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🌼 🌼 Daisy Tattoo: Meanings Designs and ideas 🌼 🌼

by TattoosNear 08 Mar 2022

Daisy tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among women, due to their attractive appearance when worn.

The tattoo pattern has a long history, as it is linked to ancient, powerful emperors who had magnificent gardens full of daisies and other flowers.

A daisy tattoo can be used to represent royalty and beauty.

Daisy flower tattoo designs come in various hues, sizes, and artistic styles, and they have significant symbolic importance for the user.

daisy flower

Daisy blossoms have a long and illustrious history, and they provide the user a bright sense because they can be combined with a variety of things to achieve a better result.

You've come to the right place if you want to try out daisy tattoo designs.

Take advantage of the extensive collection of photographs of various daisy tattoos that will undoubtedly give you an idea of the designs available on the market.

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers throughout history.

It's no surprise that daisies are a popular option for modern tattoos, with meaning stretching back to ancient Celtic folklore and Norse mythology.

Flowers have their language in addition to their unmistakable beauty.

A floral tattoo is a beautiful method to express yourself and tell the world something about yourself.

Daisies are usually found in bouquets and have come to represent beauty, love, and new beginnings.

If you're thinking about getting a flower tattoo, the daisy might be a perfect choice.

We'll look at the symbolism behind daisy tattoo designs as well as the top 100 daisy tattoo designs for 2020 in this article.

The History of Daisies Flower

While most people are familiar with daisies as a flower, most are unaware of their mythological significance.

According to Celtic legends, God used daisies to console grieving parents after their child died. This is why daisies are frequently associated with maternity and parenting in modern society. A bouquet of daisies is a popular method to express support and welcome new life. Sunflowers are members of the Asteraceae family, which includes daisies. However, the Celtic were not the only ones who saw a lot of symbolism in this flower.

The daisy was the sacred flower of Freya, the goddess of love and fertility in Norse mythology. The God of seasons pursued a nymph so relentlessly in the Roman story of Vertumnus and Belides that she transformed herself into a daisy to flee.

The phrase "fresh as a daisy" became popular in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. The petals of daisies close over the yellow center at night, earning them the moniker "day's eye." Because they reopen during the day, folks who slept well the night before are compared to daisies on this day. Daisy was even a slang term for "that's a doozy" in the 1800s.

Despite its simple appearance, the daisy demonstrates that we are not always who we appear to be. Even the most modest and mild flowers can have a lot of meaning. These unique stories, myths, and traditions have contributed to the flower's current uniqueness.

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Daisy Tattoo Meanings

Let's discuss the significance of daisies now that you've learned about their history and colors.

While these tattoos can have a variety of meanings, most people prefer to find a meaning that is relevant to their own life story and personality. Daisies, as well as sweet pea blossoms, are the birth flower for those born in April.

All of the following are represented with daisies tattoos:

  • Happiness
  • Sunshine
  • Joy
  • Light
  • Cheer
  • Femininity
  • Beauty
  • Emotion
  • Love

It's no surprise that this tattoo design is so popular, given the symbolism of the phrases above.

Daisies offer luck and honor to those who wear them, emphasizing their brightness and character strength.

Daisy tattoos can also be combined with other motifs such as phrases, scripture, other flowers, or names.

Different Color Daisies and Their Meanings

Daisies come in various colors, and the meaning varies based on which one you select, just like it does with butterflies. Daisies and other flowers have been offered as a method for people to communicate with their loved ones. Each hue has its meaning, whether it's expressing unwavering love, friendship, or wishing someone luck.

White Daisy Tattoo

The White Daisy Tattoo exudes innocence and purity. White daisies are also often associated with new beginnings. This design is a great choice if you're looking for a tattoo that represents a fresh start or purity.

White Daisy Tattoo

white daisy tattoo

Yellow Daisy Tattoo

A Yellow Daisy Tattoo is like sunshine inked onto your skin. Yellow daisies symbolize cheerfulness and positivity, making this design a joyful addition to your tattoo collection.

