Cute Black Cat Tattoo

Cute Black Cat Temporary Tattoo

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Cats are independent animals with a level of intelligence and independence that is uncommon in the animal world. Myths have praised the hairy felines for their capacity to do whatever they choose throughout history. Domestic cats are strange creatures; one minute, they'll be purring at your feet, begging for a belly massage, and the next, they'll ignore you. They can be adoring, sweet, and snobbish in the space of a moment. Many traditions regarding a cat's shape-shifting ability have arisen due to the animal's changing moods. Legend has it that cats can form shifts and freely move between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing messages to loved ones who have passed away. Legend has it that a cat may "change" a woman's temperament. According to mythology, a cat may "change" a woman's personality. For many women, their affinity for felines is both a praise and a caution to those who want to control or dominate them. Simply put, a free spirit is impossible to govern.

Black cat tattoo represents the reclusive and introverted, spirited individual whose animated temperament is more concealed than others. This is significant for people who believe they have a lot to contribute but keep it hidden from everyone, save those closest to them. 

Tattoo Paper Size: 10.5*6cm (4.1*2.3 inch)

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