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Lover Loser Tattoo: Something You Need to Know Before Ink

by TattoosNear 01 Jun 2022

Lover Loser Tattoo

Tattoo ideas differ from one individual to the next. A beloved quotation, movie, series, or piece of music can all serve as sources of inspiration. It can even be derived from personal experiences.

If you get a tattoo inspired by a movie or song, you're likely to feel a sense of community among other people who have tattoos inspired by the same thing.

Many tattoo enthusiasts have selected Lover Loser as an example of a movie-inspired tattoo. But what is the meaning of the lover loser tattoo?

Lover Loser Tattoo Meaning

To comprehend the meaning of the loser lover tattoo, it is necessary first to understand its origin. The book 'IT' was written by Stephen King, a well-known author, in 1986. The horror novel has won numerous honors and was even made into a film released in 2017.

'IT,' also known as 'Pennywise,' was the main enemy in the novel who preyed on children in Derry, Maine, using various powers. Derry is a fictional town in the United States state of Maine.

The Losers Club, a group of seven children linked by their unhappy lives and being victims of bullying, was the first to discover 'IT' in the novel. Six males and one lady made friends and wanted to aid each other in defeating 'IT.' The entire plot revolves around their friendship, bond, and ability to overcome their worries.

Eddie, a member of the losers club, coined the phrase "Loser Lover." One day, he injured his arm while fleeing from 'Pennywise' and was forced to wear a heavy-duty cast. When a bully saw it at school, he scrawled the word "Loser" across it in bold letters. Eddie changed the word loser to lover by adding a 'V' on top of the 'S.' to save face; he said a 'V' on top of the 'S.'

A loser is someone who consistently loses a lot of money. Someone who adores something or someone is referred to as a lover. Eddie had been tormented and persecuted for a long time, but he had finally found a group of allies willing to fight alongside him. He was a big fan of his pals. As a result, Eddie transforms from a loser to a lover in the novel.

Now that you know where the expression "loser lover" came from let's get back to the tattoo, which symbolizes you don't want to be a loser and want to change your fortunes to become a lover. It's better to love yourself, someone, or something than to be a loser.

Tattoos have a variety of meanings for various people. The Loser Lover tattoo can also refer to the loss of something or someone you cared about and the subsequent discovery of someone or something new to love.

What is the appeal of the Loser Lover Tattoo?

Stephen King is well-known for his work in various genres, particularly horror novels. He is an award-winning author whose works have been transformed into films and miniseries.

You'll inevitably get a large following if you're good at something. 'IT' was his 22nd novel and the first time Pennywise appeared in fiction. You can get a tattoo of the loser lover to remember the book and the brilliant author.

"loser lover" has been used in several other films and television shows, most notably Riverdale. Such movies and series have a devoted following, and some of them have tattooed the phrase on their bodies.

Many people have been inspired by the loser lover tattoo meaning and have inked the phrase on themselves as a gesture of altering their fortunes. They do it to imitate the expression "loser lover" in their own life.

Lover Loser Tattoo

What is the purpose of the Loser Lover Tattoo?

The loser lover tattoo is the way to go if you are a tattoo enthusiast and a Stephen King fan who wants to display their affection for him subtly. Although the phrase is not as apparent as inking the name 'Stephen King,' it is a way to express your admiration for him and his work.

Are you a fan of the book or film IT? Were you a member of the losers' club? If you did, what better way to demonstrate your support than with a tattoo of a lost lover? In the face of a monster looking to feed on their fears, a group of friends who were losers and victims of bullying has found friendship and love. Non-tattoo lovers should consider inking this sentence on themselves for this reason alone.

If you're wary of being a loser, this is the tattoo for you, and you would rather be a lover. You change the S to the V, and your fortunes should improve. This will mark the end of your time as a loser and the beginning of your time as a lover.

The Best Place to Get a Loser Lover Tattoo

Depending on why you got the tattoo in the first place, you can have it placed anywhere on your body. According to the story, Eddie's cast was on his arm when the bully disfigured it with the words loser. If you want to show the world how much you love the movie and novel IT, you should get a loser lover tattoo on your arm.

The ink should go on your chest if you're getting a loser lover tattoo to show that you've had enough of losing loved ones and now only want to be a lover. What better place to signify the end of one love conquest and the beginning of another than the chest?

Lover Loser Tattoo Designs & Ideas  

love loser tattoo

love loser tattoo

love loser tattoo


Can't make up your mind about a permanent Lover Loser Tattoo? Fake Temporary tattoos are a great alternative, allowing you to test various designs and locations on your body. Temporary tattoos are easy to use and easy to apply. if you can't make decisions immediately you can try the fake tattoos. When you get a tattoo for a specific cause, you are less likely to regret it. It will make it more difficult to remove or conceal it. You won't want to get rid of the loser lover tattoo since it's full of reasons why you should have it. Depending on where you ink it, you can get it in various designs. Because this tattoo design is not for everyone, it is not as popular as others. You will, however, feel a sense of entitlement and belonging if you obtain it.

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