Yellow Daisy Tattoo

yellow daisy tattoo

Green Daisy Tattoo

A Green Daisy Tattoo can be a symbol of growth, renewal, and harmony. Green, the color of nature, pairs beautifully with the innocence of a daisy. This design is an excellent choice for those who seek a tattoo that's refreshing and emblematic of natural harmony and personal growth.

green daisy tattoo

Blue Daisy Tattoo

The Blue Daisy Tattoo is serene and calming. Blue daisies can symbolize peace and tranquility. This design could be a great fit if you're searching for a tattoo that embodies a sense of calm and serenity.

Blue Daisy Tattoo

blue daisy tattoo

Orange Daisy Tattoo

An Orange Daisy Tattoo bursts with energy and warmth. Orange daisies are often associated with vibrant emotions and creativity. If you're drawn to tattoos that radiate enthusiasm, energy, and a zest for life, this lively design should top your list.

Orange Daisy Tattoo

orange daisy tattoo

Purple Daisy Tattoo

Purple Daisy Tattoos are both charming and mysterious. Purple daisies often symbolize dignity and pride. If you want a tattoo that's a little different and exudes an air of royal elegance, this is your pick.

Purple Daisy Tattoo

daisy tattoo

Red Daisy Tattoo

A Red Daisy Tattoo stands out for its vibrant color. Red daisies are typically associated with boldness and strength. This design is an excellent option if you seek a tattoo embodying power and courage.

Red Daisy Tattoo

Daisy Watercolor Tattoo

Daisy Watercolor Tattoos are a treat for the eyes. They use the watercolor technique, where the colors flow into each other, creating a beautiful, artistic effect. If you love the fluid beauty of watercolor art, this design might be your perfect match.

Daisy Watercolor Tattoo

Black Daisy Tattoo

Black Daisy Tattoos have a unique, standout appeal. The black color adds a bold twist to the traditional daisy, creating a striking contrast. If you love the daring combination of softness and boldness, this design is a must-consider.

Black Daisy Tattoo

Black and White Daisy Tattoo

The Black and White Daisy Tattoo is classic and timeless. It combines the starkness of black and the purity of white, creating a visually pleasing contrast. This design is ideal for those who appreciate the timeless charm of black and white designs.


Black and White Daisy Tattoo

Placement of Daisy Tattoo

What's the best place to get a daisy tattoo?

This is a versatile tattoo to choose from because the daisy tattoo design is incredibly adjustable. It's simple to wear almost anywhere on your body. The size of the tattoo and whether or not you include stems, multiple flowers, or falling petals will determine where you put them.

The arm, thigh, foot, wrist, and ribs are the most typical areas for a daisy tattoo. Popular choices include the back, chest, and shoulder.

When making a decision, seek advice from an experienced tattoo artist. Consider your tattoo's exposure to the weather as well as your pain tolerance.

Daisy Tattoo Behind Ear

A Daisy Tattoo Behind the Ear is a delicate, almost secret piece of art. This placement is subtle, often hidden by hair, making it a sweet surprise when revealed. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for a tattoo that's discreet yet meaningful, adding a whisper of charm to your style.

Daisy Tattoo Behind Ear

Daisy Shoulder Tattoo

A Daisy Shoulder Tattoo makes for a stunning sight. This location allows the tattoo to be displayed or covered as desired. The gentle curves of the shoulder complement the natural roundness of the daisy, creating an attractive design that enhances your style.

Daisy Shoulder Tattoo

Daisy Thigh Tattoo

A Daisy Thigh Tattoo is a design that can be as discreet or as noticeable as you like. The thigh offers a large canvas for tattoo art, allowing for more detailed or larger daisy designs. It's a wonderful choice if you're looking for a tattoo that offers privacy when you want it and visibility when you choose to show it off.

Daisy Thigh Tattoo

Daisy Tattoos on Wrist

Daisy Tattoos on the Wrist are delicate, charming, and easily visible. They act as a constant reminder of purity and innocence. Whether it's a single daisy or a chain, the wrist is a fantastic location to place this enduring symbol.

