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Rose Tattoos Complete Guide: Meanings Designs and Ideas

by TattoosNear 13 May 2022

Rose tattoos have been popular in the tattoo world for a long time and as a flower symbol in the arts and literature.

The rose's feminine symbolism grew to include love and femininity, becoming a tattoo staple motif.

The history of the rose, its significance, and the various color variants, on the other hand, is significantly more complicated.

Roses represent both beauty and delicacy and aggression due to their thorns.

Rose tattoo designs mix sweetness and personality in a stunning design.

Tattoo rose has since expanded its spectrum of tattoo styles, shapes, and complexity, securing its spot in the tattoo hall of fame for all time.

Let's go deeper to find out more!


Rose meanings have captivated people from all walks of life for millennia. However, there is no single meaning we can focus on.

Although red roses are often associated with love and romance, they have much more than meets the eye.

Roses have a rich cultural heritage and have been cherished for millennia.

Confucius wrote about cultivating roses in the Imperial Gardens around 500 B.C. and mentioned that the emperor's library held hundreds of works on the subject.

Roses are prickly bush or shrub that often yields red, pink, yellow, or white blooms with a distinct fragrance.

Rose roses have been produced for their scent, beauty, and healing powers.

Roses are a flower that is grown all over the world as a decorative flower.

Their immense popularity has won them the moniker of "Queen of Flowers," and they are rich in symbolism, as examined below – in Christianity, Greek mythology, and modern (particularly romantic) literature.

Roses have a unique symbolic combination of pointed thorns on the stalk that goes up to a delicate and lovely perfumed blossom.

According to particular readings, the rose is a metaphor for life: after conquering adversity, you will discover inner harmony, connection, and happiness.

Heraldry, emblems, and coats of arms frequently feature roses.

June is also the birth month for this flower.

However, Rose's use of silence or secrecy is an intriguing meaning.

It dates back to the ancient Egyptians or Greeks, when initiates into the "mysteries," or pre-Christian faiths, wore roses during rituals to signify that any secrets passed on to them would be kept safe.

In several nations, it was common to hang a rose above secret meetings or gatherings, which gave rise to the word sub-rosa (meaning "below the rose"), which meant "private."

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Roses frequently appear in ancient mythology, both in Roman and Greek mythology.

Roses were said to have been produced by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, while she was mourning for her lover, Adonis, who was dying.

Adonis was gored by a wild boar during a hunting trip and died in Aphrodite's arms.

The first red roses were claimed to have sprung from his blood as they soaked into the earth, coloring the neighboring white flowers a deep crimson as she grieved.

This helps explain why red roses have been closely tied to romantic love — The idea is that love endures beyond passing and lasts longer than the lovers' limited lives.

This flower was also fashioned into a symbol of beauty and love by the Romans, which they still use today.

Another significance associated with the rose was that emperors utilized this fragrant flower to show their guests tons of rose petals during extravagant meals during the Roman Empire.


In Christianity, the red rose symbolizes Christ's blood spilled at the crucifixion, continuing the old rose meaning.

This is common with pagan nature symbols, eventually mirrored in Christian symbols, as we can see here with Adonis' blood matching Jesus' blood.

The rose is thus associated with resurrection and rebirth in both Christian and pagan traditions.

The rose became identified with the Virgin Mary as she became a more important center of Christian worship, and she was typically represented surrounded by flowers.

Many poets, particularly medieval writers like Dante Alighieri (where the rose is commonly used as a metaphor for Mary) and the two French poets who penned the medieval allegory the Roman de la rose, have been influenced by such ideas (a long poem that Chaucer would later translate into English).

The rose garden is significant in this poem because it represents romantic love and Christian perfection.

Bringing roses to the Virgin Mary's altar is customary at many Christian ceremonies and festivals worldwide, where she is honored.


Over the years, poets and novelists have used all of these previous connotations of the rose blossom.

Rose tattoos have even made it into mainstream culture, resulting in the song "Rose Tattoo" by American Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys.

Ken Casey, the band's founder, bassist, and the singer, says that songs are meant to "give you a life story in four minutes" and that the track "Rose Tattoo" was inspired by Casey's tattoos.

"Tattoos on my body reflect my life and what I've been through, things that have been important to me," Casey says to NPR's Audie Cornish.

