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Still I Rise Tattoo

by TattoosNear 15 Jun 2022

'Still I Rise' is most famously used in Maya Angelou's poem 'Still I Rise.' 'Still, I Rise,' published in 1978, is a collection of 32 short poems. The poem's core message, divided into three parts, is that you may rise above your hardships and terrible times. Maya Angelou is most known for her award-winning autobiographies, which she published seven times. 'Phenomenal Woman' and 'Still I Rise' were two of the most famous poetry works in her body of work. She speaks for her ethnicity and womanly gender, as well as the strong resilience of her community, in the volume of poetry in which these two poems are contained. The poems were so well-received that the United Negro College Fund utilized 'Still I Rise' as the centerpiece of a publicity campaign.

Still I Rise Tattoo

Although Maya Angelou's writings popularized this poetry and phrase, it does not necessitate that you be an expert or know everything there is to know about Maya Angelou. We owe her gratitude, but we would have a less accurate understanding of what 'Still I Rise' genuinely means if she hadn't empowered so many people via her talent and words. This term is not exclusive to women and the African-American community; men and people of all races are welcome to use it. They are all authentic to the person who owns them, much like many phrases and tattoo concepts are accurate to the person who owns them. Everyone has diverse perspectives on things, and a tattoo like this might represent various ideas to the wearer. Whatever your motivation, this self-empowering statement denotes tenacity and drive. Below are some instances of the 'Still I Stand' tattoo, as well as their many meanings and unique, innovative notions that people have obtained in response to the bold statement.

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Still I Rise Tattoo Meanings

Overcoming Difficulties

Through this roller coaster of a life that we live, we all have our challenges and tribulations. Obstacles and demanding situations that come our way can either make or break us. Overcoming a problem in one's life offers us a great sense of pride and success. We are all dealt our own hands of cards, and we must play them to the best of our skills to maximize our potential. Even the term 'Still I Rise' implies something terrible must have happened. Tattooing this statement on one's body might remind them of who they are and how far they've come from whatever has happened to them in the past. To others, it demonstrates that the person is a strong and committed individual who does not give up easily.

Those who have struggled with an addictive substance and never thought they would be able to conquer their demons but did so through the power of will and hard work should get this tattooed since it is the perfect example of rising above. One of the most challenging things to do is to get over something terrible to you but difficult to resist. You know this substance is ruining your body and spirit on the inside, but you can't do anything about it because you want to keep pursuing the sensations that addiction brings. Those who are lucky enough to stand up for themselves and exorcise all of their demons to achieve a life-altering transformation are the ones who rise above it all.

For many people, having love in their lives is a prized possession. On the other hand, some of us fall in love with the wrong person. These folks at first appear to be a fantastic idea, but as time passes, their true colors emerge. Domestic violence is a terrible pattern of aggressive behavior directed at someone with whom you may or may not be in a relationship, such as marriage or dating. Being mistreated by someone you care about and love might be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can have. Even if the abuser is unworthy of your affection, getting out of such circumstances is not always as simple as it appears. This abuser could endanger your life or the life of someone close to you, or they could return and harm your property. It's an accomplishment to be proud of and, more importantly, learn from getting out of a toxic relationship. A tattoo with the slogan 'Still I Rise' is a good reminder of where you've been and that you shouldn't let anyone else mistreat you. If they mistreat you, it serves as a lesson to snap out of it and stand up for yourself, regardless of the consequences.

A Picture and a Phrase

'Still, I Rise' is a powerful message that looks amazing as a tattoo on its own. This text can be shown in a variety of ways using various fonts. If you already have a font in mind for this sentence but want to add a little something extra, an image of your choice is always a good option. Given the meaning of the word, which is to overcome and rise above influences and difficulties, images of flowers are a popular and unique method to portray this. Flowers begin as dirt and blossom into something beautiful, implying that you, too, were at rock bottom and rose above all that stood in your way. The challenging weather you endured, and the circumstances in which you were placed, all contributed to who you are now. Using a visual of a flower of your choice, such as a rose, you can either wrap the phrase around the blossom in script or have it written along the stem leading up to the bloom itself. Which route you should go will be determined by where you choose and how it is situated. If you get this tattooed on your forearm, the flower should be traveling up your arm with the phrase 'Still I Rise' wrapping around it for a more noticeable impact.


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