speak more than words when expressing oneself or paying tribute to loved ones. Delicate floral designs are popular right now, and these lovely blooms are lovely and feminine, but they also have a symbolic meaning.

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1. Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus flower tattoo is an excellent choice for women who desire a profound and spiritual floral tattoo. The lotus blossoming petals represent the opening of the heart in Buddhism. As a result, it is frequently associated with yoga, making a lotus tattoo an excellent option for yoga enthusiasts. The plant also represents purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and regeneration and is notable for growing in the dirt while producing stunningly gorgeous blossoms.

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Purple Lotus Tattoo

2. Lily Flower Tattoo

The lily is one of the most charming and feminine flower tattoos. Lilies are a typical wedding flower in Chinese culture because they are associated with good fortune and are thought to bring a hundred years of love. On the other hand, Lilies are associated with the goddess Hera, motherhood, and rebirth in Greek mythology. Different lily colors have different meanings:

  • White denotes purity and humility.
  • Pink represents compassion and appreciation.
  • Yellow denotes joy.

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Lily Flower Tattoo

3. Rose Tattoo

The rose tattoo is one of the most popular floral tattoo designs. Because there are so many different hues of roses, each one has its meaning. Soft pink roses are connected with thanks, grace, and joy, while the intense, classic red rose denotes passionate romantic love. Yellow roses are associated with friendship and happiness, while white roses are associated with purity and fidelity and are sometimes referred to as "bridal roses." Your exquisite rose tattoo will be easily recognized and hold a profound, personal message in whatever color you choose. Try Rose Temporary Tattoos first!

Rose temporary Tattoo

4. Daisy Tattoo

A daisy tattoo is an attractive choice if you've recently become a mother. Daisies are composite flowers, which means they combine two blossoms into one. In Norse mythology, daisies are also associated with Freya, the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. Therefore they have come to symbolize motherhood and new beginnings. Because of its pure white petals, many people link daisies with youth and children. Try daisy temporary tattoos first!

5. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers have long since been admired and documented as symbols of unconventional beauty. They represent the sun and have strong historical ties to ancient cultures because sunflowers follow the sun. Their heads face and open to the sun and reflect happiness, longevity, warmth, and growth, making for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo. Try sunflower temporary tattoos!

6. Poppy Flower Tattoo

Poppies are a flower with a lot of meaning. People used to give crimson poppies to the deceased in ancient times. They are most typically worn to remember troops who have died in wars today; many people wear them on November 11th, Armistice Day. As a result, a poppy tattoo could be a touching homage to loved ones who have served in the military. Try poppy temporary tattoos before ink!

Small Poppy Tattoo

7. Birth Flowers Tattoo

Birth flower tattoo is popular. While many individuals are familiar with their birthstone, few are familiar with their birth flower. The traditions in the United States and the United Kingdom differ, so check to determine which one applies to you. Carnations are the birth flower for January in the United States, primrose for February, daffodil for March, sweet pea for April, lily of the valley for May, and rose for June. Meanwhile, the water lily is July, gladiolus is August, Morning Glory is September, calendula is October, chrysanthemum is November, and jonquil is December.

8. Aster Flower Tattoo

When considering floral tattoo designs, don't overlook the flower's delicate aster highlights that represent love. This one-of-a-kind blossom, which makes a one-of-a-kind tattoo, can also represent delicacy. September's birth flower is asters.

9. Jasmine Flower Tattoo

It's no surprise that jasmine is one of the most popular flowers globally, thanks to its sweet and enticing aroma and delicate appearance. According to the word jasmine, white jasmine flowers are usually connected with purity and innocence, as well as respect and good luck. A jasmine tattoo could signify the pure blessings in your life, such as your children, for these reasons.

Jasmine Flower Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

10. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Hibiscus' vivid colors and characteristic open petals conjure up images of happiness and relaxation from a tropical vacation. They do, however, have a deeper meaning. In Hawaii, hibiscus flowers are connected with hospitality, power, respect, love, and femininity, as young ladies frequently wear them in their hair. In South Korea, the hibiscus is associated with eternity and immortality. The hibiscus is an excellent tattoo choice for any woman because of its deep connections.


Image Source: instagram

11. Peony Flower Tattoo

Peonies are the ideal selection for a beautiful floral tattoo because of their ruffled petals and delicate pink and white tones. Peonies are supposed to signify a long life because they are lovely and because they can flower for decades. It's no wonder, then, that peonies are widely utilized in weddings. Red is associated with monarchy, honor, and riches in Chinese culture.

