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Heartagram Tattoo

by TattoosNear 17 Oct 2022

Consider getting a heartagram tattoo if you want a design that will make people puzzle over it and ask questions. Many people might be curious about this odd-looking emblem. It combines the pentagram and a heart, which could convey conflicting meanings. When you learn where the image originated from and who produced it, though, it is a reasonably gripping tale.

We'll discuss the history of the Heartagram tattoo and its origins in this post. We will also discuss the individuals responsible for the design of this tattoo. It shows how creative the creators were to develop something like this. By the time you've finished reading this article, we hope you will know more about the Heartagram and what it represents for those who get it tattooed on their bodies.

But first, look at some of these tattoos that feature the Heartagram. Apply these concepts to a project you'd like to complete.

What is a Heartagram?

Heartagram Tattoo

A pentagram and a heart are combined in the tattoo design known as the Heartagram. This image can appear as a tattoo, a sticker, or even graffiti. The lead vocalist of the Finnish band HIM designed the artwork; from there, other well-known celebrities had tattoos of it on their bodies.

Although the Heartagram's meaning is open to interpretation, the symbolism seems clear. The heart is a sign of goodness and light, whereas the pentagram stands for darkness and evil. This illustration suggests that life resembles the Heartagram. Both good and evil. You get to choose which you want to embrace. But let's speak about what each symbol means so that we are informed.

Pentalpha and the pentangle are other names for the pentagram. It has five points and the form of a star. Many people who identify as Wiccans believe that the pentagram was first employed as a sign of faith in ancient Babylonia and Greece. This is comparable to how Christians relate to the cross.

Many American schools attempted to forbid the use of this sign because of the presumptive connection between Wicca and Satanism and the occult. Still, they were unsuccessful due to the first amendment. On the other hand, the Church of Satan uses a copyrighted variation of this sign. The Sigil of Baphomet is the name of it. It consists of a pentagram with two points facing upward, two concentric rings, and a goat head in the center.

We all understand what the heart stands for. The majority of good things in life are connected to the heart. Some of the most extraordinary qualities of the heart include love and goodness. Given these facts, it is no surprise that the Heartagram sign causes misunderstanding.

The Heartagram isn't just a satanic sign, nor does the heart stand for the love of Satan, as some people would believe. It only stands for the opposition between good and evil if you ask us. You should also find out the motivation for this image from Ville Valo, the front man for HIM.

Ville Valo claimed that he developed the Heartagram when he was 20. He spent hours attempting to figure out what would best reflect HIM in his drawings, and with persistence and time, the Heartagram came into being.

Ville claims that the idea just struck him. It symbolizes the soft and firm, male and female, yin and yang. The artwork came to represent the band because, according to him, the duality of life was very significant to him. Ville is fascinated by life's balance. Ville considered this when he built it, so people are free to interpret it however they like.

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Heartagram Tattoo Designs

The Heartagram is what it is, after all. Although you can't alter it too much, we have seen graphics added to Heartagram tattoos to give them a little extra glitz. Here are a few additions to the Heartagram tattoo that we have observed.

Paisley Heartagram Tattoo

Many people are tattooing the Heartagram with a paisley tattoo since they appear to be in style right now. If you're the kind who likes a bit extra, these curly designs add to the Heartagram. The Heartagram is a neat and understated tattoo on its own, but adding the Paisley design raises the bar even higher.

Tribal Heartagram Tattoo

Additionally famous now for tattoo additions are tribal motifs. The tribal Heartagram tattoo is cool-looking, and the Heartagram tattoo is no exception. We get a tattoo with a lot of meaning and history when we combine the history of the heart, pentagram, and tribal symbols.

Watercolor Heartagram Tattoo

We've seen the watercolor Heartagram tattoo, which is one design variation. If you haven't guessed from some of our past postings, we love watercolor art, and tattooing the Heartagram in this style enhances the tattoo's dualistic nature. Anyone would look twice when seeing the watercolor Heartagram tattoo because of its vivid colors and sweeping designs.

The Heartagram tattoo has undoubtedly been inked in numerous other ways. The band HIM would certainly appreciate people adding their unique touches to this tattoo; we are confident. It is entirely up to you how you want your Heartagram to be inked on your body.

We advise looking at tattoo artists' portfolios to discover which ones have tattoos in the style you prefer when you are investigating tattoo parlors and tattoo artists. As a result, when you ask for suggestions for Heartagram tattoo additions, they are more likely to suggest something you already like.

If you can't make decision, you can try real looking temporary tattoos. With temporary tattoos, you get a painless, reversible, and economical option for body decoration. They are perfect for experimenting with different styles and are widely used for fun, fashion, and in movies and theaters.

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