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How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

by TattoosNear 01 Dec 2023

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

Fake Temporary tattoos serve as an excellent way of self-expression or a method to evaluate a tattoo design before committing to it permanently. They are also perfect for those who have an allergy to ink, prefer not to go through the discomfort of a permanent tattoo, or don't want to pay for artwork that will last a lifetime. Usually costing between $5 and $15 per design, temporary tattoos are far cheaper than their permanent equivalents. Many people are curious about ways to extend the lifespan of temporary tattoos, as they only last a few days at most. Here's what you should know to make your temporary tattoos last longer.

Temporary tattoos typically last three to five days, whereas semi-permanent tattoos can last up to two weeks. Temporary tattoos are less risky than traditional tattoos since the ink is applied to the skin's surface rather than deeper. Your temporary tattoo may still cause an allergic response or other skin reaction. Avoid getting a temporary tattoo on skin that is damaged or inflamed.

The length of your tattoo depends on many other things, including how big it is, where it is done on your body, and how well you take care of it.

How to make temporary tattoos last longer: before applying.

Care for your skin

Ensure your skin is clean and dry before getting a tattoo. Makeup, body lotion, and even the natural oils in your skin can shorten the life of your tattoo by interfering with the ink's ability to cling correctly to the skin. Exfoliating your skin beforehand can also result in longer-lasting tattoos; just be careful not to use exfoliation products that contain moisturizers or oils.

It also depends on your skin type and how long a temporary tattoo lasts. If you have more acidic skin, your temporary tattoo may not stay as long as someone else's.

Furthermore, the oiliness of your skin can affect how long your temporary tattoo lasts. The longevity of the tattoo is reduced if you have incredibly oily skin. This is because your skin's oil might dissolve the ink in your tattoo, just like in the moisturizer example mentioned above.

Shave, if necessary

You should shave before getting a tattoo if the area will be covered in hair. This will improve how your tattoo sticks to your skin, just like the previous advice. A dull razor can cause the tattoo to chip if you need to shave over the tattooed area after it has been applied.

Choose carefully

The location of your temporary tattoo is equally as crucial as the preparation and maintenance you do. Because your hands are frequently cleansed and are constantly in motion, your hands and feet are especially prone to temporary tattoo wear. Henna tattoos are an exception, as they work best in places with thicker skin.

A temporary tattoo will most likely peel off if applied in an area frequently bent. Also, remember that your temporary tattoo might not look nice anywhere on your body when clothes rub against it. The constant rubbing against it may shorten the design's longevity. Additionally, avoid body parts that sweat a lot.

Store temporary tattoos in a dry place

Keep your temporary tattoo dry and store it somewhere. If you're ready to apply it, it will only come into contact with friction. These two items have the potential to harm temporary tattoo paper.

Many people prefer temporary tattoos. You can enjoy your skin art for several days if you take great care of it.

Choose a reputable brand

There are many options available for temporary tattoos. Verify that your temporary tattoo brand is trustworthy and employs high-quality chemicals. Consider looking for a business that lets you design your temporary tattoos, depending on the temporary tattoo you're after. You can buy at Neartattoos Temporary Tattoos Shop.

How to make temporary tattoos last longer: After Design.

Avoid contact with clothing

After applying it, keep it away from any clothing until it dries. After application, gently press a cloth onto the tattoo to remove any remaining ink.

Moisturize Gently

Keep the skin moisturized with a light, non-greasy lotion. This can help the tattoo look fresh and prevent cracking or peeling.

Try hairspray

Use hairspray to make a temporary tattoo last up to one month. If you use hairspray, apply it after the tattoo has had time to dry, around 12 to 16 inches away.

Apply powder

Using baby powder on your skin can assist in absorbing extra moisture, allowing your tattoo to last longer. If you don't have baby powder, dust your design with flour, cornstarch, or baking soda.

Try liquid bandage

It works well for sealing temporary tattoos drawn on with temporary tattoo pens or those that transfer onto the skin.

Don't scrub

Steer clear of getting body wash or soap on your tattoo. This may cause the ink to deteriorate and reduce the longevity of your body art. Refrain from applying exfoliants or cleaning them. Additionally, avoid touching the tattoo until it has completely dried.

Try using face primer

Usually used to provide a shield between your skin and foundation, face primer can also form a layer above the skin during the temporary tattoo application process, helping to keep the ink in place and extending its lifespan. When your tattoo has set, apply some afterward rather than before. A non-greasy makeup fixative is an additional choice. Your temporary tattoo may be partially locked in, but be sure the makeup fixative you select is also alcohol-free.

Use translucent powder

Adding a layer of extra protection to your temporary tattoo helps it last longer.

Try petroleum jelly

Although it is typically used as a moisturizer, it can also function as a barrier to help repel water from the skin and retain the moisture already there.

Avoid harmful ingredients

The FDA advises against getting temporary or henna tattoos that include black henna or any of the following: chromium, carmine, silver nitrate, pyrogallol, paraphenylenediamine (PPD), or carmine.

Apply a permanent marker

If your temporary tattoo's design isn't very intricate, touch it with a permanent marker as it starts to fade. Use a permanent feature with a fine tip to trace the tattoo pattern.

Be Gentle

When drying off after a bath or shower, pat the tattooed area dry instead of rubbing it.

Shield your skin from the sun

Too much exposure to the sun might lead to early cracking of your temporary tattoo and increased perspiration on the design. One of these issues might make your tattoo last less time.

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