Peony Flower Tattoo

12. Don't Forget Me Flower Tattoo.

Don't forget me. Flowers symbolize sincere love and loyalty, as their name says. These tiny blue flowers were commonly given as a symbol of affection and constancy in Victorian times. As a result, they form a lovely tattoo homage to your significant other, or you may have a matching tattoo with your best buddy. A forget-me-not tattoo should be placed on your wrist, hand, finger, or forearm because it will be visible.

13. Iris Flower Tattoo

The iris is a beautiful floral tattoo for women who want something different. This flower's deep purple color is connected with monarchy, knowledge, and bravery. Iris was the goddess of rainbows in Ancient Greece, and iris flowers were frequently set on women's tombs so that she may guide them to the heavens. As a result, a beautiful tribute tattoo to a female loved one who has died away could be inspired by an iris.

Iris Flower Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

14. Magnolia Tattoo 

Magnolias are ideal for a delicate tattoo because of their soft blush tones and gracefully bent petals. Magnolias, one of the oldest plant species on the planet, were pollinated by beetles before bees arrived, making their blossoms exceptionally durable. Magnolias are associated with tenacity, dignity, long life in many civilizations, and feminine beauty. Magnolia tattoos are perfect for women who want to be beautiful and strong.

Magnolia Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

15. Narcissus Flower Tattoo

The daffodil, also known as the narcissus, is one of the most cheerful and optimistic flowers. Because these golden yellow flowers blossom at the beginning of spring, they represent the end of the long, cold, and dark winter months. Daffodils are also connected with rebirth and rejuvenation for the same reason, making them an ideal flower tattoo for hopeful and happy ladies.

Narcissus Flower Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

16. Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

The gladiolus flower symbolizes strength, integrity, sincerity, honesty, and passion. It gets its name from the Latin word gladius, which means "sword," because it becomes long and pointed. The gladiolus is an excellent choice for women who cherish these qualities yet want a delicate and feminine floral tattoo. The gladiolus' shape allows it to be placed on long and thin body regions, such as the leg, thigh, or arm.

Gladiolus Flower Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

17. Violet Flower Tattoo

Violets are an excellent choice for a spiritual flower tattoo due to their Christian significance. Because these tiny purple blossoms are associated with the Virgin Mary, they have become associated with modesty and humility, so we use the term "shrinking violet" to characterize someone humble. Violets were frequently employed in classical art to represent spiritual insight and devotion.

18. Carnation Tattoo

Because carnations represent interest and close connection among women, they are frequently found in many bouquets for women and create a beautiful floral tattoo. January's natal flower is carnations.

Carnation Tattoo

Image Source: instagram

19. Geometric Flowers Tattoo

Geometric tattoo designs have become one of the most popular tattoo themes. Shapes like triangles and squares and dots, lines, and patterns can give your tattoo a unique and futuristic look. Because of the contrast between the angular outlines and the soft, organic curves of the flower, geometric components look lovely with flowers.

20. Heart Flower Tattoo

A heart tattoo symbolizes love and what better way to express love than with flowers? The flower heart tattoo is one of the most vibrant and beautiful floral designs. The tattoo is a fitting tribute to a loved one and can be personalized with personal touches. Include conventional mother's day flowers like carnations and pink roses for your mum. Yellow roses, orange gerberas, and sunflowers could be used in a flower heart for your best buddy.

21. Dainty Flower Tattoo

Dangerous tattoos have been increasingly fashionable in recent years. These delicate drawings are usually made in black ink with excellent lines. The meaning of these inks is determined by the sort of flower shown by the artist. On the other hand, most tiny flower tattoos signify the transient nature of beauty, a love of nature, or a reminder to always see the beauty in life.

22. Flower Bouquet Tattoo

A bouquet is an option for women who can't decide on just one flower tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist to make a bouquet out of several different flowers with diverse forms, sizes, and leaves. Request subtle shading and soft, pastel colors – possibly with a watercolor feel – to give your tattoo a delicate finish. A basic black ink tattoo with thin lines would also work well.

Flower Bouquet Temporary Tattoo

23. Japanese Flower Tattoo

Flowers are frequently used in traditional Japanese tattoos, known as irezumi, to produce colorful and elegant designs. The most well-known Japanese flower, the cherry blossom, or sakura, symbolizes life's transience and beauty. It's also linked to feminine grace and beauty. The chrysanthemum, commonly known as "the king of flowers," is a popular tattoo design in Japan. It is linked to aristocracy, perfection, and longevity. Tattoos of peonies and lotuses are extremely popular in Japan.

Japanese flower tattoo

24. Hawaiian Flowers Tattoo

Hawaii's state flower is the yellow hibiscus. The fragile yet vividly colored shrub has long been associated with hospitality and respect. It is also linked to pleasure and good fortune. Red and white hibiscus flowers, also seen in Hawaii, are connected with beauty and love. The frangipani, or plumeria, is another well-known flower in Hawaii. These flowers are used to produce the distinctive lei garlands given to visitors as a welcome to the islands.

