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Peacock Tattoo Meaning

by TattoosNear 15 Jun 2022

One of the most intriguing animals on the earth is the peacock. Its appearance alone makes you want to learn more about it. Something as vibrant as this is bound to have a lot of symbolism. The peacock is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind bird in terms of its plumage and the bird itself. There are many options for having a tattoo of an animal that represents the qualities you believe you possess. The peacock appears to be one of the most popular animals for selecting a "spirit animal" or a tattoo that expresses who you are.

In this lesson, we'll look at the peacock and the traits that make it a popular tattoo subject. Anything this vibrant is likely to spark a lot of discussions; in this case, it's also the subject of many tattoos. We'll also go through some of the numerous peacock tattoo variations and what makes each distinctive. We hope that at the end of this article, you will have enough knowledge about peacock tattoos to decide whether or not you want one.

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Peacock Tattoo Meaning

Peacock tattoos are one of the most colorful and eye-catching avian tattoos available. This vivid creature embodies beauty, grace, love, and masculinity. The peacock and the less bright peahen are common in Asian and African mythology and culture. The male's vibrant plumage is renowned for its attractiveness and ability to attract a partner in the wild. The peacock's teal, green, and violet feathers communicate to potential mates that he is the most potent and valuable companion. It is the male's responsibility to find a mate in these relationships, leaving the power in the metaphorical hands of the female.

The peacock was a symbol of honesty in ancient folklore, and the user of such a tattoo should be considered benign and respectful of humanistic principles in Hinduism. Because of its "thousand eyes shown in its magnificent feathers," the peacock is India's national bird and a symbol of immortality and the gods. Only the peacock feathers can be picked for a tattoo design since the supreme god Krishna wears them to symbolize his magnificence. The peacock is frequently shown as a mode of transportation for various Eastern deities, even though the birds have been associated with vanity due to their great beauty. The bird can be used in tattoo designs that include any of the Hindu gods and goddesses, but because it is such a vast, well-detailed bird, it is frequently drawn on its own.

The "eye" design on the peacock's feathers was thought to signify an "evil eye," or all-seeing witness to one's sins, by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. The peacock so becomes a symbol of vigilance and observation. Many cultures admired the peacock's feathers because they resembled a theme of enormous, brilliantly colored eyes. Because of this resemblance, many people choose the peacock and show the bird's feathers in a big display. The peacock is seen as a sign of expanding consciousness in Buddhism and is compared to the deity Kuan-Yin. The "eyes" are not regarded as evil by Buddhists but instead represent the Watcher, who is the omniscient nature of one's soul.

The peacock is regarded as a symbol of resurrection and incorruptibility in Christianity. This tattoo can be associated with spirituality and devotion to god. The peacock can be portrayed like stained glass to create a design similar to Christianity while still giving the piece a geometric look. In this style, the vibrant colors are beautifully exhibited. However, they may appear softer or slightly transparent to achieve a stained-glass look. 

Peacock feathers are brilliant, vibrant colors that signify a clear intellect and a light heart. It is an excellent pick for someone who is at ease with themselves. This tattoo is generally associated with hope, belief, and optimism and is a symbol of positive. The peacock is also regarded as a sign of grandeur and splendor by others. It is associated with nobility, protection, and guidance.

In addition to the meanings given above, the peacock is associated with luxury, vigor, desire, longevity, compassion, charity, and sensuality. The peacock's vibrant color pallet is almost always featured in peacock tattoo designs. While many designs use a realistic color scheme to depict the bird in its natural habitat, some opt for a different approach. Purples and violets may be more dominant, as well as blues, teals, and even orange tints. A female peacock has a muted coloration, short tail feathers, and a hint of jade around the neck. She is more concerned with making the best decision than with being attractive.

The white peacock is quite rare. Long and majestic, the feathers are totally white, ivory, or slightly off-white. The white peacock, native to India, is a sign of purity and regality and a reflection of the gods' and goddesses' holiness. Selected breeding has resulted in the existence of the white peacock. The process of a peacock growing entirely white feathers in captivity is known as leucism. This occurs because of a genetic abnormality that causes the loss of color in all of the feathers. Some people believe that peacocks are albino; however, looking at their eyes, they retain their natural color.

Variations on the Peacock Tattoo

The peacock has a lot of tattoo variations since it has diverse meanings in different cultures. As a result, many other peacock tattoos have appeared on the internet, so we thought we'd present a few of our favorites. While we're sure there are many more peacock tattoos, we thought these could help you get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own.

Peacock Feather Tattoo 

The peacock feather tattoo is popular among those who wish to convey the same message without taking up as much room like a peacock tattoo. The peacock feather has a few different interpretations. According to the first, Kuan Yin is the creator of the vivid patterns on the peacock's feathers. According to tradition, Yin was allowed to become eternal, but she chose to remain on earth to aid humanity's evolution. She instilled in others the values of cooperation and kindness. She wanted to find a replacement for herself on earth when she decided to go to heaven, so she summoned a bird with dull brown feathers and transformed them into the kaleidoscope of colors we know as the peacock feather. The feather is thought to represent Kuan Yin, who keeps a caring eye on us.

Asian Peacock Tattoo 

If a peacock looked at a woman, the Chinese believed she would be blessed with a kid. A tattoo of this bird is said to bring good luck and fortune to a pregnant woman and has become a symbol of fertility due to this belief. Because the peacock is a caring and protective parent, it is sometimes represented with a nest and eggs to represent parenthood. The peacock and the less colorful peahen might be made together to emphasize the relationship between lovers and parents.

Peacock Feathers into Flowers Tattoo

The peacock's tail and feathers are sometimes depicted as spreading long and far, finally blossoming into flowers. The flower picked for the tattoo will reveal much more about the tale than just guessing, but when combined with the peacock's significance, the flowers will add to the tattoo's meaning.

Peacock Information

The peacock has captivated spectators for years with its massive tail and dazzling, vibrant hues, and we are still learning about the peacock's secrets. For example, when a male spreads his feathers to impress a female, he rattles them, emitting a low-frequency sound human cannot hear. The male will shake different areas of his feathers to generate different sounds depending on the distance from the female and who they are attempting to attract.

The males are the only ones referred to as "peacocks" when discussing peacocks. Females are known as "peaches," while babies are known as "peachicks." They're referred to as a "bevy" when they all gather together. A collection of these birds is sometimes referred to as a "muster," a "party," or even an "ostentation."

Contrary to popular opinion, the peacock does not come with the brightly colored feathers that come to mind when you think of a peacock. Males begin to develop their gorgeous trains around the age of three. The male peacock begins to change colors at six months, although it is nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between males and females until then.

Another exciting feature about the peacock is that it can fly if necessary. Even though the train can grow to be around six feet long at times, it can still fly. You, like many others, may believe that their odd proportions prevent them from flying, but this is not the case; they can fly only for a short time.


If you want your peacock tattoo, select an artist who can do it in the style you choose. Fortunately, in most situations, you can locate an artist's portfolio online, so you won't have to walk into the store to see what kind of work they do. Give the artist a call and set up a consultation if you've found someone you believe you'd like to work with. This is a crucial stage since you want to ensure that you are at ease with them. Getting a tattoo can be a very personal experience, so finding someone with whom you feel at ease is crucial. You can try Peacock Temporary Tattoo before inking! we also have other temporary tattoos for sale!

Peacock Sleeve Tattoo

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