Oni Mask Tattoo

The Oni, often referred to as Namahage, has its roots in Japanese legend. The simplest way to depict these beings is as giant ogre-like crimson demon trolls with devil horns sticking out of their foreheads and a mane of untamed jet-black hair surrounding them. This insane folklore creature was created to give children and adults nightmares about these sharp-clawed, imagined humanoids.

According to legend, these monstrous creatures would prowl the Japanese villages, robbing farmers of their harvests and kidnapping local women, carrying them into the mountains where they would never be seen again. In addition to capturing the woman, they would hunt down the "bad" kids for their protein. A village's residents decided to summon the fortitude to strike a "deal" with these demons one day after seriously considering their options. A contract was made with the Oni, a voracious yet dim beast, that would be impossible to complete. These ogres accepted the stipulations. So, the wager was placed. The people bet the Oni that they would voluntarily give the Oni woman and children each year if the Oni built a flight of stone stairs up to the mountains and the five shrine halls of the hamlet located by the sea beach, a total of 1,000 steps. If they could not finish this duty by the next day, the Oni were to depart the area and never return.

The villagers, who had assumed that these plodding oafs would never be able to finish this project, were in for a huge surprise when they watched the Oni virtually finish the flight of stairs with plenty of time left. A quick-witted villager began to screech and mimic the sounds of a rooster rousing the community in the morning. The Oni thought they had lost the wager when they heard the phony rooster call. The Oni kept up half of the deal and left the village, never to return, out of surprise and embarrassment.

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Oni Mask Tattoo Meaning

Oni Mask Tattoo Meaning

Initially, the purpose of passing down this tale from generation to generation was to frighten kids into acting correctly. This folklore myth achieved its primary objective successfully since Japan has a rigid society regarding these qualities of working appropriately and keeping to oneself. Festivals are honoring the Oni all over Japan because this legend is well-known there. On New Year's Eve, the people of Japan dress up in these Oni garments, which were modeled after the troll-like tales in children's novels. Straw poncho-like robes that wrap around the torso, straw boots, a red horned mask with jagged teeth, angry eyes, and a cynical face make up these costumes. On this New Year's Eve festival parade through the streets of Japan, men and women frequently brandish paper-mâché weapons like clubs and wooden knives while teasing onlookers. Many Oni actors and actresses even sneaked up on young children to frighten them while saying things like, "Where are the bad ones? Or, "Lead me to the whiners!" The red Oni mask has an emoji representation on virtually every phone and social media platform. (For more details, look into this New Year's Eve festival; you can find many web films to watch to get an idea of what happens at these celebrations.)

Even the world of tattoos has adopted the red Oni mask! This evil monster has a portion of its body dedicated to it by believers in superstitions and the afterlife. The red Oni mask is created in a cartoonish, flash art style, which is frequently wise. Oni faces, which are often black and red, can display a variety of emotions. Given how long ago the Oni story originated, some individuals appear to believe in this being honestly. Those that practice superstition more often get this scary mask tattooed as a type of defense against any evil spirits that could try to harm them. This visage of beast screens which shades, may or may not approach this person's soul, much like a dream catcher.

However, the Oni was not always beings. They were also demonic entities that the naked sight could not see. On'Yomi reading, logographic Chinese letters that are also employed in the Japanese writing system and signify conceal or hide, are considered the origin of the word Oni. Given this, "Oni" ultimately refers to a spirit or other invisible being. These undetectable creatures would freely wander the spirit realm, searching for a host to feed off. The Oni terrified and ruled the countryside by latching onto ogres and troll-like monsters.

Despite not being superstitious, you nevertheless appreciate the legend and desire for the Oni mask tattoo. With a fascinating backstory, the Oni mask is a fantastic conversation starter. If you get this tattoo, be prepared to answer inquiries about it because it will likely spark interest and questions. Oni's face is typically painted or sketched in red or blue. This would be the perfect project for a tattoo artist who is well-known for or has experience doing flash art tattoos. The leg or the chest are the two locations for this tattoo the most frequently.

Numerous names know the Oni, and as a result, the Oni can take many different shapes. A piece of advice that could be helpful is to hold off on picking the first design of this creature you see. The face or mask is a common subject for tattoos; some even include accompanying body art. Instead, take your time to browse the various representations of this ogre who appears in so many people's dreams.

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