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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

by TattoosNear 19 Sep 2022

Perhaps the Chinese dragon tattoos are the most well-known tattoo designs that draw their inspiration from Asian mythology and culture. Whenever Chinese mythology is discussed, the subject of dragons nearly always comes up. This mythical creature is significant to Chinese culture. Other nations frequently refer to China as the dragon in international politics.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

The most prevalent tattoo design you will see on celebrities, and regular people is a dragon. However, there are various kinds of dragons that people choose to have tattooed on their bodies within the category of dragon tattoos. There are four different kinds of dragons: a Chinese dragon, a Japanese dragon, and a dragon with Viking influences.

Chinese mythology-inspired dragon tattoos are more profound and superior to other tattoo designs. This is due to the nine different types of dragons that are further subdivided into more than one hundred classes in Chinese mythology. You can choose from more than 100 different types of Chinese dragon a result.

These dragon subclasses are separated depending on their traits, virtues, and other qualities. Online, you can quickly look them up and read about them. It becomes simpler for tattoo enthusiasts to choose a dragon that accurately captures their personality or vision.

Since there are more than 100 different dragons to choose from, countless meanings can be expressed through your Chinese dragon tattoo design. Since these dragons are divided into earth dragons and celestial dragons, the meanings frequently overlap.

The mythology of China is rife with dragon tales. You'll undoubtedly come across a story about the dragon you choose for yourself. You can read the story to learn more about how the dragon you selected might represent your character. The following are some overlapping meanings of many Chinese dragon tattoos that you should try to achieve.

Rare: Dragons were few (even in Chinese mythology). As a fan of Game of Thrones, you probably remember how Daenerys brought back dragons after they had been declared extinct. Because they are so uncommon, dragons are fascinating creatures.

This also gives your tattoo a special meaning because you may use it to represent that you are a rare and difficult-to-find gem of a person.

Protector: Dragons were said to guard priceless mystical objects in many Chinese legends. Smaug, the dragon, defended wealth against Hobbits and Elves in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series.

You can have a dragon tattooed on you to represent protection. It will convey that you are a devoted family and friend whose needs come first.

Dragons are frequently linked to good fortune. This is because dragons were notoriously tricky to identify in legends. Despite their enormous size, dragons were skilled at hiding from view. Most stories describe how a person's life was forever transformed after meeting a dragon.

Good Luck: A dragon tattoo can serve as a lucky charm.

Chinese dragons are often associated with health. This was implied in several stories where a person with a fatal illness would recover from it after encountering a dragon without showing signs of struggle. Even using a dragon's larva to treat fatal diseases has been the topic of local mythology.

Health: You can get a Chinese dragon tattooed on your arms as a symbol of good health.

Dragons were mighty and all-powerful. These mythical creatures were nearly impossible to tame. They appeal to male tattoo enthusiasts because of their raw power. The most excellent tattoo for you if you're a die-hard gym rat who wants to represent that muscles are love is a dragon.

Long Life: Dragons would live for thousands of years. They won't get sick, and whatever injuries they do get over quickly. Everyone aspires to have these qualities. Even though life might be difficult, most people still desire to live as long as possible. The Chinese dragon might symbolize this wish on your body.

Loner: There are very few stories that mention a dragon family. The majority of dragon tales centered on lone dragons dwelling in mountainous lairs. Although being alone is not a positive indicator, you might present yourself as a loner who takes care of his obligations and has no fears.

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