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Japanese Dragon Tattoos Meanings and Designs

by TattoosNear 12 Aug 2022

Dragons are as important to Japanese culture as the continued existence of civilization.

This indicates that, in their view, dragons serve as both a guardian and a benefactor of humanity.

They feel it to be significant enough to tattoo dragons on their bodies.

In addition to paying homage to their long-standing tradition, these tattoos depict wisdom, courage, and bravery.

Everything you need to know about Japanese dragon tattoos will be covered in this post.

Additionally, we'll educate you on various tattoo design and location options.

Japanese Dragon History

Japanese dragons have origins in Chinese mythology that date back over 6000 years.

On the other hand, Japanese dragons are frequently portrayed as sea serpents, unlike Chinese dragons.

This is because Japan is an island, and its residents think dragons guard the island in the sea, defending the land and its inhabitants.

There are six different sorts of Japanese dragons, which come in five colors, each representing a particular aspect of humanity.

The six are Sui, Ri, Han, Hai, Ka, and Fuku. The word Ryu also means dragon. Again, each of these dragons represents a distinct meaning.

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Japanese Dragon Tattoos Ideas

Let's explore some of the most alluring Japanese Dragon tattoo designs. We'll try our best to provide you with all the information you require about them as well.

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese dragon tattoos have always played a significant role in the culture. The inhabitants of the area had a superstition that when they tattooed themselves with fearsome and beautiful dragons from their mythology, the ink would provide the bearer with magic and strength derived from the dragons themselves.

These tattoos are created and colored in a way that depicts different kinds of dragons and various facets of their strength—the elaborate and mesmerizingly lovely designs.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo for Woman

Contrary to conventional assumption, women can also get feminine dragon tattoos that appear just as strong as they do on men. There are fantastic and aesthetically pleasing dragon tattoo designs. The dragons that many ladies wear are frequently slimmer and have feminine features. Additionally, flowers and other natural elements are used in the plans.

Japanese Dragon Head Tattoos

Some people will often get a tattoo of a dragon's head. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, the tattoo can be applied to any portion of the body. Dragon heads symbolize the wearer and their lives and embody the dragon's emotions.

Cherry Blossom Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Like dragons, cherry blossoms play a crucial role in the local culture and environment. These flowers stand for new beginnings or the regeneration of life. It's simple to combine a cherry blossom tattoo with a classic dragon tattoo, which will result in a striking design with significant symbolism.

Japanese Dragon and Tiger Tattoos

Tigers are mighty and majestic animals similar to dragons. Many think getting a tattoo of a dragon and a tiger together will grant them immortality, strength, and wisdom.

Japanese Dragon and Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish symbolize success, grit, fortitude, etc., and can be symbolically linked to a dragon. Some people like to tattoo both of their meanings onto their bodies. They think the wearer's virtues will be enhanced by the potent symbolism both of these animals bear.

Blue Japanese Dragon Tattoo

In dragons, blue stands for kindness, forgiveness, and gentleness. You might purchase a Japanese blue dragon if you identify with them or wish to attract and welcome more of them into your life.

Green Japanese Dragon Tattoo

A green dragon might assist in making your desire for nature to play a more prominent and significant role in your life come true if you find yourself in tune with it. Green dragons are frequently thought of in nature, and how they can be manipulated.

Japanese Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo

We know that a phoenix universally stands for rebirth and new life. A phoenix would possess more power combined with a dragon than one could fathom. Getting a dragon and phoenix tattoo allows you to tap into the combined power of these two.

Japanese Dragon and Skull Tattoo

A skull represents both the afterlife and sorrow, which is the exact opposite of what Japanese dragons stand for. The yin-yang contrast between a dragon tattoo and a skull tattoo can be compared. It is a terrific tattoo design if you can relate to both sides.

Japanese Dragon and Samurai Tattoo

A samurai symbolizes the life of a warrior, that is, the practice of ethics, respect, and discipline, and is symbolic of a dragon. If a dragon and a samurai joined forces, they would be unstoppable, and people could harness and enjoy the combined power of the two through tattoos.

Japanese Yakuza Dragon Tattoo

A continuation of samurai tattoos, the yakuza dragon tattoo is an age-old custom symbolizing the wearer—often a warrior—defending historic Japanese cultures and traditions. They are linked to a person's commitment, bravery, and pride in their culture.

Small Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are pretty prominent and noticeable. However, you can have a small dragon tattoo if you like softer, more delicate, and smaller tattoos rather than flashy and conspicuous ones. Contrary to conventional belief, they are more well-liked. They are ideal for tattooing your wrist, shoulder, collarbones, hips, ankles, etc.

Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Getting a sleeve tattoo is akin to passing a milestone for tattoo fans. People who enjoy getting tattoos on their bodies often consider getting sleeve tattoos at least once. Although they may appear unpleasant, they are entirely worthwhile. Additionally, dragon sleeve tattoos are fierce and alluring. Every piece of art conveys a narrative, possibly one out of Japanese tradition featuring a valiant or inspirational dragon.

Japanese Dragon Neck Tattoo

The tradition of getting a dragon tattoo on the neck dates back many years. It conveys that the wearer is up for new challenges and removes obstacles to communication. The neck dragon tattoo is a fantastic concept if you are not a novice or new tattoo wearer.

Japanese Dragon Back Tattoos

Consider getting a dragon tattoo on your back if you want a sizable tattoo with a narrative and an emphasis on minute details. The artist can add as many small details as possible, making it look spectacular.

Japanese Dragon Chest Tattoos

A fantastic additional location for a dragon tattoo with a detailed backstory is on your breast. In Japan, getting a chest dragon tattoo is practically expected among friends. They have a beautiful, captivating, and in some ways, almost deceptive appearance.

Japanese Dragon Forearm Tattoo

The forearms are the most popular and well-liked area for dragon tattoos. Forearm tattoos are popular because they are convenient to get. We advise getting a dragon tattoo on your forearm if you want one that is neither too huge nor too small and wants to show it off constantly.

Japanese Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo is a fantastic choice if you're searching for something bold. It would extend from the front to the rear of your shoulder. If you want the dragon to appear flying from the back to the front while spitting fire, you may instruct the artist to create it that way. It might be a tattoo that's moving.

Japanese Dragon Leg Tattoos

Dragon tattoos on the legs would look amazing, but they would hurt. Due to the limited space, we advise you to have a small but meaningful dragon tattoo.


Since Japanese dragon tattoos have been popular for so long, we are confident that they will last for a very long time. These tattoos are more than just ornamental pieces that individuals wear for aesthetic or creative reasons. The dragon tattoos tell tales passed down through the generations and speak of a bygone era, civilization's ancient history, and its legacy. So, this is a custom that deserves to be respected and honored while being rigorously followed. Because we adore Japanese traditional dragon tattoos, we hope that at least one of the ideas presented above will motivate you to get a dragon tattoo of your own.


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