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Ouroboros Tattoo Meaning

by TattoosNear 13 Sep 2022

Ouroboros Tattoo

While not the most well-known tattoos in the world, ouroboros tattoos can appear incredibly attractive on the skin and have deep symbolic value. You'll discover on this website that there are numerous ways to get these tattoos created and that they all have meaningful connotations that appeal to many people. Discover what an ouroboros tattoo is and whether it's an excellent tattoo design for you by reading about it.

An old representation of the ouroboros was a snake, serpent, or dragon that was encircled and was eating its tail (Ouro and Boros are Ancient Greek terms that mean "tail" and "eating," respectively). The ouroboros has only one design in some civilizations. However, nowadays, you might find abstract snakes, realistic-looking snakes, or even other animals employed in its stead. The ouroboros symbol can be used in any way you like. Still, you must make sure that it is clear what it represents, which is accomplished by having the animal's head circle around its tail.

In many ancient cultures around the world, the ouroboros emblem is familiar, establishing a theme of reflection, continuity, and harm. It's one of those unique tattoos that have meanings from every angle, which is excellent for folks who wish to be able to view a design for many purposes. Regardless of the design, the most common meaning of an ouroboros tattoo is to remember that life continues even in the worst of circumstances.

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The ouroboros tattoo can also represent immortality in some cultures. Naturally, a more significant percentage of those who get this tattoo does not believe they are immortal. Still, it is a fantastic way to convey that this is your world and that no one will be able to prevent you from achieving your objectives.

Although it has been included, the ouroboros was first found in the writings and tombs of the Ancient Egyptians. It serves as a clear illustration as well as a metaphor for the unbroken progression of the life cycle that ultimately lead to mortality and new life. It's one of those tattoos that can express your acceptance of destiny and willingness to accomplish everything you can while you are still alive.

The most common representations of the ouroboros tattoo are snakes or dragons. When the monster has wings, the image takes on a more magical or mythological quality. The ouroboros is an intricate image to create because most individuals strive for perfection in every aspect. It's hard to find one that isn't extraordinary, though. You still want the picture to pop out from your skin even if you decide against utilizing scales, which are more expensive and challenging to make.

Dragons are frequently scaled to make a sign stand out and provide additional intricacy. Even smaller ouroboros tattoos that wrap around the arm or rest on the forearm exhibit this. These tattoos can stand out and attract attention thanks to the minute-scale elements. Although it appears like most people avoid including them because they alter the symbol's appearance from the original ouroboros, some fantastic dragon wings can do even more to make these designs stand out.

A snake's long, forked tongue or fangs can give it a menacing appearance, whereas a dragon might have horns or shoot flames out of its mouth. This highlights the self-destructive aspect of the symbol and Egyptian mythology, representing a world of cyclical chaos enclosing a structure.

The serpent's tail being gobbled up by its mouth was always a part of the emblem, which can be interpreted in various ways. The snake is typically drawn in a circular pattern. Still, it can also be in its natural form, with its mouth covering its tail. As long as it is evident that the rear is within, you don't even need to show the mouth open.

Any serpent-like image's long body can be twisted into a knot, whether Celtic or not. Any other kind of knot or twisting increases the symbol's intricacy and turns the cyclical pattern into a more complicated path. In contrast, Celtic knots pay homage to Irish ancestry. It truly depends on where you are placing the tattoo and how you want it to look because these shape modifications typically won't alter the tattoo's message. For instance, a forearm ouroboros tattoo can depict a snake in either the traditional circular shape or a pretzel-like shape. This can be improved by having it as a symbol, like a cross, which will include the associated meanings.

The serpent's body is easily interpreted as an infinity sign because it twists in the middle to form a "figure eight" and emphasizes the endless cycle of life. Suppose you were considering having an infinite tattoo of any kind. In that case, you might discover that the ouroboros design gives you the hip and distinctive appearance you were hoping for.

Similar to this, some people get an ouroboros tattoo representing wholeness. This meaning is ideal for individuals who are aware of what they require in their lives to feel complete. Anyone who believes they now have everything they need to lead a happy existence will also find value in this interpretation.

Another familiar ouroboros tattoo concept people like to apply with these designs is renewal. It goes without saying that when someone attempts to overcome a difficult period in their life, they will use this meaning. Their ouroboros tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of what they have gone through and what they need to do to keep from returning to that location.

Hieroglyphics can be included in the design to extend the Egyptian motif, giving it more depth and bringing attention to the iconography's historical roots. This is all about adding a little more personalization to the tattoo by selecting symbols that have meaning for you, such as characteristics or objectives you aspire to.

Egyptian or other alchemical symbols can also emphasize the sign's mystical and inventive abilities. Like other symbols, you'll decide which ones to use for your ouroboros tattoo based on the meanings you wish to give it.

An "om" sign may be added to the image because it is present to emphasize its unlimited power, as mentioned in the ancient Kundalini Yoga. This can be inked inside the ouroboros tattoo or placed slightly above or below the picture.

As we mentioned previously, people have several options for how they will ultimately design their ouroboros tattoos. This is fantastic because it typically produces a distinctive design but makes this process a little more complicated.

Given that they are often circular shapes, ouroboros tattoo placement is relatively simple. Naturally, you can experience positioning issues using a knot shape or another non-circular design.

The ouroboros tattoo is quite remarkable because it can be made to wrap around your arm or leg with ease. The only extra step you'll need to take with the ouroboros is ensuring that its mouth ends above its tail. This is essentially what many people do with their simple snake tattoos.

Regardless of the design, if you decide to get an ouroboros tattoo, you should hire a professional tattoo artist to design and ink it for you. This is particularly true if you purchase a complicated design with intricate scales and wings.

Ouroboros Tattoo

We trust that you now have a more precise knowledge of the design process for ouroboros tattoos and their potential associated meanings. It's undoubtedly a cool tattoo concept. It is a good marker of a person's identity and tattoos in many situations. If it describes you, you should consider having an ouroboros tattoo.

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