Snake Rose Flower Tattoo

Snake Rose Flower Temporary Tattoo

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Snake and rose tattoo

Snake tattoos are fierce, and rose tattoos are stunning, but when they're combined, they're much more so. Snake's rebellious intensity is counterbalanced by the delicate simplicity of the rose, resulting in a striking yet dignified piece of body art. Traditional snake and rose tattoos can be done in various ways, including neo-traditional, realistic, and so on.

What does a rose and snake tattoo mean? People interpret it as a sign of a great love or passion that leads to temptation and the loss of innocence. The rose is lovely and exquisite, and the snake is aggressive and tenacious; together, they are nearly unstoppable!

Snake rose tattoos give a lot of flexibility and uniqueness thanks to their basic yet bold designs. Two traditional tattoo images combine to create a stunning new design.

Tatto Paper Size: 16*9cm (6.2 *3.5 inch)

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