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Skeleton Key Tattoo

by TattoosNear 24 Oct 2022

Keys have always been a popular tattoo theme. The key has a lot of symbolism, which makes it an interesting tattoo design. Keys might be modest and little, or they can be larger and have elaborate designs. A skeleton key would be an illustration of the latter. A skeleton key is something we've all seen. They appear to give you entry to an old or haunted location. This intriguing-looking key has been around for a very long time. Therefore, it has a backstory that explains how it came to be.

Stories and films have been made about skeleton keys. Amazingly, a key could spark this much curiosity, but that's what the skeleton key has done. They may be inked practically anywhere on the body, have a mysterious appearance, and make awesome tattoos. People will be intrigued by the charm of these vintage keys and wonder how you came to possess them.

This article will discuss the origins of the skeleton key and its history. We will also talk about the meaning of this sign to the individual who has it tattooed on them. The skeleton key tattoo is cool because you can alter it and add imagery to either strengthen or change what it is meant to convey. After reading this article, you ought to feel more knowledgeable about the skeleton key tattoo. You may even think about purchasing one for yourself.

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Skeleton Key Tattoo Meaning

Skeleton Key Tattoo

Their past greatly influences the significance of these keys. Keys have been known to open locked rooms, cabinets, and boxes. Discovering or unlocking anything that contains a secret is the starting point of the skeleton key tattoo's symbolism. This skeleton key tattoo represents all the things you may hold dear to your heart. There is a lot more symbolism since skeleton keys frequently work on several doors.

These days, skeleton keys are a popular accessory. The skeleton key is a great item because you can use it to make jewelry or add it as a decorative element to furniture. Many are going a step further and getting the image permanently inked on their bodies. To better comprehend the origins of the frenzy around the skeleton key, we wanted to discuss its past.

The obvious element is that the skeleton key's only use is to open locks. Because they can open various locks, including warded ones, they are often referred to as pass keys. If you ask someone why the skeleton key is called that, they might believe it is because of its shape, which resembles a skull, but the name refers to how basic the key is. Other than what is required to open a lock, there is nothing to it. The early skeleton keys had a cylindrical shank and a single rectangular tooth.

Locks and keys were originally fashioned of wood when they were first utilized. These keys go back to Babylon and Egypt. They were large, cumbersome, and easy to force open, so they didn't endure very long. The mechanism eventually evolved, and by the middle of the 1800s, flat, contemporary keys were employed. After World War II, skeleton keys were still utilized in most homes. Homes constructed before the 1940s are still frequently found with these keys.

Having a key can signify access that most people wouldn't have in our modern culture. Having a key to a city is a privilege given to some people. The skeleton key might represent possessing the key to your heart. It could also mean keeping the key to freedom. Your tattoo could stand for learning something about yourself that sets you free.

Skeleton Key Tattoo Designs

The skeleton key tattoo is frequently portrayed in various ways. Most of the time, it's just a matter of appearing nice, but some symbolize particular things to the owner. Here are a few skeleton key tattoo designs that looked great.

Skeleton Key with Skull Tattoo

The top of the skeleton key tattoo frequently features a skull. Many people are drawn to the darker aspects of life, aside from the apparent association between the skull and the skeleton key. This tattoo might be a key that unlocks the bearer's darker nature. It simply has a horrible appearance.

Skeleton Key with Heart Tattoo

The tattoo of a skeleton key with a heart at the top is probably a representation of the key to your heart. The addition of the heart gives the tattoo another dimension in addition to its distinctive appearance as a skeleton key. We frequently see tattoos with hearts and keys together since the phrase "key to my heart" is so common.

Skeleton Key with Crown Tattoo

The skeleton key tattoo is thought to represent possessing the keys to the kingdom when a crown is added. Many people think of their body and soul as their temple or kingdom, and wearing a crown could be seen as the ruler of your territory. If you're going to get your skeleton key tattoo, consider this because it just seems to suit.

Get imaginative with your skeleton key tattoo if you're thinking about getting one. Even if it is already a cool sign, you may personalize it by adding a few elements. You ought to be able to get assistance in this area from your tattoo artist as well.

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