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Key Tattoo

by TattoosNear 20 Oct 2022

The key image almost probably implies a secret. The mystery is heightened when it is shown without a lock, leaving the question of "what does the key unlock?" Symbolizing an intimate event or circumstance that isn't necessarily meant to be shared with others, a key can be a very personal image. If a lock is used to represent the key, the picture may represent confidence in oneself and faith in one's talents or reliance on another, frequently with a lock tattoo. A couple's or friend's tattoo includes a key, which depends on the lock image to complete the shared design. The key is a symbol for truth or an answer, and whether a lock or keyhole is present or not might signify the applicability of that truth. A key is a familiar image that may be altered into many different designs to produce a unique and individual tattoo.

In all honesty, the meaning of the key tattoo is up to you. Everything depends on the background or history of the key that belongs to you. We shall briefly discuss the history of the key and its use in the world in this post. Along with discussing the many tattooing options, we'll also talk about the meaning of the key tattoo. Depending on the images inked alongside the key tattoo, meanings can change. After reading this article, we hope you will have a clearer idea of what it means to have a key tattoo.

History of the Key

Keys and locks have a lengthy history, and the first key and lock were discovered in the Assyrian capital of Nineveh. Egypt was the next civilization to improve these locks and adopt the wooden pin lock. This particular lock included a bolt, key, and door fixture. When the key was inserted, the pins inside the bolt were elevated out of the drilled holes, allowing the lock to move. The pins would fall into the hole and lock back into place when you pulled the key out.

The most common lock and key in the West is the warded lock, and all-metal locks weren't developed until roughly between the years 870 and 900. You required a metal key for this, and the rest is history. Although Theodore of Samos is credited with creating the key in the sixth century, the English were also given credit for this invention.

Roman aristocrats frequently stored their most priceless items in locked chests that required a key to open. The key to the box was typically wrapped around the owner's finger. The wearer was demonstrating his wealth by doing by having items that could fit in a box. Additionally, it ensured they wouldn't misplace the key and was easy to access.

Key Symbolism

The tattoo and the key both have various meanings. A key is generally a symbolic object, although we will discuss that in more detail later. It stands for accomplishment and wisdom. The owner can enter rooms that might be locked to guests if they have a key.

Keys have historically represented both power and prosperity. Those who possess the keys have access to the items that other people desire. It enables entry into locations where the majority cannot. The key has the quality of exclusivity built into it.

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Key Tattoo Meaning

Key Tattoo Meaning

More information regarding the context of the image's meaning will be revealed by the type of key shown. An old iron key with detailed carvings or motifs may allude to a long-held truth or secret, possibly something that has been handed down via tradition. This kind of key could represent a tragedy or hereditary trait from the family, as well as an event or memory that has grown over time.

Keys can be made in various ways, from tiny and delicate to big and plentiful. A little, thin key with only a few teeth can stand in for a diary key to represent someone who appreciates keeping a journal of their life and writes regularly. A vast, old key might represent adoration for a particular era or fashion from a bygone era, or it can be used to pay homage to a loved one who has passed away or an ancestor. To signify Indian ancestry, Hinduism, or Buddhism, a mandala or mehndi style of line work can be used.

A master key known as a skeleton key, which has just one or two teeth, can open almost any lock for which it was designed. A skeleton or master key will reflect an ultimate truth or knowledge that has been attained or represents the process of doing so. The skeleton key can also signify a secret metaphorical for harboring "skeletons in the closet" because it is frequently made with a complex end like a Celtic knot. To further the idea of the skeleton key, skulls, in some designs a sugar skull, can be incorporated into the key grip. This pattern, connected to loss life, is more menacing and fits a darker disposition.

On the other hand, the representation of a key may be an invitation to speak, a sign that others are welcome to learn about a person's life. A heart-shaped key end can be used to symbolize friendliness and openness. The key can have a flowery form or be wrapped in vines or flowers for a more feminine look. Ribbons are added to make the tattoo more aesthetically beautiful, sometimes tied into a bow at the top of the key.

A key can represent more than just a hidden secret; it can also represent a distinct quality or a literal "key" component of a person. Each key has a different cut that only fits sure locks. The key represents the unique characteristics of the wearer in this way. The key can be created with a crown inserted into the end grip to represent regality. Instead, celestial imagery that emphasizes the person's faith, like moons or stars, can be incorporated into the grip. 

He was regarded as the guardian of the entrance to heaven and had two keys. He held a single silver key, representing Peter's ability to bar unworthy souls from heaven. Additionally, he possessed a golden key to unlock the gates of heaven and cleanse the souls of any sins they may have had prior to entering. Knowing this, it is understandable why every new pope is handed two crossed keys: one gold and one silver.

Key Tattoo Placement

The location of the key on the body also reveals the tattoo's meaning. A key worn on the lower body might have a private function and be a private creation that is only shared with certain people. A key on the chest close to the heart may represent a loved one to whom the person was or is extremely close.

You can insert words, phrases, or names within the body of a key. Words that accurately describe the person's character or something or someone important to them fit into the design nicely, showing that the term or subject is "key." To ensure the letters are correctly incorporated into the design, a script-like font is frequently employed and created to connect with the grip and teeth of the key. Choosing adjectives like "honest" or "beautiful" reminds me of the person's priorities. Another method of connecting the word to the key is using a chain rather than a piece of the key itself.

There are undoubtedly many more options for the key tattoo that we either overlooked or didn't consider. You can help in this situation. We sincerely hope that reading this gave you some fresh inspiration for your upcoming tattoo, which may turn out to be the key tattoo.

Finding an artist, you feel comfortable working with is the next step. Make sure you and the potential artist have a connection by taking your time during the research phase and having consultations with them. Additionally, confirm that this is the tattoo you desire. Because tattoos are far more straightforward to apply than remove, you don't want to acquire one and then quickly hate it.

Let us know if you have done your research and are still having problems locating an artist to finish the project. We've been matching clients with tattoo artists for years, and we'd love to assist you.

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