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� Small Sunflower Tattoo Outline Simple Sunflower Temporary Tattoo

� Tattoo Paper Size: 10.5*6cm (4.1 inch* 2.3 inch)

� Our sketch sunflower temporary tattoo comprises four essential elements; natural beauty, own recreation, minimalism, and diversification.With our sketch sunflower temporary tattoo, you will be stimulating and tapping into two sides of your personality; one is your love for nature, and the second is your ability to be creative.

� About Sketch Sunflower Meanings:

Sunflower is the favorite flower for many, and for the right reasons. Its deep yellow petals and tendency to follow the sunset it apart from all the other flowers. One gets a feel of harmony while looking at a sunflower. Hence, it has its significance in house plants, decorations, and gifts. We have sketched the sunflower in our sketch sunflower temporary tattoo to boost the artistic side of it. The hand-drawn sketch represents the intricacy of sunflower but in minimal tones and thin boundaries. We couple it with our best prints so that you get a crisp and well-defined outline for it. The best part about the sketch sunflower temporary tattoo is that it comes as a triplet, i.e., you get three sunflowers of three different sizes.  

� Where to Wear: 

The perk of our small sunflower temporary tattoo is that you will have left a lot of margins for you to be creative with it. With the triplets, you can choose to wear them at multiple spots. You can also make a uniform or random streak, and it will still look classy. The most popular areas to wear our simple sunflower tattoos are arms, shoulders, chest, neck, ankles, feet, etc.


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Kimberly Ramirez

They are a fun way to express your creativity.

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