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Star Tattoo Behind Ear

by TattoosNear 15 Jun 2022

Since what appears to be the dawn of humanity, the star has held a solid form of symbolism. They were associated with the heavens long before humans had the technology or could truly understand what the universe or stars were. Star symbolism has evolved into depicting the conflict between light and darkness, spirit and material forces.

The five-pointed star is one of the most iconic representations of the star. This star has one point on top, two on the left, and two on the right. The Christians appeared to have adopted this star from Egypt, but the concept and symbol of a star have evolved much further than that. The five points are meant to represent Jesus' wounds. This star is also referred to as a pentagram.

True stars, on the other hand, do not have these jagged points. When one looks up at the stars at night, it almost appears as if lines are emanating from the star, giving rise to the rough issues that we now associate with the star.

There are numerous types of stars, and each one can represent something unique. The most common figure for a tattoo of a star behind your ear is the five-pointed pentagram star. Because it is the most recognized worldwide, this jagged five-pointed symbol automatically registers in our brains as a star in the sky. The meaning behind such tattoos, like any tattoo, is likely to be something close and dear to the tattoo enthusiast, giving it its meaning. Whether you have a unique meaning for your tattoo, a star symbol can mean various things. When the image is seen, it also gives off a certain vibe. Of course, it is a positive image that can depict much more than a five-pointed star.

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Star Tattoo Behind the Ear Meaning

Before recorded history, the stars in the night sky have helped travelers find their way home and toward civilization. When we are lost, the stars act as a compass and show us the way. This tattoo can represent just that—a representation of finding one's way. Hope, ambition, or the desire to achieve lofty goals can be tattooed behind the ear to symbolize that you will not give up until you reach the pinnacle. Perhaps you've even completed what you consider stardom.' This indicates that you have attained the status of being widely known or famous. This mainly applies to those who work in the entertainment industry or have achieved a high level of recognition.

One of the best feelings you can have is achieving a goal you set for yourself. For this reason, showing a tattoo of a star, for this reason, is a good indicator that you follow through on your goals and do not give up until you have completed them. Another common reason for having or wanting a star tattoo is an interest in astronomy or being fascinated by the universe.

This tattoo is top-rated among fishers and sailors. Those who spend their lives on the sea, fishing and traveling far across the world's mysterious and vast waters. If the compass fails, the stars will not fail. A star tattoo will be given to those who have been lost at sea or who rely heavily on navigation. Many people know this graphic as well-liked; however, the star behind the ears requires some bravery. While not a face tattoo, the star of stars behind the ear/ears can easily be hidden by hair and is only visible when the person with the tattoo is standing at a sideways angle, or you look at the back of their head and notice the stars.

The idea of having a tattoo such as stars is almost as if they are hidden in plain sight. This is also true of the stars in our galaxy. The stars shine brightly in the night sky, illuminating the land ahead of us and keeping it from being completely dark. Those stars, however, are not visible when we look up at the sky during the day, despite the fact that they are still there. This is because the light emitted by the sun, which we revolve around, is so bright and intense that we cannot see the stars when we look up into the daytime sky. As a result, celebrities are always hidden in plain sight, just like the star or stars tattoo behind the ear. The following are some examples of star behind the ear tattoos and placements for these stars.

Star Tattoo Behind the Ear Designs 

The majority of the stars that we see in the sky are bright, white balls of light. When we see this graphic elsewhere, the principal is a bright yellow or any other color you choose. When it comes to tattoos, you want them to be visually appealing. You can change the color of these stars to your liking, whether you like yellow or not. The star tattoo behind the ear is ideal because the star itself is a simple, straightforward design. It is an accessible and valuable piece to fit in small places such as behind the ear with the 5 points, or perhaps you want even more points and to come up with your variation of the star. Many people opt for only one star behind the ear. Others may see a star with streaks of lines behind it, indicating a star. But why limit yourself to just one star image? Go all out and place several stars in a pattern behind the ear, along with some streak patterns for a genuinely astronomical effect! These tattoos are frequently colored; a plain, black star is excellent but not as eye-catching as bright pink, blue, and green star!


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