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Japanese Tiger Tattoo

by TattoosNear 21 Sep 2022

Japanese tattoo designs are among the most well-liked tattoo types available. Nearly every motif in Japanese tattoos has a hidden meaning, one of the key factors contributing to their popularity. The art of Japanese tattoos is very complex. This form of tattooing has endured for so long and spread to Western civilization.

This is relevant to many tattoos, including the Japanese tiger. Japanese culture attaches a lot of significance to the tiger. This ensures that this image is still very current in these trying times. In this essay, I'll cover a lot of the history and significance of the Japanese Tiger tattoo, which has a lot of symbolic value.

Japanese Tiger Tattoo Meaning 

The Japanese tiger tattoo symbolizes many signs we associate with tigers in nature. Strength and courage are among the qualities we want when striving to represent ourselves. Other symbols related to the tiger include defenses against wind, disease, bad luck, and evil spirits.

The tiger also represents the North and autumn. One of the Chinese gods that the Japanese culture borrowed is the tiger. The tiger rules the wind, the phoenix rules the fire, the dragon rules the water, and the turtle with the snake-tailed turtle rules the earth.

In particular, Japanese folklore gives the Japanese tiger the name Byakko. Its hue is white, and Venus is its companion planet. Since the white tiger tattoo represents the warriors who battled for Japan, Yakko, many samurai wore it when they entered combat.

Japanese Tigers Tattoo Designs

The Japanese tiger tattoo comes in several forms and can be applied in various places on the body. Typically a larger design, the Japanese tiger tattoo requires space to be inked; consequently, ideal locations would include the arms, legs, back, and chest.

Japanese Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

Running the Japanese tiger tattoo down the sleeve is a common design choice. When someone gets this tattoo, they typically do so to represent courage and inner strength. You will frequently see additional Japanese symbols, such as cherry blossoms or waves, next to the Japanese tiger sleeve. Typically, the tiger is threatening or poised to attack unsuspecting victims. This tattooed individual has a warrior mindset, as evidenced by their arm.

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Japanese Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Tiger and Dragon Tattoo

In Japanese tradition, the tiger and dragon are inseparable. One theory holds that the universe comprises the tiger and dragon, the yin and yang emblems of ancient times. According to legend, the dragon rules the skies and the heavens. While the tiger represents the yin, this legendary animal symbolizes the yang. Tiger has a close stance to the ground. He is poised to pounce while crouching. It keeps close to the yin, which stands for the soil.

Given everything mentioned above, it is clear how significant the tiger is to Japanese culture. Warriors frequently wear this tattoo as a sign of power and bravery. We all feel like warriors right now. The Japanese tiger tattoo can be a source of inspiration and a reminder of our fortitude, whether we fight for our lives physically or have overcome disease and bad luck.


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