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Moon Phase Tattoo: Meanings, Designs and Ideas

by TattoosNear 16 Aug 2022

Moon phase tattoos have become popular among tattoo fans, capturing the lunar cycle's compelling beauty and symbolic importance. These tattoos show the various moon phases, from the new moon to the full moon and everything in between. Moon phase tattoos have significant meaning for individuals who want to embrace transformation and appreciate the continually unfolding journey of existence since they symbolize constant change, growth, and the cyclical aspect of life. Whether a simple outline or a complex picture, a moon phase tattoo is a potent reminder of how intertwined we are with nature and the enormous cosmos we live in.

Moon Phase Tattoo

Changes in the moon's phase might be used as a metaphor for such things as eternal life, spiritual enlightenment, or the shady side of Mother Nature.

Since it is spherical, it carries the connotations of a circle: stability, infinity, and vitality.

The moon is typically associated with femininity because of its chronic phases and cycle of renewal.

A few examples are responsiveness to nurturing and natural rhythms of life. Since it regulates the tides, rainfall, waterways, and seasons, it may be a reflection of inner knowledge or the stages of man's state on Earth.

There is one undeniable fact: the moon influences and affects everything. Like the meanings of sacred and coffin tattoos, a moon phase tattoo might imply magic, purity, dreams, mystery, shadows, and eternity.

People often find comfort in relating their past, present, or future to the moon's phases because of the reassuring symbolism it represents.

Despite being a universal emblem for all life on Earth, its widespread popularity is due to the myriad hidden meanings associated with just one simple word. This article will look at a small selection of the many possible interpretations of a tattooed moon phase. 

It's no surprise that the moon is called "she-moon" because it exudes a strong sense of feminine power.

She can shrink from a whole sphere to a thin thread and back again; she is a shapeshifter.

To a degree, the moon regulates the ratio of the night to day. Her cycles are followed by the ocean tides and by women's bodies.

Tattoos incorporating the sun and the moon are a straightforward composition of everlasting counterparts, each bringing light to its wearer at different times. Sun and moon tattoos are popular as friendship tattoos because of the harmony they represent in many friendships.

Moon Tattoos often include various symbols; for example, a Native American moon tattoo set against a scenic backdrop, a Japanese moon tattoo including cherry blossoms, or a tattoo featuring a crescent moon encircled by a slithering snake to symbolize rebirth and transformation.

The moon is a popular subject of literary, musical, and artistic works; it is such a ubiquitous symbol that even Sofi Tukker's song "Moon Tattoo" is named after the moon.

Moon Phase Tattoo Meaning

Sure, tattoos can often have multiple meanings based on cultural, personal, and artistic interpretations. Here are some general meanings associated with moon phase tattoos:

  1. Growth and Transformation: Just as the moon goes through phases of waxing, full, waning, and new, people also go through different stages in life. This tattoo might represent personal growth and evolution.
  2. Mystery and Femininity: In many cultures, the moon is associated with the divine feminine, mystery, and intuition. A moon phase tattoo can symbolize this connection.
  3. Balance and Duality: The moon's cycle from new to full can represent the concept of balance - between light and darkness, growth and decline. This is closely tied to the concept of Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy.
  4. Cycles and Change: Life is full of cycles, just like the moon's phases. A moon phase tattoo might symbolize acceptance of life's constant changes and the cyclical nature of our existence.
  5. Time and Progress: The moon phases can also represent the passage of time. This can be a reminder of one's progress in life, the importance of each moment, or a reminder of the impermanence of things.
  6. Lunar Worship or Spirituality: For those who connect spiritually with the moon or use lunar cycles in their spiritual practice, a moon phase tattoo can be a powerful symbol of their faith or belief.
  7. Hidden Aspects or Shadow Self: Just as the moon hides a part of itself during its various phases, this tattoo could symbolize the hidden aspects of one's personality, often referred to as the "shadow self" in Jungian psychology.
  8. Inspiration and Creativity: The moon has been a source of inspiration for poets, writers, and artists throughout history. A moon phase tattoo could symbolize one's own creative inspiration or romanticism.

Remember, tattoos can have very personal meanings, so these interpretations might differ from person to person. The wearer's personal connection or interpretation to their moon phase tattoo is ultimately what gives it its unique meaning.

Moon Phases Spine Tattoo 

When you pick a moon phases spine tattoo, it's like choosing to wear a story. This design runs down your spine, showing the moon in all its phases. Like the moon, we all go through life changes; this tattoo is a way to honor that. Plus, it's a stunning design that is sure to catch the eye!

Women's Moon Phases Tattoo

Women often choose moon phase tattoos because they're linked to femininity and strength. They're a beautiful symbol, showing the cycle of the moon that aligns with the rhythm of life. You can have this tattoo anywhere, but the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear are familiar places. It's a way to show off your feminine power.

Minimalist Moon Phases Tattoo

Minimalist moon phases tattoos are a perfect choice for fans of simple designs. They're all about clean lines and subtlety. The beauty of this tattoo lies in its simplicity: it often shows the moon phases in a straight line. It's an excellent design for those who love a less-is-more approach to tattoos.

