joker hand tattoo

Joker Smile and Skull Temporary Tattoo

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  • Joker Smile Hand Tattoo
  • Shareable, stashable, removable, fundable.
  • Tattoo Paper Size : 14.8cm*21cm
  • The joker is characterized by frequent changes in state, from happiness to misfortune, from kindness to malice, and from generosity to stealing. This makes it a symbol of frustration and contradiction, reminding people that life is largely hypocritical and bad, and everyone can quickly change their masks.

    It is too simple to say that the joker represents the evil intentions deep in our hearts. It does represent the dark side of life, but it also has other meanings, such as it also represents perseverance. Over the years, the joker has become the most popular character.

    If you are struggling with more extreme aspects of your personality, a joker tattoo may be your choice. Joker Smile Tattoo means people want to conceal their true emotions and they hope other people think they're happy. You can apply it to your hand. It also looks cool to have a joker hand tattoo.


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Austin Scott

The adhesive keeps the tattoos in place for a long time.

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