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Mob Tattoo

by TattoosNear 18 Oct 2022

People have gathered in groups to conduct questionable activities throughout history. A broad definition of a mob is an unruly crowd. The term "mob" is used more broadly to refer to organized criminality when discussing crime. There used to be mobbed from various nations, such as the Irish Mob, Jewish Mob, Russian Mob, etc. The Mafia and the Mob are often confused as being the same thing. Although they appear to be the same, the Mafia was a particular band of Sicilian criminals. The Lucchese, Columbo, and Gambino families epitome of the Mafia; the other factions can be categorized as mobs. The fact that diverse nationalities were present inside mobs also made them unique.

We can discuss the mob tattoo now that you understand the distinction. In this instance, we'll discuss the many tattoos that various gangs of criminals have inked on their bodies. Some tattoos state "mob," and the phrase has numerous meanings in hip-hop culture. Still, in this instance, we'll stick to organized crime organizations.

We'll discuss the significance of mob tattoos and the various groups of individuals that have them. We'll discuss these particular organizations and find out whether their criminal families had any specific tattoos. By the time you've finished reading this article, we hope you'll better understand the mob tattoo and what it means to the individuals who opted for that way of life.

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Mob Tattoo Meaning

Mob Tattoo

The meaning of a mob tattoo will mostly rely on the design of the tattoo and the demographic of the group sporting it. As the late rapper Tupac Shakur stated in an interview, "Money Organization and Business" is just one of the acronyms of MOB utilized in tattoos. However, some individuals get tattoos to express "Money Over Bitches."

However, in the context of what we're discussing, these tattoos are often a symbol of rank, allegiance, and a record of the deeds these individuals committed to earning their stripes in the gang.

Although we briefly mentioned it above, the Mob is sometimes mistakenly thought to be part of the Mafia, even though that's probably not the case. Mobs are typically composed of people who band together for a purpose and are frequently involved in criminal activity. The Mafia, however, was a particular race without other organizations' involvement. Mobs often take people of all nationalities. The Irish Mob was the first to adopt this name to describe its criminal organization.

Mob Tattoo Designs and Ideas

It's impossible to count the number of different mob tattoo designs. The tattoo that has been inked will reveal much about the individual, depending on the group.

Russian Mob Tattoos

Another name for the Russian Mafia or Russian Mob is "Bratva." They are a collection of several criminal organizations with roots in the former Soviet Union.

The rise of organized crime in Russia started under the reign of the Tsars. However, very v zakone (thieves in law) began rising to leadership positions and developing their honor code throughout the Soviet era. Russian gangs and mobs were in charge of about two-thirds of the economy after the fate of Joseph Stalin and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This demonstrates the influence of this group, many of whose members have also served prison sentences. Many tattoos are used in this context. A member's tattoos of eyes may indicate an enforcer on their chest or above the waist.

Russians frequently have shoulder epaulets tattooed in gangs and prisons. This would stand for experience, position, and rank. This tattoo has starred as a mark of respect.

Irish Mob Tattoos

The Irish Mob is the oldest organized crime organization in the United States. The Gangs of New York, published in 1928, included a description. They were prevalent not just in most major American cities but also in Ireland. They have only existed in Ireland since the 1960s, though.

Several Irish tattoos have a unique value for members of the Irish Mob. These tattoos feature Irish iconography and are not necessarily reserved for Irish Mob members alone. The four-leaf clover is frequently used in many of their tattoos as an embellishment. Additionally, you will see that many Irish Mob members are wearing Celtic crosses.

Japanese Mob Tattoos

The Yakuza is the more popular name for the Japanese Mob. It is generally known that the organized criminal gang formed in Japan was characterized by a rigid honor code and a feudal mentality. It is a well-known fact that Yakuza members have Irezumi tattoos all over their bodies. However, a tattoo does not touch every exposed area of flesh.

Italian Mob Tattoos

The Mafia is another Italian Mob name, often called the Sicilian Mafia. These individuals identify as "men of honor." The Mafia is well recognized for overseeing and orchestrating illicit deals and transactions, protecting racketeers, and arbitrating conflicts amongst criminals.

The majority of the tattoos done for the Mafia are dedicated to Italian patriotism. You could notice a tattoo of the Italian flag or perhaps a phrase like "Sicilian Pride" on their body. Even one of the greatest films of all time, The Godfather, may be mentioned.

You will notice that many of the tattoos on the members of these gangs are related to the group's history. You'll see members of the Russian Mob with tattoos related to their country of origin, Yakuza with tattoos that symbolize Japan, Irish mob members with tattoos that represent Ireland, and so on.

Unless you are a member of one of these organizations, we advise against having a tattoo with any association like this. Ignore anything I mentioned if you belong to one of these groups.

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