Minimalist Solar System Tattoo

Minimalist Solar System Temporary Tattoo

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Geometric solar system tattoo/Solar system tattoo sleeve

Solar system tattoos are a fantastic way to show your fascination with the universe. People acquire these one-of-a-kind tattoos to express their wonder at the immensity of our cosmos and the secrets it holds. Others get these tattoos as a means to show their desire for isolation, tranquility, and stillness. This solar system temporary tattoo is a terrific choice if you're interested in the stars and planets or enjoy some space.

Our fine line solar system temporary tattoo is a simple approach to a complicated subject. Each of the planets is detailed enough to be recognized, but not excessively so. The solar system tattoo is the best choice if you like the delicate line look.

If you're thinking about obtaining permanent ink, this is a great way to get a feel for it before making a purchase. Our solar system tattoo allows you to try out different places or share with a friend. Due to the one-of-a-kind character of this design, it would make a fantastic matching tattoo for you and your lover or closest friend!

We chose environmentally friendly materials to create our paper tattoos and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. All of the tattoos in our collection are printed on recyclable paper with vegetable-based ink and are plastic-free. Even the tiniest of decisions can have a significant impact.

Tattoo Paper Size: 10.5*6cm (4.1*2.3 inch)

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