Daisy Tattoos on Wrist

Daisy Sleeve Tattoo

The Daisy Sleeve Tattoo is a showstopper. This design features daisies adorning your arm, from shoulder to wrist. The intricate pattern and coverage are visually impressive, making it a perfect pick for those not afraid to make a bold statement.

Daisy Sleeve Tattoo

Daisy Ankle Tattoo

Daisy Ankle Tattoos are discreet yet delightful. Their placement adds charm to your look without being too conspicuous. Whether in jeans or a skirt, a daisy on your ankle is a sweet touch of nature.

Daisy Ankle Tattoo

Daisy Foot Tattoo

A Daisy Foot Tattoo is an interesting choice, allowing you to carry the joy of daisies with every step. Hidden or revealed depending on your footwear, this tattoo is an appealing secret you can share.

Daisy Foot Tattoo

Daisy Hand Tattoos

Daisy Hand Tattoos are incredibly eye-catching. The hand is a high-movement area, and a tattoo is often in plain sight. This placement allows the beauty of the daisy design to be showcased and appreciated frequently.

Daisy Hand Tattoos

Daisy Finger Tattoo

Daisy Finger Tattoos are tiny and adorable. Despite their size, they don't lack charm or symbolism. Nestled between or on your fingers, these tattoos add a fun and delightful touch to your style.

Daisy Finger Tattoo

Daisy Forearm Tattoo

A Daisy Forearm Tattoo makes a striking impression. This highly visible design offers a great canvas for showcasing the daisy in all its glory. It's a wonderful choice if you want a tattoo that stands out and shares the daisy's beauty with the world.

Daisy Forearm Tattoo

Daisy Neck Tattoo

A Daisy Neck Tattoo is a bold and eye-catching choice. Neck tattoos are often visible, making them a distinctive way to display the beautiful daisy. It's a unique location that says you're confident, daring, and unafraid to express yourself. This design is ideal for those who want to make a brave statement with their tattoos.

Daisy Neck Tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Designs

Small Daisy Tattoo

A small daisy tattoo is a charm! Its compact size allows it to fit on your wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. While simple in design, these tattoos carry a powerful representation of purity and innocence. Plus, their discreet nature makes them a great option for first-timers in the tattoo world.

Small Daisy Tattoo

Minimalist Daisy Tattoo

We move on to the minimalist daisy tattoo, where simplicity reigns! These tattoos concentrate on the essential shapes of a daisy, featuring bold lines and a crisp, uncluttered look. With this modern and chic style, the daisy's charm always stands out. Minimal, yet packed with meaning!

Minimalist Daisy Tattoo

Gerbera Daisy Tattoo

The gerbera daisy tattoo is full of color and energy. Gerbera daisies are large, bright flowers that make a strong impression. As a tattoo, they truly shine! This style is for those who are fearless in expressing their vibrant personality. Always remember, you glow just like a gerbera daisy!

Gerbera Daisy Tattoo

Simple Daisy Tattoo

A simple daisy tattoo strips down the design to its basics, focusing on the flower, petals, and round center. It's pleasing to the eye and exudes a classic charm. With a simple daisy tattoo, you're endorsing timeless beauty and elegance.

Simple Daisy Tattoo

Daisy and Sweet Pea Tattoo

Now, we have the daisy and sweet pea tattoo. This combo symbolizes equilibrium. The daisy represents purity, while the sweet pea represents pleasure or parting. This blend paints a story of cherishing moments and precious memories. It's a beautiful canvas to express your life's journey.

Daisy Chain Tattoo

In the Daisy Chain tattoo, unity and connection take the front seat. Imagine a series of daisies linked together, much like a beloved friendship bracelet. It's a beautiful tribute to the bonds you cherish. So, if celebrating relationships and eternal friendships is your thing, consider this design.

Daisy Flower Tattoo Outline

We have the Daisy Flower Tattoo Outline for those who appreciate elegance in simplicity. This design focuses on the basic contours of a daisy, mainly its petals and the center. It's a subtle but effective way to express your love for nature's charm, especially if you prefer an understated style.

