Japanese Fox Tattoo

Japanese Fox Temporary Tattoo

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  • Kitsune is a Japanese word for fox. Japanese fox tattoos are a part of the rich history of tattooing and its traditional interpretations. Foxes were believed to be immortal, mysterious creatures and god's messengers in ancient Japan. This interpretation is particularly relevant to Shinto beliefs.

    Kitsune, or Japanese fox tattoos, are known for their distinctive design, execution, and color schemes. They're more noticeable and larger than conventional fox tattoos. They can also be defined in a variety of styles. A Kitsune mask or a mask representing a fox's face can be seen on some Kitsune tattoos. Other tattoos simply represent a fox in the style of traditional Japanese tattooing.

    The forearm, bicep area, upper back area, or upper thigh area are excellent for a Kitsune tattoo. We'd also propose the chest as a suitable positioning option for the more courageous among us.
  • Paper Size: 21*15cm ( 8.2*6 inch)

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