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Puzzle Piece Tattoo

by TattoosNear 14 Oct 2022

You have probably noticed more puzzle piece tattoos recently. The puzzle piece tattoo has acquired a lot of traction since the National Autistic Society adopted it as its symbol as more and more people are affected by this developmental disability. But that isn't the only reason someone might have a tattoo of a jigsaw piece. The relationship between puzzle pieces and their connecting partner has a significant meaning. Furthermore, removing a jigsaw piece from an image can signify a distinct concept.

We'll go through a few of the justifications for getting puzzle piece tattoos in this article. The puzzle piece may have a certain meaning to one individual. Still, it may represent something entirely different to another person who has it tattooed. We will talk about the origins of the tattoo, how it relates to various diseases, including autism, and why someone might have it.

By the end of this article, we hope you will have a clearer grasp of the puzzle piece tattoo's meaning and what it means to various demographics.

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Puzzle Piece Tattoo Meaning

Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The tattoo of a jigsaw piece is a powerful design for your body. It denotes interpersonal ties or a lack of them. Additionally, it symbolizes autism because that disorder's primary sign is autism. Depending on the context of the tattoo, we shall talk about the image's meaning.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo Variations

In addition to the positioning of this image, there are other permutations of the puzzle piece tattoo. We'll discuss some of the various iterations of this tattoo and what it symbolizes to the owners below.

Autism Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The National Autistic Society, and notably Gerald Gasson, a board member in 1963, embraced the tattoo of a jigsaw piece as a symbol. This condition was a mystery to doctors and parents, so this image was chosen to represent autism. The National Autistic Society has changed a lot from its original logo, which featured a child sobbing inside a jigsaw piece. Children with autism were once thought to have schizophrenia as children and to be psychotic in the 1960s.

Since then, much progress has been made, and our knowledge of this illness has improved. The puzzle piece still symbolizes autism even though the company's logo has since changed.

Autism is a developmental disease that, by definition, includes issues with social interaction and communication. Additionally, individuals with autism exhibit repetitive and constrained actions. It is brought on by a confluence of hereditary and environmental factors. A child's birth could result in autism if a mother contracted certain infections while pregnant. The issues related to the environment are currently being discussed. The vaccination hypothesis is one theory. Since its start, this has been false.

According to estimates, there are 24.8 million autistic people in the globe as of 2015. The prevalence of autism in boys is five times higher than in girls. Every year, the percentage of diagnoses rises, and the reason for this is yet unknown.

In light of this, getting a tattoo of a jigsaw piece is a method to symbolize the struggle against autism or to show support for a loved one who lives with the condition.

Puzzle Piece Love Tattoo

The tattoo of a puzzle piece can be used to signify affection for someone. The concept is that the two of you fit together like two jigsaw pieces, whether this is a relationship or a best friend. We can now express our affection for another individual in various ways. We have noticed broken hearts, yin-yang symbols, and incomplete quotations in each person. The puzzle piece appears to convey a message of unity, nevertheless. When putting together a puzzle, the image or message isn't quite finished until all the parts are in place. The point at which the image's meaning is communicated. This applies to both friendship and love. Without the other person, one person is incomplete. The tattoo of a jigsaw piece is a great method to depict this connection between two people.

Missing Puzzle Piece Tattoo

A missing puzzle piece also sends a powerful message, similar to how two people may use two puzzle pieces to symbolize their relationship. This indicates a missing piece. One way this tattoo has been represented is by a picture of a loved one who passed away. Their portrait was finished to make it appear as though a mystery had been solved. A few components were lacking, though. This could imply that they are missing a loved one or that a family member has passed away, and the photo won't be complete without them.

Behind Ear Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The jigsaw piece tattoo's placement is up for debate, although it can be done practically any place. However, as the jigsaw piece is usually a little tattoo, people choose to have it inconspicuously put. Behind the ear is a popular location for puzzle-piece tattoos. This tattoo is a unique choice for a tattoo since it fits well behind the ear.

Wrist Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The wrist is another location where we frequently see this tattoo. The wrist is another minor area often chosen by those who want to get subtle but powerful tattoos. You frequently only see one jigsaw piece when placing it on your wrist or behind your ear.

However, these are not the only locations where the puzzle piece tattoo can be found. If you were to question all the people who had this tattoo, many additional meanings are associated with it. However, we hope that after reading this, you have a clearer understanding of some of the meaning beneath this potent artwork and that it has helped you decide whether or not to get a tattoo.


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