Rose and Daisy Tattoo

The Rose and Daisy tattoo is a blend of love and purity. Here, the passionate symbolism of the rose meets the pure essence of the daisy. It's a sophisticated design that speaks volumes about emotions. If expressing feelings through your tattoos resonates with you, this combination is a perfect choice.

Sunflower and Daisy Tattoo

Next, the Sunflower and Daisy tattoo offers a vibrant and sunny twist to daisy tattoos. The sunflower pairs beautifully with the innocent daisy, symbolizing happiness and positivity. It's a cheerful design with a piece of sunshine, perfect for those who love vibrant and radiant tattoos.

Realistic Daisy Tattoo

If you love lifelike designs, the Realistic Daisy tattoo is one to watch out for. It captures the daisy's details perfectly, creating a visually stunning piece. The realism makes the flower seem almost touchable. It's an ideal choice for those who want their tattoos to mirror the true beauty of nature.

Butterfly and Daisy Tattoos

Finally, the Butterfly and Daisy tattoos mix the fluttery charm of butterflies with the pure appeal of daisies. Butterflies often represent transformation, while daisies symbolize innocence. It's a meaningful design beautifully narrates a journey of change and growth, perfect for anyone embracing a new chapter in their life.

Elegant Minimalist Daisy Tattoo

An Elegant Minimalist Daisy tattoo combines simplicity with sophistication. The design primarily focuses on the basic shapes of a daisy, delivering a clean, crisp aesthetic. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for a modern, refined tattoo that also speaks of natural beauty.

Daisy Bouquet Tattoo

The Daisy Bouquet tattoo is a visual delight. It features a bunch of daisies together, representing unity and collective strength. This tattoo could be your ideal pick if you're drawn to elaborate designs that stand out and make a statement.

Fine Line Daisy Tattoo

A Fine Line Daisy tattoo employs delicate, thin lines to depict the beauty of a daisy. This design is graceful and intricate, often like a piece of fine art on your skin. It's perfect for anyone who appreciates detailed craftsmanship and the elegance of fine lines.

Tiny Daisy Tattoo

A Tiny Daisy tattoo is small yet powerful. Despite its size, it doesn't fail to express the symbolism of a daisy - purity and innocence. This design is perfect for those seeking a discreet yet meaningful tattoo that can fit anywhere on the body.

Traditional Daisy Tattoo

The Traditional Daisy tattoo pays homage to the classic tattoo style. It often features bold lines, vibrant colors, and a distinct artistic flair. This design carries a retro charm, ideal for anyone who appreciates the roots of tattoo art and loves a touch of vintage style.

Daffodil and Daisy Tattoos

Combining daisies with daffodils, these tattoos create a striking blend of purity and new beginnings. Daffodils often symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, making this design a powerful emblem of personal growth and transformation. Consider this design if you're marking a fresh start or a significant change in your life.

Daisy and Lily Tattoo

The Daisy and Lily tattoo beautifully marries innocence and devotion. Lilies often stand for faith or honor, creating a harmonious balance with the daisy. This design is visually pleasing and rich in symbolism, making it an excellent choice for those seeking depth and meaning in their tattoos.

Daisy April Birth Flower Tattoo

The Daisy April Birth Flower tattoo celebrates those born in April. It's a special way to honor your birth month, with daisies symbolizing purity and innocence. If you want a deeply personal and meaningful tattoo, this design makes a lovely tribute.

Daisy and Lily of the Valley Tattoo

In the Daisy and Lily of the Valley tattoo, innocence meets humility. Lily of the Valley often represents humility and sweetness, forming a lovely pair with the daisy. This tattoo radiates gentleness and grace, perfect for those seeking a meaningful and serene design.

Daisy Tattoo with Names

A Daisy Name tattoo combines a daisy's beauty with a name's personal touch. It can be your name, a loved one's, or a name with a special meaning. This design beautifully merges personal identity with the purity of the daisy, making it a unique, personalized piece.