Moon Phases Tattoo Drawing 

A moon phases tattoo drawing is a step before getting the tattoo. It's a chance for you and your tattoo artist to decide on your design's look and feel. You can choose the size, placement, and any extra details. Having a good drawing can help make your tattoo journey a smooth one.

Moon Phase Back Tattoo

Moon phase-back tattoos are like a hidden gem. This tattoo style is an excellent choice if you're after something more private. It's an elegant design, running across the top of your back or down the middle. Plus, it can be a fun surprise when you wear backless tops!

Moon Phases Sternum Tattoo

A moon phases sternum tattoo is a bold and beautiful choice. This tattoo goes down the middle of your chest, following the line of your sternum. It's a way to keep the moon's magic close to your heart. This design is trendy among women and can look very striking.

Simple Moon Phases Tattoo

Simple moon phases tattoos are all about clean, straightforward designs. They focus on showing the cycle of the moon with no extra fuss. Often, they're just a series of small circles or crescents in a row. It's a design that speaks of elegance and sophistication.

Small Moon Phase Tattoo

A small moon phase tattoo is perfect if you prefer small, dainty tattoos. This type of design can fit almost anywhere: on your wrist, ankle, behind the ear, or even on your finger. It's a small but powerful way to keep the mystery and beauty of the moon close. 

Moon Phase Finger Tattoos

For a subtle yet striking statement, consider moon phase finger tattoos. Tiny, delicate, and incredibly personal, these designs are perfect for those who appreciate understated artistry. Since the moon phases are depicted in a small space, it becomes a neat, concise representation of life's various stages.

Moon Phases Chest Tattoo

Are you looking for something that stands out? Moon phases chest tattoos might be just what you're seeking. Whether designed to follow the curve of your collarbone or centered on your chest, these tattoos can be eye-catching and deeply symbolic. It's like keeping the lunar cycle close to your heart, an enduring reminder of life's constant ebb and flow.

Floral Moon Phases Tattoo

Merge the elegance of florals with the moon's magic with a floral moon phases tattoo. The combination of flowers and the lunar cycle creates a harmonious blend of nature and cosmos. It's an ideal choice if you want to add an organic, earthy touch to your lunar tribute.

Geometric Moon Phase Tattoo

For modern, clean-line lovers, geometric moon phase tattoos are great. These designs usually involve clear shapes and precise lines, lending a contemporary feel to the traditional moon phases. It's stylish for those who want to blend tradition with trends.

Moon Phases Tattoo Forearm

A moon phases tattoo on the forearm is an excellent choice for visibility. It allows the lunar cycle to be displayed in a way that can be easily shown or concealed, depending on your outfit. This location also offers a flat, spacious canvas that suits simple and complex designs.

Sacred Geometry Moon Phases Tattoo

Sacred geometry moon phases tattoos combine the mysticism of sacred geometric shapes with the enigma of the lunar cycle. Those who appreciate deeper symbolic or spiritual elements often choose this design. It's a way to wear your beliefs and values on your skin beautifully and uniquely.

Moon Phase Tattoo Arm

Arm placement is a classic choice for a moon phase tattoo. It's a prominent location, allowing you to showcase your tattoo's artistry fully. The arm's length also provides a perfect canvas for the moon to evolve through its phases, just like in the night sky.

Flower Moon Phases Tattoo

Add a touch of bloom to your moon phase tattoo with the flower moon phases design. Flowers accompany each moon phase, adding a fresh and lively element. It's a beautiful way to represent growth, renewal, and the continuity of life, aligning perfectly with the lunar cycle's symbolism.

Moon Phases Neck Tattoo

For a truly standout piece, consider a moon phases neck tattoo. This location offers a unique and visible spot for your lunar admiration. A neck tattoo can be a bold style statement and an excellent choice to express your individuality with a touch of lunar magic.

Moon Phases Tattoo Under Breast

Choosing a moon phases tattoo under the breast is a beautifully feminine and intimate choice. It's a hidden piece of art meant to be shared on your terms. This private location makes it a personal reminder of the cyclic nature of life, and the design elegantly follows the body's natural curves.

Moon Phases Hand Tattoo

Make a bold statement with a moon phases hand tattoo. Your hand is always visible, allowing you to display your love for the lunar cycle proudly. Hand tattoos can be a conversation starter and an eye-catching accessory to your everyday look.

Moon Phases Tattoo Behind Ear

Consider a moon phases tattoo behind the ear for a delicate, secretive placement. This design tucks neatly behind the earlobe, making it an excellent choice if you're looking for an easily concealed tattoo. It's a subtle, personal way to carry the moon's mystique wherever you go.

Realistic Moon Phases Tattoo

A realistic moon phases tattoo could be perfect if you like detailed, lifelike designs. This style captures the moon's natural beauty with detailed shadows and craters. The result is a stunning homage to the moon that's as captivating as the real thing.