25. Traditional Flowers Tattoo

Traditional tattooing, often known as Old School tattooing, combines vibrant colors and lines to produce dramatic, stylized designs. However, a talented artist can use it to create exquisite floral tattoos. Red roses, yellow primrose, and pink cherry blossom are popular choices. To enhance contrast, have your artist add some deep green foliage. This results in a stunning and eye-catching final product.

26. Flower of Life Tattoo

The flower of life design, unlike other floral tattoos, is not based on a plant. Instead, it's a seven-overlapping-circle geometric pattern. These circles then appear to produce a lovely appearance that resembles the open petals of a flower. The flower of life is an old emblem that may be seen in various cultures, ranging from Ancient Rome through the Islamic world and Europe. As a result, the flower of life is a particularly important tattoo choice, as it depicts oneness and the miracle of creation.

27. Watercolor Flower Tattoo

A delicate floral tattoo pairs well with the watercolor tattoo style. It gives your inking a unique and feminine finish by creating a gorgeous, diffused wash of color over it. Flowers with a natural gradient color in their petals, such as magnolias, violets, and roses, look especially lovely when inked using the watercolor technique. Alternatively, your artist can make an abstract flower arrangement using the watercolor approach.

Watercolor Floral Temporary Tattoo

28. Small Flowers Tattoo

If you're searching for your first tattoo, a little floral tattoo is a great choice. Smaller inkings require less time to complete, making them less unpleasant and affordable than bigger pieces. Furthermore, little tattoos are becoming popular among ladies. A little floral tattoo looks fantastic when inked behind your ear, on the side of your neck, or your wrist.

29. Simple Flowers Tattoo

A simple floral tattoo is appropriate for women with a minimalist or modern taste. Simple tattoos have a timeless character and delicate beauty that never goes out of style, so they are so popular. A single rose in black ink is one choice, which is a modern take on one of the most iconic tattoo designs. A simple floral tattoo is elegant and subtle, with a significant symbolism that never goes out of style.

30. Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Because of their delicate delicacy, butterflies are a popular tattoo choice for ladies. They are, nonetheless, a profound tattoo design, expressing transformation, perseverance, rebirth, and freedom. As a result, butterflies are an excellent addition to your flower tattoo. A butterfly tattoo with floral wings is a popular style. It's not only a lovely and feminine tattoo, but it also has a deeper meaning, expressing the beauty of life after a period of transition.

31. Hummingbirds and Flowers Tattoo

If you enjoy color, a spectacular bloom will only enhance the beauty of a colorful creature! Hummingbird tattoos are always linked to flower tattoos because that's where they obtain their energy. Because the hummingbird is one of nature's most important pollinators, hummingbirds and flowers are natural companions. A hummingbird tattoo with flower tattoos is a lovely way to show your appreciation for nature. A hummingbird tattoo with flower tattoos makes a lovely, natural landscape suitable for any tattoo.


Hummingbird flower tattoo


32. Skull and Flowers Tattoo

While some women may view a skull tattoo as threatening and male, it can be transformed into a feminine yet Gothic design when coupled with flowers. The skull and flower pattern remind life's fleeting nature and the need to appreciate beauty every day. It can also symbolize rebirth after death. Instead of heavy and strong shapes, opt for a gently shaded black-ink pattern with fine line work for the perfect delicate skull-and-flower tattoo.

33. Lion Flower tattoo

Like flowers, lion tattoos are among the most popular and important tattoo designs. These magnificent creatures are connected with majesty, self-assurance, and bravery. While many people refer to the lion as the "lord of the jungle," lionesses are the ones who hunt. As a result, many women regard the lion as a symbol of female strength. Floral accents offer a feminine touch to your lion tattoo, balancing the animal's might with the beauty of the flowers.\

Lion and Flower Temporary Tattoo

34. Tribal Flower Tattoo 

For decades, the tribal art style has been popular. Only black ink is used to create fluid tribal tattoo designs that flow with the body utilizing smooth, curved lines. As a result, a tribal flower tattoo on a curved area like your hip, shoulder, or thigh would look fantastic. A tribal flower design, one of the hottest possibilities for a floral tattoo, nonetheless appears delicate and feminine.

Try Flower Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fantastic idea. It's a lot of fun to experiment with them. Thinking about getting a tattoo and figured this would be good practice for placement and size. It's a simple method to test something on before investing in ink. Flower tattoos are great, you can try flower temporary tattoos to find your best tattoos. you can also try other fake tattoos if you are interested in them! These are fake tattoos but look real!


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