Wildflower Daisy Tattoo

The Wildflower Daisy tattoo captures the spirit of freedom and the joy of nature. It often features a daisy amid a burst of wildflowers, creating a lively and colorful design. This vibrant tattoo might capture your heart if you're a nature lover who adores the outdoors.

Carnation and Daisy Tattoo

A Carnation and Daisy tattoo combines love and purity. Carnations are often associated with love and admiration, creating a sweet blend with the innocent daisy. It's a romantic design that subtly expresses feelings of love and affection, making it a lovely choice for the romantics.

Poppy and Daisy Tattoo

The Poppy and Daisy tattoo pairs the remembrance symbolized by poppies with the purity of daisies. This design speaks of cherishing memories while embracing innocence, offering a heartfelt narrative. It's a deeply meaningful tattoo for those wanting to commemorate a special memory or person.

Chrysanthemum and Daisy Tattoo

The Chrysanthemum and Daisy tattoo brings together longevity and purity. Chrysanthemums are often seen as a symbol of longevity and vitality, forming a harmonious balance with the daisy. This design offers a compelling blend of life's spirit and purity, perfect for those seeking a tattoo that echoes the richness of life.

Daisy Bracelet Tattoo

A Daisy Bracelet Tattoo is like a permanent piece of jewelry etched onto your skin. Designed to wrap around your wrist or ankle like a bracelet, this tattoo features charming daisies strung together. It's a delightful design that combines the charm of a daisy with the elegance of a bracelet, ideal for those who love tattoos that are both stylish and symbolic.


Daisy Tattoo FAQ

Q: What does a daisy tattoo symbolize?

A: A daisy tattoo often symbolizes innocence, purity, love, loyalty, and new beginnings. It's a very popular choice for people who are looking to symbolize their inner child or a fresh start in life.

Q: What are some popular designs for daisy tattoos?

A: Some popular designs include a single daisy, a bouquet of daisies, a daisy chain (either as a bracelet or necklace), and daisies incorporated into larger pieces, such as a floral sleeve or a nature scene. You might also see daisies combined with other symbols of importance to the wearer, such as butterflies, bees, or quotes.

Q: Where are the popular places to get a daisy tattoo?

A: This really depends on the size and design of the tattoo, as well as personal preference. Some popular places for smaller daisy tattoos include the wrist, ankle, and behind the ear. Larger designs might be placed on the shoulder, back, or thigh.

Q: What colors are usually used in a daisy tattoo?

A: While black and grey daisy tattoos are quite common, many people choose to incorporate color into their design. Traditional daisies are white with a yellow center, but daisies can come in many colors, such as pink or even blue. The color choice often depends on the wearer's personal preference and the symbolic meaning they want to convey.

Q: Do daisy tattoos have different meanings in different cultures?

A: Yes, like most flowers, the symbolism of daisies can vary across different cultures. For example, in Roman mythology, the daisy is associated with the goddess of spring, Bellis. In Christian symbolism, it often represents innocence and purity. Always consider cultural meanings when choosing a tattoo design.

Q: How painful is it to get a daisy tattoo?

A: The level of pain experienced during a tattoo session varies depending on your personal pain tolerance and where on the body you're getting tattooed. Areas over bone or with thin skin (like the foot, ribcage, or hands) tend to be more painful than areas with more muscle padding (like the thigh or upper arm).

Q: How should I care for my daisy tattoo after getting it?

A: Proper aftercare is vital to keep your tattoo looking its best. Your tattoo artist will likely provide aftercare instructions, but in general, you should keep the tattoo clean and moisturized, avoid swimming and sun exposure, and not pick at any scabs that form. If you notice signs of infection, like excessive redness, swelling, or pus, you should seek medical attention.

Q: How long does a daisy tattoo take to heal?

A: Most tattoos take about 2-3 weeks to heal on the surface, but it can take up to a couple of months for the deeper layers of skin to fully heal. During this time, you should follow your aftercare instructions carefully to prevent infection and ensure your tattoo heals properly. 

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