Vertical Moon Phases Tattoo

A vertical moon phases tattoo is a chic and modern take on the traditional lunar cycle design. The moon's stages are arranged vertically, making this a versatile design that can be placed anywhere from your spine to your forearm. This vertical layout adds a touch of elegance and grace to your tattoo.

Cat Moon Phases Tattoo

For those who adore felines and the moon, a cat moon phases tattoo is a whimsical choice. This design features a cat silhouette blended with the lunar phases, creating a fusion of earthly and celestial wonders and celebrating your love for cats and the cosmos in a sweet and personal way.

Moon Phase Armband Tattoo

Wrap the lunar cycle around your arm with a moon phase armband tattoo. This design encircles your arm, presenting the moon's phases in a continuous band. It's a stylish and innovative way to wear the moon, serving as a reminder of life's ever-changing nature.

Moon Phase Lotus Tattoo

Blend lunar magic with the serene beauty of the lotus flower in a moon phase lotus tattoo. The moon phases often circle a central lotus, symbolizing purity and spiritual awakening. This design combines two powerful symbols, creating a remarkable growth, change, and enlightenment piece.

Moon Phases Mandala Tattoo

Merge the harmony of a mandala with the moon's enchantment with a moon phases mandala tattoo. This design features the lunar cycle incorporated into a detailed mandala pattern. The result is a captivating piece that symbolizes balance and the cyclic nature of the universe. It's a perfect choice for lovers of intricate, meaningful art.

Moon Phases Outline Tattoo

For fans of simplicity, a moon phases outline tattoo is a fabulous choice. These tattoos use clear, crisp lines to depict the moon at each stage of its cycle. The beauty of this design lies in its minimalism. It's a clean, modern way to honor the moon and the constant changes it represents.

Moon Phases Tattoo Wrist

A moon phases tattoo on the wrist is a delicate, personal choice. It's an excellent location for a small, subtle design that you can glance at throughout the day. The linear nature of the moon phases works well with the slender area of the wrist, creating a beautiful piece that's both meaningful and stylish.

Moon Phases Thigh Tattoo

Consider a moon phases thigh tattoo if you're looking for a larger canvas for your moon phase design. The thigh offers plenty of space for a detailed depiction of the lunar cycle. Plus, it's an area that can be readily displayed or hidden, depending on your preference.

Sun and Moon Phases Tattoo

Combine the celestial powers of the sun and moon with a sun and moon phases tattoo. This design pairs the lunar cycle with a radiant sun, symbolizing balance, unity, and the process of day and night. It's a stunning way to express your love for the cosmos and the delicate balance of nature.


Moon phase tattoos are a beautiful and powerful way to carry a piece of the cosmos. From subtle minimalist designs to bold, detailed reports, there's a moon phase tattoo for everyone, regardless of style or preference. 

Whether you display your tattoo on your spine, chest, hand, or ear or prefer a more intimate placement, like under the breast or thigh, these designs allow you to connect with the moon's cyclical journey. They are an elegant nod to the constancy of change and the beauty of nature's rhythms.

Incorporating elements like flowers, cats, sacred geometry, or even the sun adds another layer of symbolism to your tattoo, creating a design that's uniquely you.

Remember, choosing a tattoo is a deeply personal decision. Take your time to consider the design that resonates with you most. May your moon phases tattoo bring you joy and constantly remind you of your connection to the universe and your journey through life's many phases. Happy tattooing!

If you're interested in tattoos but not ready for a permanent one, you can try to buy temporary tattoos online. Temporary tattoos are like stickers for your skin and last only for a little while. This way, you can see how different designs look on you without it being permanent. Temporary tattoos stickers let you have fun and try out cool designs without worrying about them staying on your skin forever. It's a great way to see if you're ready for a real tattoo someday. moon phase temporary tattoo is super popular!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moon Phases Tattoos

Do moon phases tattoos have a specific meaning? 

Yes, they do. Moon phase tattoos often symbolize change, cycles, and the passage of time. Just as the moon changes phases, we experience different phases in our lives. Thus, a moon phase tattoo can serve as a reminder of life's constant ebb and flow.

Where is the best place to get a moon phase tattoo?

The beauty of moon phase tattoos lies in their versatility. They can be designed to fit almost any part of the body, including the spine, chest, hand, behind the ear, or the forearm. The "best" place depends on your preference and how visible or private you want your tattoo to be.

Can I customize my moon phase tattoo?

Absolutely! There are countless ways to make your moon phase tattoo unique. You can add elements like flowers, mandalas, or geometric patterns. You can also play around with placement, orientation (vertical or horizontal), and styles (realistic, outline, minimalist) to create a design that's uniquely yours.

Are moon phase tattoos more prevalent among women?

While moon phase tattoos are popular among women due to the moon's associations with femininity and cycles, these designs are not exclusive to any gender. Many men also opt for moon phase tattoos as they are a universal symbol of change, time, and the natural rhythm of life.

How do I take care of my moon phase tattoo?

Aftercare is crucial for any new tattoo. Please keep it clean, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and moisturize with a recommended tattoo lotion. Always follow the specific aftercare instructions your tattoo artist provides to ensure your new moon phase tattoo heals well and lasts a long time.



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