The rose tattoo on Casey's arm is a tribute to his grandfather, who raised him after his father passed away.  


A rose's color is also associated with several metaphorical connotations.

Each rose color and the shape and age of the rose flower (for example, rosebuds versus fully blossomed roses) transmits a particular meaning or silent communication from the donor to the recipient.

Red Rose Tattoo

The red rose represents romance, real love, beauty, and courage, according to ancient and Christian stories.

In terms of blossom shape, a thornless red rose represents love at first sight, while a red rosebud means beauty and purity.

Red rose tattoos represent passion and a deep passionate love for someone else.

Since the Sailor Jerry tattoos in general, red rose tattoos have become increasingly popular.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Friendship, joy, and new beginnings are all represented by yellow roses tattoo.

It used to represent avarice and envy, but joy and affection replaced that meaning.

Like the warm sunflower, a bright-shining yellow rose symbolizes warmth and devotion and can be an excellent way to express your happiness.

Yellow roses can also represent recall, a loving reminiscence, or a token of appreciation.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Peach Rose Tattoo

Peach rose flowers tattoos are traditionally used to express gratitude and express thanks.

They're typically given to commemorate an agreement and can also serve as a symbol of loyalty.

Because of their warm tone, peach roses are a beautiful surprise, and a great tattoo idea for showing appreciation to a female loved one.

Orange Rose Tattoo

Orange rose tattoos are associated with arousal, desire, and sensuality.

Orange roses are the rose family's wild child, with fiery intensity.

Whatever emotions you're experiencing (enthusiasm, passion, gratitude), orange flowers will convey them with excitement and elegance.

Pink Rose Tattoo

Dark pink roses tattoos, in particular, express gratitude and respect.

Cherry blossom blooms, for example, are frequently associated with admiration and sympathy.

The Pink Rose is a classic symbol of grace and elegance frequently used to express admiration and appreciation.

They are the gentlest of roses, and their grace carries that message.

Pink Rose Tattoo

White Rose Tattoo

The white rose tattoos represent purity, innocence, stillness, mystery, and devotion.

White rosebuds are associated with femininity.

White roses have long been connected with weddings and fresh beginnings, but their peaceful beauty has also made them a symbol of remembrance.

The white rose is a fitting approach to honor a friend or loved one in commemoration of a fresh beginning or a farewell, as it is suited to respectful situations.

Their pure color symbolizes reverence, honors new beginnings, and expresses optimism for the future.

Green Rose Tattoo

Green rose tattoos are symbolic of peace, abundance, and fertility.

Like the lavender Rose, these colors are associated with rebirth and tranquillity in the spring.

They represent best wishes for a prosperous new life or desires for good health to return.

Blue Rose Tattoo

The fascinating tint of blue roses, like the black rose, represents mystery and illusion.

Blue rose tattoos represent extreme longing and lust in terms of love.

They are frequently used in tattoos to symbolize unachievable love yet unfathomable favor. 

Lavender Rose Tattoo

Lavender roses tattoos are popular in the springtime and symbolize love at first sight.

These flowers are used to convey awe and admiration.

Their beauty evokes enchantment, and their meaning varies according to the shade.

Lavender roses in darker tones exude royal, majesty, and splendor.

Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses, a popular Halloween decoration, symbolize loss and the end of a feeling, idea, or connection.

Because black roses are not naturally occurring, they symbolize mystery and enigmatic.

A black rose tattoo is a symbol for fate or the end of a romantic engagement.

Multicolored Rose Tattoo

Rainbow roses, also known as multicolored roses, are one-of-a-kind presents that symbolize happiness and joy.

Multicolored roses are vibrant and varied in color, making them an incredible tattoo for birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby.

Like mixed rose-colored bouquets, Multicolored roses may be a terrific way to incorporate many emotions and messages into one arrangement.

Different Colors Rose Bouquets Tattoo

This is a unique approach to incorporating multiple messages into a single rose tattoo design.

Pink and green roses mixed can represent kindness and peace, making this a fantastic tattoo to communicate love and affection to a family member or caring friend.

Mixing red and ivory roses could indicate a passionate and tasteful relationship.


Rose Hand Tattoo

One of the most challenging tattoos to achieve is a hand tattoo. It's not simply one of the most significant commitments you'll ever make, but the design decision is crucial. Tattoos of a nature or those containing symbolism are frequently reserved for the hands. Roses are symbolic of strength and balance. Therefore their placement here is ideal. If you don't want to paint the whole room, go for finger placement. The beauty behind the flora will stay with you forever.

Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Why not get a shoulder tattoo if you're looking for a larger piece of art on your body? This is lovely real estate with a great deal of design flexibility. Work the roses into a sleeve that runs down your arm or around your back's blades. It's a stunning and daring tattoo that you should flaunt!

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Rose Arm Tattoo

Classic tattoos can look their finest when strategically placed on the body. If you want to add more to the design later or incorporate it into a sleeve, ink on the arm is an excellent solution. If you're going to keep it hidden, put it on your bicep. This is a fantastic choice for a debut piece, whether small or huge.

Rose Forearm Tattoo

It's best to keep some things hidden. These miniature rose tattoos are a delicate and unobtrusive solution for individuals who prefer small artwork. This ink is a lovely way to put symbolism to your skin, with everything from blossoms to basic line drawings. The ribcage, fingers, and even the bicep are all excellent places to put them. With something that beautiful, you can't go wrong.

Rose Tattoo on the Wrist

A forearm tattoo can show off your appreciation of flowers. This spot is ideal for a work of art because it allows you to experiment with different designs. You can't go wrong with this spacious position, whether you want neo-traditional ink or something more modern and unusual. You'll be ready to face the world if you incorporate the art into a sleeve.

Rose Tattoo on the Wrist

Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Why not get a tattoo and wear your heart on your sleeve? These tiny but powerful pieces look best on the wrist and are simple to conceal if necessary. Why not place a rose over the veins that flow directly to the heart, as roses represent power and love? This is an ink-heaven combination with miraculous consequences.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

You may take your body to the next level with a rose sleeve tattoo. This isn't a project for the faint of heart, but when it's finished, it looks fantastic. Wrap a sea of blooms around your arm, wind vines over your wrist, and wait for the compliments to pour in. You'll want to wear a singlet every day to show off this fantastic design!

Rose Chest Tattoo

A large breast tattoo will show off your affection for roses. If you're not scared to flaunt your skin, this is a terrific spot for you, and with so much real estate in the region, you can do pretty much anything you want! To draw attention to your collarbones, choose something modest and delicate, or go for a bold look by utilizing the entire area.

Rose Hip Tattoo

This region is sensual yet subtle for some ink because it is a pretty small area. Choose from a tiny flower on the hip bone to a big rose bush creeping up the side of your body. The lower half of the body is an excellent location for a tattoo because it is both easy to conceal and oh-so-fun to flaunt!

Rose Hip Tattoo

Rose Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo is ideal for a female who isn't scared to stand out. The rose will display your strength and equilibrium in an audacious and dangerous move. Remember that this is one of the more difficult places to conceal and one of the most painful. This ink is not for the faint of heart, but it is well worth the effort!

Rose Neck Tattoo

Rose Ankle Tattoo

One of these beautiful ankle tattoos will show off your pins in flair. There isn't a more acceptable spot for the ink than on a rose, representing equilibrium. You can either wrap the bloom around your leg or select a solitary blossom to symbolize your devotion. These are essential, understated, and tasteful works of art that would look great in any home!

Rose Finger Tattoo

It's delicate and cute. Rose tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs ever, and they look fantastic on your finger. 

Rose Finger Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas for Roses

We went on an Instagram safari to locate the best rose tattoo designs to aid you in following tattoo design research.

Take a peek at the list below to see them all:

Realistic Rose Tattoo

Not every link has to be strange or modern in appearance. Realistic rose tattoos frequently resemble a photograph on your skin, creating an unforgettable impression. Do your homework before you hire an artist specializing in hyper-realistic paintings. With something this amazing, all eyes will be on you!

Skull and Rose Tattoo

With a skull and rose tattoo, you may channel your inner Shakespeare. This is a design full of symbolism, whether you're a lover of Hamlet or just like the contrast between subjects. The user of this ink will carry the balance between good and evil and the philosophy that lies between, denoting the discrepancy between life and fate.

Skull and Rose Tattoo

Cross with Rose Tattoo

With this lovely cross and rose tattoo, you may honor your beliefs. The delicate flowers contrast with the geometric lines as a symbol of faith and dedication, creating a symbiotic piece for you forever. You can't go wrong with this lovely ink, whether you want a traditional cross or something a little more modern.

