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Three Cross Tattoo: Meanings Designs and Ideas

by TattoosNear 18 Jul 2023

Hello, fabulous fashion enthusiasts and tattoo aficionados! Today, we're immersing ourselves in the fascinating world of "three cross tattoos." This design, steeped in deep symbolism and brimming with style, has captured the hearts of many. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of tattoos or a seasoned ink devotee, the rich meanings and timeless appeal of three cross tattoos are bound to intrigue you. Plus, let's remember, they look incredibly cool too! So, let's journey together into the realm of these symbol-laden tattoos and see what makes them so special.

Three Cross Tattoo Meaning

Three Cross Tattoo

The three cross tattoos have a wealth of meaning that can be deeply personal, with the exact interpretation varying depending on individual beliefs and perspectives. That said, one of the most recognized meanings of this tattoo stems from the Christian faith, where the three crosses symbolize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In this context, the central cross represents Jesus. In contrast, the two crosses on either side symbolize the thieves crucified alongside him.

This scene is a powerful symbol of sacrifice, redemption, and forgiveness. For many, the three crosses represent faith, hope, and love—three pivotal Christian virtues. 

These three crosses can also signify different stages of life—past, present, and future—or significant life events, highlighting the journey of personal growth. 

Remember, the beauty of tattoos lies in their capacity for personal interpretation. Your three cross tattoos will carry the meaning you assign to them, creating a unique piece that tells your individual story.

Faith, Hope, and Love: The three crosses can also embody the three central Christian virtues—faith, hope, and love.

Live Stages: Some people interpret the three crosses as symbols of past, present, and future life stages.

Personal Growth: The three crosses can represent significant life events or milestones, highlighting personal evolution and growth.

No matter the interpretation, the meaning of your three cross tattoos will be unique to you, making it a personal emblem that tells your individual story.

Three Crosses Neck Tattoo

A three crosses neck tattoo can be a bold statement piece. It's visible, daring, and holds a lot of meaning. The three crosses often symbolize the crucifixion scene in Christian beliefs, where Jesus was crucified with two thieves on either side. This is a reminder of sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption. For some, it may symbolize faith, hope, and love. The design can be as simple as three small cross outlines or as elaborate as a full scene with added elements. 

Three Crosses Tattoo on Neck

Did that title throw you off? Yes, we're still talking about three crosses on the neck, but this time, think about different placements and styles. A tattoo on the back of the neck could be a neat surprise, revealed when you put your hair up. It's a hidden yet powerful statement. You could opt for a vertical line of crosses, a horizontal line, or even a triangular arrangement. Experiment with styles - minimalist, gothic, or even Celtic crosses!

Three Crosses on a Hill Tattoo

Taking the imagery further, consider the three crosses on a hill tattoo. This design usually illustrates the crucifixion scene, with the crosses standing on a hill, often accompanied by a sunset or sunrise. The scenery adds depth to the symbolism, invoking hope, rebirth, and new beginnings. This can be a beautiful and meaningful piece, designed as a small, discreet tattoo or a larger, more detailed one.

Three Wooden Crosses Tattoo

The three wooden crosses tattoo is all about the details. In this design, the crosses are specifically depicted as being made of wood, adding a rustic, raw, and authentic feel to the design. It's a nod to the Biblical story, giving a more historical and realistic touch. Adding textures and details like wood grain, nails, or even a crown of thorns can make your tattoo stand out. This design is deeply rooted in spirituality and faith and is a powerful emblem of sacrifice and salvation. 

Shoulder Three Cross Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos offer a perfect blend of visibility and concealment, and a three-cross tattoo in this spot can truly shine. The flat, broad area of the shoulder is perfect for a more detailed design or simple, minimalist crosses. You can show it off in a tank top or hide it under a shirt, giving you control over when and where your tattoo is seen.

Three Cross Tattoo Behind Ear

If you're all about subtle and secretive tattoos, the area behind the ear is a fantastic spot. A three-cross tattoo is a tiny whisper of your faith or your love for symbolism tucked away behind your ear. It's a beautiful surprise revealed when you tuck your hair behind your ear, adding a sense of mystique to your style.

Three Cross Chest Tattoo

A three-cross chest tattoo can be a bold and striking choice. This design allows for larger, more detailed tattoos and can even be extended to create a full chest piece. It's a powerful spot close to your heart, perfect for a symbol of faith, love, and sacrifice.

Three Cross Tattoos on Forearm

The forearm is a popular spot for tattoos due to its visibility and ease of tattooing. A three-cross tattoo on the forearm can be shown off or covered up as needed. This placement is perfect for designs that wrap around the arm or sit nicely on the inner or outer forearm. From simple outlines to intricate designs, the options are limitless!

Three Crosses Tattoo on Wrist

If you love small, dainty tattoos, a three crosses tattoo on the wrist could be your perfect match. These designs can be as simple as three small cross outlines or as detailed as tiny, textured wooden crosses. This is a delicate and discreet way to carry the symbolism of the three crosses wherever you go.


In conclusion, the three cross tattoo is an expressive symbol full of deep meanings. It has the flexibility to embody various themes, such as faith, life stages, personal growth, or core values of faith, hope, and love. With so many possibilities for customization, you can tailor this tattoo to reflect your unique story. Always remember, the most important aspect of any tattoo is that it resonates with you and represents something truly meaningful to your life journey. Happy inking!

Three Cross Tattoo FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about three cross tattoos to help guide your tattoo journey:

1. What does a three cross tattoo symbolize?

A three cross tattoo commonly symbolizes the crucifixion scene from Christian faith, where Jesus and two thieves were crucified. It can also represent faith, hope, and love or significant life stages and personal growth.

2. Where is the best place to get a three cross tattoo?

Popular placements for a three cross tattoo include the neck, shoulder, behind the ear, chest, forearm, and wrist. The best place for your tattoo will depend on your personal preference, pain tolerance, and the level of visibility you desire.

3. Can I customize my three cross tattoo design?

Absolutely! You can customize your tattoo design to make it uniquely yours. Options include different cross styles (like minimalist, gothic, or Celtic), additional elements, or personalized details like wood grain or nails in a wooden cross design.

4. Does a three cross tattoo have to be faith?

Not necessarily. While the three crosses are often associated with faith, the tattoo can also be interpreted as representing different life stages, personal growth, or other meanings that resonate with you.

5. How painful is it to get a three cross tattoo?

Pain varies greatly from person to person and depends on the tattoo placement. Areas over bone or with thin skin tend to be more painful. It's always best to discuss any concerns with your tattoo artist.

Remember, tattoos are a personal journey, and what matters most is that your three cross tattoo is meaningful and special to you.

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