Moon Phase Tattoo Meanings and History

Inking oneself with a lunar image is not something that emerged in the last few years. Over centuries and in countless cultures, the moon has served as a potent symbol in art, poetry, literature, and mythology.

From Earth, the moon is one of the few other celestial bodies that the human eye can fully appreciate.

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Before you do, you should investigate the background of the symbols you intend to employ.

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Moon Phase Tattoo Symbolism and Meaning

Moon Phase Tattoo

Changes in the moon's phase might be used as a metaphor for such things as eternal life, spiritual enlightenment, or the shady side of Mother Nature.

Since it is spherical, it carries the connotations of a circle: stability, infinity, and vitality.

The moon is typically associated with femininity because of its chronic phases and cycle of renewal.

A few examples are responsiveness to nurturing and natural rhythms of life. Since it regulates the tides, rainfall, waterways, and seasons, it may be a reflection of inner knowledge or the stages of man's state on Earth.

There is one undeniable fact: the moon influences and affects everything. Like the meanings of sacred and coffin tattoos, a moon phase tattoo might imply magic, purity, dreams, mystery, shadows, and eternity.

People often find comfort in relating their past, present, or future to the moon's phases because of the reassuring symbolism it represents.

Despite being a universal emblem for all life on Earth, its widespread popularity is due to the myriad hidden meanings associated with just one simple word. This article will look at a small selection of the many possible interpretations of a tattooed moon phase. 

It's no surprise that the moon is called "she-moon" because it exudes a strong sense of feminine power.

She can shrink from a whole sphere to a thin thread and back again; she is a shapeshifter.

To a degree, the moon regulates the ratio of the night to day. Her cycles are followed by the ocean tides and by women's bodies.

Tattoos incorporating the sun and the moon are a straightforward composition of everlasting counterparts, each bringing light to its wearer at different times. Sun and moon tattoos are popular as friendship tattoos because of the harmony they represent in many friendships.

Moon Tattoos often include various symbols; for example, a Native American moon tattoo set against a scenic backdrop, a Japanese moon tattoo including cherry blossoms, or a tattoo featuring a crescent moon encircled by a slithering snake to symbolize rebirth and transformation.

The moon is a popular subject of literary, musical, and artistic works; it is such a ubiquitous symbol that even Sofi Tukker's song "Moon Tattoo" is named after the moon.

Time's Cyclical Nature

The moon phase tattoo's special meaning in the context of karma is one of its main draws.

You better not mess with me because karma will level the playing field or some variation.

You may have decided to spend the rest of your life a sure way to counteract the good karma you've accumulated.

What goes around comes back; the great circle of the moon cycle is a universal emblem for the cyclical nature of life.

You can always start over, and that's what the moon phase tattoo is supposed to depict.

Women and the Moon

The moon phase tattoo is popular among ladies because of its distinct allure.

A woman can more closely identify with her inevitable connection to the cycles through the tattoo's mystery and its reference to the eternity of the moon.

Numerous goddesses in Greek mythology associated the moon with the transmission of their latent abilities, subtle effects, and secret wisdom.

Women often get tattoos of the moon's phases to symbolize their affinity with its power.

The moon phase tattoo represents the underlying current that taps into boundless potential energy. It symbolizes her innate wisdom, sensuality, divine light, and strength from being a woman.

Men and the Moon

Since the first man landed on the moon, men have had a special connection to the moon's phases. Tribes in Japan, Africa, and New Zealand have traditionally linked men to the moon much earlier.

Native American male hunters relied heavily on the moon's energy, and many men worshiped the lunar gods.

A moon phase tattoo might symbolize a powerful and regenerative spirit.

As the yin, the "eye that beams through the darkness," it ushers in a state of enlightened awareness and insight.

The moon is a beacon of hope at night, guiding brave warriors away from danger and toward the righteous road.

An additional way in which the moon phase tattoo appeals to the savage nature of the wearer. Some of the world's most powerful creatures are nocturnal rulers.

Because these nocturnal animals get their vitality from the moon, getting a moon phase tattoo is a sign of being more productive and powerful when the sun goes down.

Ultimately, we shall end ourselves back where we started, just as the moon constantly changes from one phase to the next.

Moon History

From Selene, goddess of the moon, in Greek mythology, to urban tales of humans landing on the moon in 1969, the moon has been a recurring symbol throughout human history.

The lunar cycle, personified by the moon, is a generally female symbol that stands for the flow of time.

Many ancient Amerindian and Oriental cultures were awed by and inspired by this planet's largest satellite, which can be seen from Earth. Because of this, the moon can signify various things, depending on its phase.

The moon represents the psyche in astrology, and its position in the horoscope reveals how reflective and flexible the individual is.

It's the time of day when the sun isn't directly overhead, but it's not yet completely dark, and it's often used as a metaphor for the territory between our aware and unconscious selves.

The moon has long been a universal emblem of progress and evolution.

In contrast to the sun, which represents permanence and eternal life, the moon is a popular image in tattoo art because it signifies the night and the passage of time.

Many popular songs have the moon as a central motif. Famous fictional characters with variants of the name include Luna from the Sailor Moon anime series and Luna from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

We are currently amid the first quarter moon.

The moon is precisely half-lit, with the other half in darkness. During this moon phase, it's time to make a choice.

Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing refers to an increase in the moon's brightness, whereas gibbous indicates that more than half of the moon is visible. There is a refined air about this moon phase.

Waning Crescent

The entire lunar surface is bathed in sunlight. This phase of the moon represents a letting go and closing in.

Gibbous Moon in Decline

Waning suggests the moon's brightness is fading, whereas Gibbous indicates that more than half of the moon is visible. This phase of the moon stands for appreciation.

The Third Quarter

The moon is precisely half-lit, with the other half in darkness. The moon's phase will flip from First Quarter to the Last Quarter. This phase of the moon represents an attitude of forgiving.

Crescent Moon Waning

The terms "Waning Moon" and "Crescent Moon" describe the moon's phases in which the amount of light falling on the moon decreases. During this phase of the moon, giving up is the message.

Full Moon

The moon is currently obscured from view on Earth by both the Sun and Earth. This phase of the moon heralds a fresh start as the cycle of the moon itself restarts.


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