Cross with Rose Tattoo

Money Rose Tattoo

A money rose tattoos have a lot of symbolism since they represent power and new beginnings. The petals that look like banknotes make for an exciting and eye-catching combination that is sure to draw attention. A fantastic concept for a piece of ink is to combine two of the world's most powerful inspirations.

Money Rose Tattoo

Traditional Rose Tattoo

There's nothing quite like a classic rose tattoo. Since the 1930s, this has been a popular choice, and it often has a sailor-like appearance. Love, strength, and hope are represented by this ink, which appears best without a stem or thorns. If you want a taste of the past, go for this beautiful item!

Compass Rose Tattoo

The compass and the rose tattoo are dedicated as a sign of who we are on the inside, guiding us in the right direction. This ink reflects good fortune and hopes by allowing your heart to lead your activities in life. How could you refuse this design with so much significance behind it?

Compass Rose Tattoo

Rose Outline Tattoo

Sometimes the essential components have the most significant impact. A rose tattoo with an outline is a lovely and delicate option for those who prefer not to get colorful ink. Line art is a great concept that holds up better over time. It also allows you to later fill it in with different colors.

Rose Outline Tattoo

Rose Tattoo With Name

By dedicating your rose tattoo to a loved one, you can create a lasting memory. Make an ongoing commitment to someone special by incorporating their name into the flower's stem. The united sign of love and strength works together to create a work of art worth displaying.

Simple Rose Tattoo

A simple rose tattoo is for you if you don't like intricate tattoos. You may express the image of a flower with a few words, making a lasting effect on anybody who sees it. White is a modest tribute to the gorgeous flora, while black looks are intriguing on the skin. Choose to wear smaller pieces on your wrist, ribs, or forearm. It's a delicate option that says a lot.

Watercolour Rose Tattoo

When you were born to stand out, why blend in? A rose watercolor tattoo is a lovely alternative for individuals who appreciate the beauty of a rose with a modern art influence. Choose conventional hues such as pinks, reds, and yellow, or go bold with blue, purple, or green tones. For everyone who appreciates classic elegance, this ink is airy and delicate.

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

A rose and butterfly tattoo, which combines significance and beauty, is an excellent choice. This ink is a beautiful portrayal of the circle of life, symbolizing change and love. This item can be designed in various ways, such as the wings colliding with the flower or the insect landing on the flora. You'll get compliments no matter what you do!

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

Rose With Thorns Tattoo

Take the symbolism of a classic rose tattoo and add thorns for a subtle touch. This beautiful ink is entwined with the conflicting symbols of life and fate. Choose a traditional red flower with green stems, or go for something more modern and geometric. Whatever you choose, this profound and stunning design will undoubtedly spark conversation.

Tribal Rose Tattoo

A rose tattoo with a tribal twist looks stunning, sticking to the concept of love and strength. These strong, clear lines contrast with the delicate blossom and represent the importance of family, heritage, and belonging. This is a robust and durable piece of ink that will undoubtedly say words.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

With this geometric rose tattoo, you may combine classic and modern art. This ink is not only beautiful to look at, but it also has a lot of meaning. The geometric shapes indicate oneness and earth, while the flowers represent balance, love, and strength. Whether you choose it for its beauty or symbolism, it's a worthwhile purchase.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

Tiny Rose Tattoo

To make a statement, you don't need a sleeve of ink. These tiny rose tattoos are a lovely complement to any skin area, and the delicate pattern is sure to stand out. The small flower is best worn around the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. You won't want to miss out on a piece as delicate as this.

Rose and Heart Tattoo

The heart and rose combo, like most tattoos, has a lot of symbolism. A lovely inking choice is created by combining two sturdy and love-inducing elements. You can go with a traditional design with an arrow piercing the love symbol or completely incorporate the flowers into the other methods. This is a classic pattern for individuals who want to wear marks on their skin.

Rose and Heart Tattoo

Rose Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fantastic idea. It's a lot of fun to experiment with them. Thinking about getting a tattoo and figured this would be good practice for placement and size. It's a simple method to test something on before investing in ink. Rose tattoos are great, you can try rose temporary tattoos to find your best tattoos. you can also try other flower temporary tattoos if you are interested in them! These are fake tattoos but look real!

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