Pentagram Tattoo

The pentagram is a striking and perplexing design used by everyone from witches to devil worshipers. Both of these descriptions are based on what people currently know about the pentagram and what they think it stands for in today's society as opposed to what it originally meant. Talking about the pentagram has significant ramifications, perhaps due to who wears them and what it means to them. It is possible to tattoo the five-pointed star within a circle on the body instead of wearing it as a necklace.

One of the reasons individuals frequently get a pentagram tattoo is that it has long been a controversial symbol. Secular new-age thinkers unconcerned with pentagram history frequently have them tattooed on their bodies. They are defying the status quo and reclaiming the image by doing this.

But before fully comprehending the pentagram, we must first examine its historical context to understand why it is associated with occult practices and other paganisms. In this piece, we'll talk about the pentagram's origins and the tattoo's symbolic meaning. After reading this article, you ought to be more knowledgeable about the subject and better equipped to decide whether you want to have a pentagram tattoo.

Pentagram Tattoo

Origin of the Pentagram

The pentagram has been revered as a sacred symbol for many years and is as old as some of the first religions. A star with five points that form a single, uninterrupted line, with one point often standing straight up, is known as a pentagram. This is its most basic representation. Today, it is also recognized as a five-pointed star encircled by one or more circles. The symbol may occasionally be used with other markings to cast spells. The tip of this symbol can also appear upside down and point downward. It is a pentagram, no matter which way the star is pointing.

For centuries, the pentagram served as a holy emblem for Chinese and Japanese cultures. It stood for the five facets of existence. It was a powerful emblem in Japanese culture, and the ancient Babylonians even used it to represent some gods.

Unbelievably, the pentagram was formerly associated with Christianity as well. The star's five points stood in for the five wounds that Jesus endured during his life. The cross, which we all recognize today, soon took the place of the pentagram as the symbol of Christianity, although the pentagram was still revered hundreds of years after Christ's ascension. Some even contend that the pentagram's continuous line represents the Alpha and Omega.

The Enlightenment's Christian-influenced academia led to a rediscovery of Pythagoras' fascination with this emblem. The Golden Ratio can be found in the pentagram, but Pythagoras' research covered more than just math. He assigned the lower four points of the pentagram—water, earth, fire, and air—to those elements before placing spirit on the top point. According to mythology, the world's order is indicated by how the points are arranged. The pentagramFree Masons and the Eastern Star Organization employed the pentagram as a symbol, frequently with additional symbolism.

Now let's talk about the pentagram as we know it. The pentagram symbolizes some kind of protection in the Wiccan religion. This emblem is used by neopagan and pagan organizations in practically all of their rituals because it stands for the union of the five elements, infinity and self-defense.

A magic researcher claimed in the middle of the 1800s that the inverted pentagram represented evil since it gave a reversal of the natural order. In particular, it prioritizes the material over the spiritual. The inverted pentagram has been associated with occult practices and dark magic. The inverted pentagram is the Church of Satan's trademarked logo. They embellished the star with a frame and a goat's head.

This brings us to the present, where the pentagram is linked to all things evil, thrillers, and horror films. This further solidifies the pentagram's status as a representation of occultism, neopaganism, and dark magic. As you can see from the example above, there are other methods to depict this symbol that doesn't connote evil. It's up to you.

The pentagram tattoo can therefore stand for a variety of things. It is up to you to personalize the tattoo's meaning for yourself. Keep in mind that people will make assumptions if you have a pentagram tattoo. You don't have to explain what it means to them, but you should be ready for the glances.

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Pentagram Tattoo Designs

There are several ways the pentagram can be depicted in tattoo form, as we briefly touched on above. The meaning of the pentagram will be primarily derived from its symbolism. Here are a few variations of the pentagram tattoo we have observed on people's bodies.

Pentagram tattoo

The fundamental pentagram looks precisely like what you expect it to—a body-mounted five-pointed star. Frequently, the tattoo will be lined boldly and colored in darker hues, like black or crimson. Alternatively, take a chance and make it pink!

Pentagram and Baphomet Tattoo

The pentagram tattoo symbolizes the occult with Baphomet. When this representation of evil is added to your pentagram, there is no doubt about your intentions. Although the picture is dark, if you managed to get it, we'll assume that this is what you were going for. The tattoo of the pentagram and Baphomet stand for the occult and evil.

Carved Pentagram Tattoo

Some people use their extreme creativity to achieve the carved effect. You might get away with having a tattoo artist give it the appearance of a pentagram, but someone might have one cut into their skin. Make sure to conduct your homework and locate a tattoo artist that will give you the tattoo you had in mind.

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