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Three Dots Tattoo Meaning

by TattoosNear 19 Sep 2022

Three Dots Tattoo

The three dots tattoo has a wide variety of variations, as well as a wide variety of meanings, from simple and aesthetically pleasing to dark and intricate. Depending on the intended use, the three dots can be placed in various ways. They can also be colored or darkened in multiple ways, giving designers different design options. The three triangular-shaped dots could represent a criminal lifestyle that alludes to being a part of a gang and going to jail. It's not unusual to encounter someone with the three dots tattoo next to someone else with an identical tattoo. They probably used to be a proud member of gangs, yet it doesn't indicate they're still a part of gangs now.

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Three Dots Tattoo Meaning

It is highly noticeable since the tiny, plain black dots are frequently located between the eye and the temple on the face. The setting is a metaphor for how major crime and counterculture are to the person. The owner wants everyone to know that they lead a "hard" life, which is why it is so apparent. It is a technique for intimidating people inside and outside of prison. The fact that they all have identical three dots tattoos on their faces makes it much simpler for other gang members to identify one of their own quickly.

The three dots' location indicates the visible crime in the person's environment. While some might get the tattoo on their arm or wrist, others get the three dots tattoo right close to one of their eyes. It all boils down to how obvious the owner wants their gang affiliation to be. Gang members occasionally have no option because everyone in their group has the three dots tattooed in the same place.
The three dots tattoo represents the Latin American idea of "mi Vida Loca," which translates to "my crazy life" in English. Each dot stands for a different word. The three dots are kept thus close together for various reasons, including this one. The gangs from Central America that live the "gangster" lifestyle and many other crews frequently use the expression.

Although the triangle dots can be applied anywhere on the body, they are most often seen on the hands and fingers to call attention to the culture's practices. This particular form of three-dot tattoo is frequently applied when a person is behind bars and is taken seriously as a gang sign. When a gang member gets a three-dot tattoo on their hand instead of their face, it might be to conceal the tattoo from authorities while letting other gang members know that the person is a part of their group.

Even when arranged in a triangular pattern, tattoo designs with three single dots may not always indicate that the wearer is associated with a mafia lifestyle. Because the design is symmetrical, the dots are sometimes placed and tattooed in this manner. Since many items employ the number three, owners of these tattoos can come up with a variety of three dot tattoo meanings. The three dots tattoo, for instance, can be a very low-cost and personal tattoo to symbolize three significant events or persons in a person's life.

The rendering of dots can be done in a straight or wavy, horizontal or vertical line. This is frequently done merely for the three dots' brief appearance and minimalist aesthetic. To maintain symmetry, the dots can be the same size or differ in size, color, or shade. If you don't get the three dots tattoo as a gang tattoo, countless design options are available.

The three dots stand in for the ellipsis, a grammatical device used to denote the incompleteness of a concept or sentence in literary terms. The ellipsis pertains to an incomplete statement that raises doubts and is not explicitly expressed but may be implied. The tattooed ellipsis represents progression, a path or journey that leads to more, whether for the better or ill. It stands for something that is best left unsaid yet doesn't need to be expressed or written.

What's intriguing is that when someone has a five-dot tattoo, many people mistakenly believe they have a three-dot tattoo. Despite having quite similar appearances, these two tattoos have distinct meanings. To symbolize their time spent in prison, the wearer of the five-dot tattoo attempts to depict themselves as the fifth dot trapped inside the other four dots.

Before drawing any conclusions regarding the meaning of a three-dot tattoo, it is critical to consider the shape of the dots. The dots could represent any of the things we described before if they form a triangle. There is a good possibility that the owner is not associated with a gang if they are arranged in a straight line. It's usually a good idea to get different designs around the three dots tattoo to clarify the meaning because it might make someone seem like they're in a gang even when they're not.

The three dots tattoo may have more to do with the number three than it does with the dots because three has many different meanings. One of the most well-known meanings of the number three is "inspiration," thus, someone would get a tattoo of three dots to signify that. This is just another reason you shouldn't automatically assume that someone with a tattoo of three dots is currently or has ever been a gang member. To minimize unintended misunderstanding, we advise attempting to select a different design than the three dots tattoo if you do wish to use the number three in this fashion.

The three dots may have also been chosen because they are simple and affordable tattoos. Though these tattoos are rarely on the face, three buddies might get three dots as a tattoo to symbolize their connection. These low-cost tattoos are frequently applied outside of tattoo parlors since almost anyone can make a dot with a needle. Although it's not advised, making your tattoos is not uncommon.

Further still, the three dots could stand for something very special to the owner. The dots might stand for close friends or even aspirations throughout life. The owner wanted anything that might symbolize the tattoo's numerous meanings because it's a cheap tattoo with many potential interpretations.

However, the three-dot tattoo is typically associated with having a prison tattoo, especially when it appears on the owner's face. That doesn't imply you should automatically infer that the person is a gang member, but it is the most typical interpretation.

If you intend to have a tattoo of three dots, you undoubtedly have a lot to consider. It would be advisable to avoid getting it in a triangular shape and to stay away from getting it on or near your face if you don't want it to be mistaken for a gang tattoo. If you wish for a three dot tattoo, it is pretty simple to have it blended into a larger design.

Finding out that the three dots tattoo has so many meanings is shocking. Although it was formerly thought of as just another gang tattoo, it now has all the connotations mentioned above and many others. In all honesty, you should avoid getting this tattoo unless you can locate a unique design that won't confuse others.

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